Thursday, May 31, 2012

Circle Island Resort, Molino, Cavite

Just an FX ride away from MRT Taft, and a tricycle away from SM Molino.

The entrace in this resort is P150.00 and we rented a cottage (?) table (?), that we weren't able to use for P300.00

What happened?

We were all excited for that day's swimming since it's the first time that that group of friends and I are going on a swim, so, yes, rate? fine, for 150.00, whole day swimming's not bad. And even the entire view of the resort was fine, up until we tried dipping in the water. Seryoso, anong meron sa tubig nila? Heavily treated? Too much chlorine? Sobrang tagal ng di napalitan? It's not being too picky 'cause I've heard a lot of people complaining about the water either. The pool water irritates the eyes, how much more when you try to open your eyes underwater? and when you accidentally taste the pool water, eww. We tried our best to understand that it's kind of packed that day and just ignore even all the things that were floating (twigs, hair etc.) in the pool. But we reached our limit when one of my friends spotted phlegm floating around. SERIOUSLY!! Maybe it's not their fault that there was a floating phlegm there, but those gross people who doesn't even care about others who are trying to enjoy their stay,  but still it's the worst from all the resorts I've been at.

So yes, it was the peak of summer, and I'm sure a lot of people have visited and have swam on that pool so I shouldn't expect crystal clear water, but hey, aren't I given the chance to hope for a bearable pool water?

It's not a resort I would even consider coming back at. Sayang, we just stayed there for around two hours. It was like paying not for the swimming but for the view 'cause all we did was to take pictures para naman sulit kahit paano.

I wish they change all the pool water and maintain the pools properly, sayang naman kung ganun lang 'yung state ng tubig na dadatnan ng mga taong excited pa naman mag-swimming.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife

It was a gloomy that turned rainy day, but that didn't stop us from strolling around Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife last Monday. This is a delayed post, this was our next destination after our Happy Hour at Starbucks.

Just some the pictures I took:
 The last time I've gone there was more than a year ago, back then I hoped that they'd try to save, renovate, restore the whole place.

What a waste would it be if Wild Life would be left this way.

Okay, they renovated some parts, but I am expecting more.
'Cause the whole area near the entrance still looks unkempt.

 I wish that rather than doing "preventive maintenance," just what Ogie Alcasid referred to, to be the practice of destroying a not destroyed road to prevent it from being destroyed. Haha. Redundant much? They pay attention to things which need more maintenance!

This when maintained, IMO, would generate much income.

 Entrance Fee: 8.00 per person
Parking Fee: 15.00

But the guard didn't collect anything from us. Yes, our whole visit was free

Monasterio De Sta. Clara

We revisited Monasterio de Sta. Clara at C-5, Katipunan Ave., the last time I went there was years ago when we offered eggs to hope for a clear weather on my debut, and the last time I saw her was when her relic was brought to our church, Santuario de San Vicente de Paul for a vigil. 

Whenever my friends and even my relatives and I plan for an outdoor bonding, we would sometimes joke, "hey, I think we should offer some eggs to Sta. Clara and wish for a good weather." Yes, that's what She's famous for. People offer go there to offer eggs, no wonder there are egg vendors outside, and wish for something, particularly a good weather on their special occasion.

In that area, papers and pencils are provided for you to write your concerns.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Nuestra Señora de la Paz y Buen Viaje

It has been an annual tradition for our family to visit Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage Shrine in Antipolo every May. After attending mass, we usually head straight to Hinulugang Taktak to eat. 

A lot of new restaurants, fast foods and commercial places have opened since our last visit, May 2011.

They even renovated the Pasalubong Center
Yes, they say it's newly-cooked but you'll taste that they're not.
Anyway, this stall we bought our Pasalubongs at told us that we can eat as much as we want while in there, sure thing, cashews are expensive!


The name behind Sumulong Highway

We weren't able to visit the park and look at the Hinulugang Taktak Falls, this is the only view from above.
I don't know how it looks like now, but the last time I've gone there? (May 2011)



This was last year though, I hope they tried to beautify the place. Sayang!
Sobrang sayang, it's supposed to be one of Antipolo's treasure!!

And I've always adored the view going up and down Antipolo, I can pass by there everytime.

How I wish I get to eat at the restaurants beside the road and take better pictures of the view.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Apple Seed Skin and Nail Spa (Metrodeal Voucher)

EDIT: I just found out today (June 23) that Apple Seed Skin Nail Spa branch here at Tandang Sora has closed. 

My cousin purchased 99.00 (1 hour) massage vouchers from which we used the other day. 

This spa is near our place, so we didn't let the "promo" pass by us. 

