Friday, November 30, 2012

Human Heart Nature Lip Balms

In Peppermint, Wild Berry and Island Kiss.


Lola Ina's Grill, Macapagal Avenue (Paluto Restaurant)

Lola Ina's is one of the restaurants where you can make paluto, Conyo much. In that stretch of restaurants opposite HK Plaza in Macapagal Boulevard, Pasay; Lola Ina's is the last restaurant on the left side when you're facing the Bay. 

I wasn't drunk. Really. 
It's not closed, of course.
We ate at the air-conditioned part.
I almost ate all the prawns that are in the platter, you know. That's how much I love shrimps; even if it takes forever to peel the shell. I first started peeling using spoon and fork, but gave up and used my bare hands instead.
 Fish Sinigang 
And the seaweed that tastes like seawater. I haven't tried eating this before.

What are these?

Crabs for higher blood pressure, anyone?

It's hard for me to explain their taste. But yea, it's like eating in an eat-all-you can. HAHAHA. I was so full and happy. Good thing I don't have allergies, I can enjoy seafoods this much.

Really worth it! I mean, I've been there three times (in different restaurants) and was never satisfied with the taste. In here, they cook well and the service was also great! Very prompt waiters, they remove the shells once they start to pile-up and refill water immediately. Satisfaction is regardless of the quantity. We would still enjoying having less than all of these.

Although I didn't experience it this time, expect a lot of people people who would force you to buy from them or let them cook your food. They're the culture of Dampa Restaurants.  Stressor!! You'd leave the place more stressed than you were, so bring a lot of patience if you're doing the shopping for the raw seafoods and haven't decided which place to eat yet.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Starbucks Christmas Blend in Peppermint Mocha

Albeit not being a fan of coffee, I still drink it once in a while.
I am a social drinker even with coffee.

Peppermint Mocha Frappuccino
P 180.00 - Grande Size

Isn't it pretty? With dark pink/red sugar on top of the whipped cream.

I usually go for Green Tea Cream or Chocolate Frap in Starbucks but I settled for a Christmas Blend this time; it's the Christmas season anyway. I loved Andes Chocolate Mints so I figured I would like this one too.


"How is it?" The first sentence I blurted out was, "Hmm, para lang akong umiinom ng mentos!"

But yeah, I had to reintroduce the taste to my palate since it has been years (exaggerated) since I last ate Andes so mint + chocolate (mocha, in this case)

After a few sips, I decided to mix the whipped cream and the drink itself. Somehow, the minty feeling was diluted and it turned out okay at the end. I liked it. I just don't see myself ordering another of this in the future, especially not when the other option, dark cherry mocha, ta
stes better for me! I had a sip from my friend's order. 

P.S For those who likes mint, this might be the one for you though. :)

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Yakimix at Greenbelt

Probably because I'm always exposed to buffets that I'm less thrilled this time. Constant exposure to something dulls you, you know. Or maybe, I just want to try something else. I've been there a lot of times already. Or maybe, it's sinking in that I've gained back the pounds I tried to lose last year. That's why whenever I took a bite of something, it bothered me so much. HAHAHA. Joke.  Idk. Whatever. I still ate a lot though less than before. Ugh, constant exposure it is. Scratch the weight reason.

But I'm thankful for this experience. Super lunch, indeed.

Here are some pictures:


So they also offer pizza in Yakimix? I like it since it's thin crust.

Definitely not the kind of foods I'm having on daily basis but because I've been at Yakimix for a lot of times already and these are almost the same offerings, it must have been because there wasn't anything new to look forward to, aside from the pizza I had two slices of, that I'm less excited.

My second plate for desserts.

I like that fruit tart or whatever it's called, especially the whipped cream inside.
This isn't from Yakimix I just wanted to post.

And their updated price list.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Celebrating The Nutcracker Christmas at Manila Hotel

I was at the Manila Hotel the other day.

Turned out they're all set for the Christmas season with their Nutcracker inspired decorations.

Here are some pictures:

I tasted Kiwi fruit for the first time.
"Guarding" the Hotel's Grand Lobby are these huge dolls.

Gingerbread clockhouse

The items are being sold to the visitors.
Poinsettia lined staircases..

