Monday, October 29, 2012

Crazy Pan Korean Restaurant

This Korean Restaurant is situated in CCP Complex, across Aliw Theater,  in Harbor Square if I'm not mistaken.


I was soooo ready to take pictures.

But they seem to live up to their restaurant's name: CRAZY. CRAZY BEYOND COMPARE.  

Bad night it was for us, and we kind of hoped that eating would appease us but it was the wrong choice of restaurant. CRAZY.

As we looked around, the other customers seemed happy with everything in there. I wonder why didn't they pay attention to us. And everything were out of stock!

Here's what happened:

1.  Fewer options. And we were like, "Do you have ....?" and the server would answer "Yes, we do have that." It was like the menu was useless, 'cause we need to ask him what else was there and their prices.

2. Really poor service. We were thinking of moving to another restaurant but they told us they were already preparing the food so we sat down again and tried our best to be patient. But yea, CRAZY.

3. Expensive. We ordered two samgyupsal but the servings were so small, and the lettuce they gave weren't even enough. Same goes with the banchan or sidedishes, which all weren't good, and the small servings of Kimchi Fried Rice. That was too little for a P 100.00/order.

4. They are short of stocks. We asked for more Kimchi and sidedishes but they told us they were out of stock.

I commented, "They should've told us they have nothing sooner."
My friend told me, "But it's business, they wouldn't drive customers away."

But you know, they should do their best to serve the customers well. No matter what happened before us arriving, doing GOOD business should be their priority. We're not a bit happy, it agitated us more, and we paid P 1000.00 for that. 

Gaaah, the whole experience drove us crazy! And although we were still hungry, we lost the will to find a better Korean Restaurant nor eat something to fill us up. Enough for a bad night.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

TCB Unlimited Cakes and Coffee

I remember wanting to eat here months ago, this was priced P 150.00 then.

Now it's P 200.00, and yet although they're seen in the picture, you'd have to upgrade and pay P 100.00 for more cake varieties which we paid making this P 300.00.

And... I wanted to try Laguna Cheesecake but it wasn't in the options when we went there.

First is, of course, cheesecake.
You'd be surprised at how thick a slice was...

Gone in three slices.

But fret not, you can eat everything in there.

Here, too, is a glass of iced coffee latte.
I am not a fan of coffee, I stay away from it as much as I can but I still ordered.
Philippine Mango Shortcake

This one's okay, I liked the cream. If only the mango wasn't that sour.

And this one is?
I forgot the name but the icing's to sweet and I didn't like the consistency of the cake itself.
Another coffee.

This one's half iced bubbles and half iced cappucino and more cheesecake!
I like the blueberry more.

And another cheesecake...
Chocolate something...

Best of all my cake slices.

A better version of the previous blueberry cheesecake.

This one's with whip cream. 
And another glass of iced coffee, mocha, that I wasn't able to drink.

The cakes were all good, and I liked the cheesecakes. 

 I might go back there and hope that Laguna cheesecake's available by then.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Human Heart Nature Natural Hair Mask in Jasmine


Today, I feel like a walking air freshener. 

I thought that I was just having normal headaches on some days these past three weeks but I concluded that it must be because of the scent of this hair mask. Turned out it's not only in milk teas that I hate the scent of Jasmine.

Today is the last time that I'd be using this, I emptied my  50G Tub  just after three uses meaning it lasted me three weeks.

How I used it: I shampooed my hair first then applied this, left it on for 30 minutes (or more) before rinsing.

Aside from the scent, I have no problems with this one. It makes my hair smoother and easy to comb even when just using my fingers though not frizz-free. And oh, it has a slight minty/cool sensation when applied near the scalp, I also like that.

10 months after having it rebonded, my hair is already in its awkward growth stage. My normal hair  is very much noticeable these days. And just like the old times (especially for the newly-grown hair), it feels like I'm always holding that static ball from Mind Museum. Static energy-fied hair.  I don't think this helped lessen the problem, my hair's still shouting "Hey, I was rebonded before. Spot the differences!" Yes, the growing part looks that frizzy and curly and I had that hope that this might tame the differences of the treated and non-treated. 

Nonetheless, it works if you want smoother hair and another plus of this product is this is all natural. I just don't see myself purchasing another tub ever unless I'd miss the headache it gives me. I hate the scent! I might, though, try the other variant.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Zark's Burgers

This burger joint is in Taft near DLSU.

I can sense a second visit, oh, if only you were a bit closer to home, Zark's. 

P 80.00

This one's cheap!
I was torn with which burger should I order but ended up with this.