For a 99.00 massage, sobrang pwede na. I was just bothered with the hair pulling part, ilang strands kaya ng buhok ko ang naputol at nalagas? Hindi naman ganun ka-intense pag iba naghihila. 

(online voucher first-timers)

1. Call to make sure if you still need to set an appointment before using the voucher.
2. Be sure to check the website and/or e-mail and print whatever it is that you need to print.
3. Bring an ID.
4. Be on time.

Napansin ko lang na medyo Japanese-ish pala 'yung concept dun, ngayon lang,

Although, syempre may puna rin.

1. Parating fully-booked nung nagpapa-set kami ng date... bakit? Kasi dalawa lang sila Ate na gumagawa, imagine, ilang vouchers 'yun at sila lang dalawa para lahat. All-around. Kaya bengga! Pahirapan talaga sa pagpapa-schedule.

2. Masyadong maliwanag. haha. Masyado lang akong conscious, unlike Thai Massage na nakadamit, pinag-huhubad kasi tas sobrang liwanag pa, kitang-kita lalo na sabay at parehong kwarto kami ng pinsan ko. Marami-raming insecurities sa katawan.

3. Hindi nag-last ng one hour. Oo, whole body pero hindi talaga siya umabot ng isang oras. Kasama na kaya sa isang oras 'yung delay dahil wala kaming na-print na security code kaya bumilis 'yung masahe?

4. Medyo nakakainis lang 'yung customer service nung una, kasi hindi kami nakapag-print out nung kailangan nila, mali pala 'yung nadala naming papel, so nung kausap nung Ate 'yung boss nila, maldita lang 'yung dating, pero nabawi naman, okay naman na sila pagkatapos. Habaan lang din 'yun pasensiya.

Kaya... whole experience relaxing 49%, stressful 51%. 

Meron kang nabiling voucher?
Sinabi ko na, okay na rin for P 99.00

Kaya sulit na rin 'yan. Good luck sa pagpapa-schedule hanggang November pa naman daw. 

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Don-Day Grill at Teacher's Village, Kalayaan

 Haven't I had enough of Korean cuisine and eat-all-you-can buffets, you ask? I guess not, 'cause I've just visited a restaurant which incorporated those two.

Don-Day Korean Barbecue at Malingap St. Teacher's Village, Kalayaan, Quezon City. 
Buffet costs 199.00 or 299.00 if you want the unlimited meat.
So we were the ones who opened the restaurant. Excited much? :)) Arrived there around 20 minutes prior to its opening.
My friend that I came with have already seen the restaurant several times before and she told me that she mistook it for  a bar? beer house? I guess, people really do drink at night, just look at all these Soju bottles.

And the grilling begins.
 Raw Samgyeopsal, Garlic, Sesame Oil, Paste.. Yes, you got it! Another Ssang Chu Ssam for me.

I don't know, but Korean foods seem to be an acquired taste. I hated Kimchi before.
I don't know the names of all the foods I got but they're all good and fairly cheap. I know how expensive Korean foods can get, and here you'd pay 299 for an eat-all-you can, seriously not bad especially with all the delicious choices. I didn't even mind that there was no aircon, yes, it was an open-space, but very decent and homey.

Funny thing was... hinabol pa kami ni Ate bago makasakay ng tricycle para ibigay 'to.
At syempre, dahil sa sobrang busog. Na misread ko, nakalagay "insert your finger in the ring and pull upwards to open" parang ganyan, ang basa ko, "use your ring finger to open" at kamusta naman dahil sa sobrang tawa ko sa pag-aakalang ang bossy ng instuctions only to find out that I was in the wrong. Haha. Nevertheless, this ice cream? DAEBAK!
And my  mom called, and told me to buy her these before heading home.

And look who I saw at Bench, Trinoma? hihihi. If they were real... OMG.

P.S. Don't know how to get there? From a shed near Housing (Quezon City Memorial Circle) ride a tricycle to Malingap St., a ride costs 20.00.

Enchanted Kingdom's Student Ka-Summer Promo

First time commuting to somewhere out-of-town and it's something to be proud of!! 

This whole entry would include all my expenses.