Monday, November 19, 2012

Lee Min Ho at the Funmeet and Glorietta

I was so lucky to be able to see Lee Min Ho two times during his stay in the Philippines. One is in Smart-Araneta Coliseum for his Benchsetter Funmeet and the other at the New Glorietta Activity Center for his autograph signing. Eventhough I'm kind of jealous to all the people who were able to meet him and see him closer than I did, it's fine. :">

Arrived at the Araneta Center around 2:30 P.M and formed our line to enter around 4:50 P.M.
We were to sit at the Upper Box B and luckily we got a seat near the ledge. Minutes before the program started, we bought binoculars for P 75.00. That thing saved us from too much boredom!! Really had fun people watching and of course, the fact that we were able to see LMH a bit closer through the lens.

Groups danced before he entered and...

My friend and I were wondering how he ends up looking good in all the pictures. Well, he's insanely handsome! No need to wonder, our bad.

And he's so good to the girls and guys who won and was able to go up the stage. Aww, the hugs, shake hands and photos that I AM seriously envious of.

And... we just couldn't stop ourselves and also went to Glorietta today.
HAHAHA. I was able to see him closer.
I kind of regret not taking much pictures but when he was up the stage, I just couldn't remove my stare so I neglected my camera. The pushing crowd didn't even matter. Again, lucky girls for holding both his hands today.

Good thing I decided to go to Glorietta. Seeing him upclose; I'm literally out of words. Thank you, Bench for bringing him here. 

Until next time, Lee Min Ho Oppa! 

JJ, please be next!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Friuli Trattoria

At Maginhawa.

You'd actually find a lot of restos at Teacher's Village, it's a great place for food tripping because of the varieties and most of the times, the restaurants there are budget-friendly.

Here's one: Friuli Trattoria 

Angel Hair ... I fogot the name.
Good for 2-3 persons.

See the tomatoes? I like my pastas a little bit sour or the real Italian style. This one didn't disappoint! 
Half Hawaiian and Half Cheese Steak

Thin crust! I like.
For me though, these Mozzarella sticks were the highlight of this meal.

All these cost us around P 550.00 (?)
Not sure though.

The Iscreamist

This ice cream store is in Magiting St. (near Maginhawa) at Teacher's Village.

What I ordered was S'more under the Dragon's Breath Selection.

Four sticks of S'mores and a cup of liquid nitrogen for P 55.00

Excuse my face in the next pictures. hehe.
After dipping, you would want to wait a little bit before taking a bite... unless you want to burn your mouth from too much coldness.

I'm not well-versed with Chemistry but assuming that there's still oxygen and carbon dioxide present in the area, I believe this is safe. It's just the element nitrogen, which we have a lot in our atmosphere, in its (cold) liquefied state.

What's more exciting than taking a bite of this?
"playing" with the fog!

My friend even pointed out that the vapor also came out from my nostrils. Just wasn't able to capture it in photo.
Show me things as simple yet interesting as this, I'm already impressed!

Just be extra careful in handling your cup of liquid nitrogen though, it's a cryogenic fluid and can freeze/burn you rapidly once spilled or came in contact with you.

The place was small, notice the standing girls at the back waiting for tables so my friend and I left immediately after eating and playing. Nonetheless, really a fun experience! I'd love to come back there and eat this again or try their other ice cream offerings.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Donu Pork and Beef Korean Grill

We meet again, Donu!


Must-try especially with rice!
One of the most delicious I've eaten so far. 

Grilling the pork and some of the side dishes.

It's one set of side dishes per order of samgyupsal.

Romanized : Boodae Chigae

This soup is a combination of American and Korean favorites with its history dating several years back during the Korean War when the American Army just combine their left-overs like Spam, hotdogs with Korean staples like Kimchi and Ramyeon.
I haven't eaten any Bibimbap with this much vegetables ingredients but hey, still good!

Korean dishes are sure healthy with these vegetables and lots of water because they're sooo spicy!

I've finally tasted how it was to actually put gochujang (chili paste) rather than duenjang (soybean paste) on my sang chu sam.

Food Hotness Threshold - Level-up!
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