(Has three kinds of cheese; mozarella and I forgot the names of the other two)
P 145.00 with iced tea and fries

I ate this part by part as in the top bun first before slicing the patty and veggies because it was big and the patty breaks easily. Nonetheless, their burger is really good! We enjoyed all our orders.

Filled our tummies but not emptied our wallets: thumbs up!

Manila Ocean Park 's Seri Fantasy World (Part 2)

This post would contain some pictures of MOP's Trick Art Museum with me as the model. hehe

EDIT (7/3/14): BAWAL MAG JUDGE JESKERLERD. Pinag gagawa ko ba?! HAHAHAHAHA. Kaloka. Nakaka facepalm. :)))


It's an unlimited stay inside.
Yes, it shouldn't be timed. It's hard to be creative! 

My hair is supposed to be on the other side.

Notice the small pictures near every painting. In those pictures are some ideas that you can play with so you could come up with your own poses.

I decided to keep calm when interacting with the wild animals. 
And poke somebody's eyes. Just because.
Certainly a place the kids and kids at heart would enjoy.

Manila Ocean Park's Seri Fantasy World

One of the attractions at Manila Ocean Park is Seriland. This was really our destination but we learned about the National Museum's free admission so we side-tripped there first.

This post is the first part where I'll be sharing my pictures from the Mirror Maze (that we kept on calling Crazy Mirrors) and 3D theater.
We availed deal 1. 

Lucky us we went there when Halloween decorations were already set.
And that added to the creepiness of this place that you're gonna feel in the first few minutes of being there.

Just be careful of whom you're talking to, mirror reflections seem so real.
The goal here is to find the exit.

As we entered, we easily found the way out so we walked around more and reached the entrance again. The kuya told us that we shouldn't just roam around there like that. Ahh, so eventhough we were supposed to find our way out, it was a guided tour? So anyway, back to the start and we also wore hand gloves to prevent fingerprints from forming in the mirrors.
He taught us the picture spots. There were three.
Yikes! I'm floating! 
Did I manage to look scared?
 I just love the scent they left on my hands after wearing. You get to wear newly-washed pair of gloves, don't worry.
To the 3D cinema we go.
We watched Sky Adventure for 15 minutes with gradeschoolers whose shouts we weren't able to cope up with.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

National Museum of the Philippines 2012 (NAG and MFP)

National Museum Sidetrip! 

The last time I went there was our 4th grade's field trip, feels good to be back and tour once again when I'm a little bit mature compared to my previous visit... I think.
This is the regular rate.
But this month, October, the admission is free!

We stayed longer in the National Art Gallery.
A lot of gallery in both museums were under-renovation. 
Not bad, though, for a free visit.
Juan Luna's Spoliarium will greet you at NAG's entrance.

Trivia:  ALL MY LIFE I thought this work's name is SPOLARIUM. But I realized that it's spelled with an "I"

With a carved angel's butt. 
And with...
Holy Trinity
And the door that leads to Narnia...

When they're already using guns while we're using arrows.

Making me want to become an artist and have my doodles in a gallery like this in the future. Loljk. I can't even properly draw a stickman.
Went out of NAG and crossed the street to MFP where we only stayed for like 10 minutes because it creeped the hell out of us.
We don't know about you, but we didn't like the feel of MFP.
We were only able to visit two exhibits. I don't know how many exhibits were available for viewing.

These two were enough to somewhat scare us. hahaha. Weird, right?

Museums like these really give me shivers. Hahahaha!

This building is that place where anything Anthropology and Archaeology are exhibited.
I don't know.
Maybe it's because we didn't have other people with us while walking through these galleries, quite scary and ugh, whatever.
Goosebumps, really. 
And the part we enjoyed best, riding the capsule-like elevator.

Summer last year, we toured around Luneta and there was a big statue of Lapu-Lapu (from a few researches before, I found out that place's former name is Agrifina Circle) sandwiched by the buildings Dept. of Finance and a look-alike building which name I forgot.

The Former Dept. of Finance building turned out to be MFP.

Now I am able to map Intramuros, Luneta, Manila Hotel, in short, that Manila area better in my head. 
Went back to NAG 'cause the car's parked there.
So if you're able to view this before October 2012 ends, go there. Better if with friends unless you really like being alone and are not easily scared.

Now that I went there again without that much people touring with me, being the coward that I am, I can't go there alone anymore.

If you have a free day, you might want to visit or re-visit this area in Manila to be reminded of our history and culture. Totally not a waste of time. ;)
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