First, an MRT ride to Shaw Station (12.00), and from StarMall an FX to Balibago and get off at Walter Mart, Laguna (70.00) The whole FX ride lasted around 40-50 minutes, we left Shaw at exactly 12 NN. From Walter Mart, ride a tricycle that would bring you to Enchanted Kingdom (12.00 per person) 

Nung papasok kami ng Waltermart, may nagtanong sa'min, "Pa-saan kayo? EK?" Parang kami, "Nasa mukha at suot ba talaga namin na pa-EK kami?" Medyo weird lang na sa dinami-dami ng tao na pumapasok dun sa mall eh, kami tinanong niya, mukha ata talagang excited kami. 
EK opens at 2:00 so we still had time to walk around Walter Mart and eat lunch. 
At, sa Mcdo na pala kami nag-lunch, chicken fillet meal (50.00)

Another perk of having a school ID? Discount at EK with a free hotdog-on-stick and a softdrink in can! (380.00)
Safety reminders lang po, "Wala po bang buntis sainyo?" Sa isip-isip namin, "Mukha nga siguro rin akong buntis! huhuhu"

First ride was the super bitin mini-roller coaster, buti na lang kaunti ang pila or else... nakakagigil.

We entered EKstreme only to find out that it isn't included in the Unli-Ride Ticket that we paid for. We still decided to ride though, made use of our student ID and paid this for 50.00 instead of 80.00

Masasabi ko lang, bitin din! Isang bagsak, although I must admit, na-windang ako sa taas niya, first time ko kasi kaya di ko alam kung anong dapat asahan and my seat was the one facing Laguna de Bay, hello! I can see everything!! I like that kaya lang, kinakabahan kasi di alam kung kelan na siya babagsak pero na-realize ko pagbaba, sana kesa pag-iinarte ko dun sa taas e mas in-appreciate ko na lang 'yung view.

Rode Anchor's Away and the Space Shuttle Max after EKstreme, di naman kami excited? Muntik na rin ko ma-chicken out with the roller coaster, dalawang loops at may pabaliktad pa kasi, but good thing I still tried. 
Then rode the Wheel Of Fate to calm down... calm down? It's not my first time riding a Ferris' Wheel and I believe Eye of Moa's bigger, but I was still nervous perhaps because it was open.

At ang pagpapa-cute sa Flying Fiesta.  Kinakabahan ako nyan!
Pinaka-nakakahilo para sa'kin 'tong Up, Up and Away.

And we survived taking pictures by using the trash cans as tripods. 'Yun nga lang, everyone kept looking at us. Oh whatever, we have the more embarrassing MONOPOD  (or that forever alone stick), I guess, sanayan lang 'yan, lahat para makakuha ng pictures.
We tried Rialto (Simulator Ride, showing The Journey to the Center of the Earth) then headed to Jungle Outpost's Jungle Log Jam.
We became wet and headed to Rio Grande after. So, I brought an extra shirt with me, yes, I anticipated that I'd get wet but not so wet even my shorts and undies were soaked.

Dahil ako unang "biktima"  sa na-upuan kong nakatapat talaga sa mada-daanan ng tubig, I insisted that we ride there three times para "fair" at ayun, para kaming naluging mga bata na basa ang buong damit, in other words, were all dripping wet (pero wapakels! Gets naman nila kung bakit kami basa) while walking back to Jungle Log Jam for our second ride at para mas sulit ang pagkabasa at bayad. Hihi.

When they say, "EXPECT TO GET WET ON THIS RIDE." They mean it to the highest level.
There are clothes being sold but I didn't want to spend money on them, so tiis na lang.
Claimed our free food at the Tender Juicy kiosk.

Nakapag-bihis na ko ng shirt pero dahil sa sobrang basa ng shorts ko, ganyan pa rin nangyari. Deadma lang, rode Anchor's Away two times. Di naman kami na-adik? 

Back to Flying Fiesta with hopes that it'd serve as a dryer, okay, walang silbi kundi dagdag hilo. But apparently, maraming nakaka-isip dahil maraming parte na basa 'yung sahig, it's the ride opposite Rio Grande kaya siguro ganun.

Before leaving, picture picture muna sa Boulderville kasi medyo pambata 'yung area na 'yun kaya di namin napuntahan nung umaga.

Basa pa shorts and shirt ko nyan. Hindi halata masyado, pero two-tones ang t-shirt ko.

Good thing was there weren't a lot of people there yesterday, we didn't have to wait for more than 10 minutes for a ride at hindi crowded!

So from EK, meron ng tricycle available that would take you back to Waltermart, (12.00 each), from there ride another tricylce going to Central Terminal near Target Mall if I'm not mistaken (9.00 each), which turned to a waste 'cause we realized soon that the buses (46.00 student rate) we're supposed to ride pass by Waltemart too.

Got down at Pedro Gil LRT Station, which is also a fail decision, we should've got down at MRT Magallanes Station para mas mura at mas mabilis. Oh well, Pedro Gil to Roosevelt fare costs 20.00, then another jeepney (8.00) that took us back to Trinoma.

At nakauwi kami, around 9PM.

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