Thursday, January 31, 2013

Ramen X, Eton Centris, Quezon Avenue

This was just in time since the Philippines has been experiencing a chilly weather lately and nothing's better than having a bowl of hot soup.

Oishi Ramen
P 159.00
Good for sharing

I saw that pink and white thing in Vikings too though until now, I don't know what that is. Seaweed strip, two kinds of pork, hard boiled egg, cabbage, garlic and onion leeks.
This belongs to the Special Ramen category.

P 89.00
We shared this too.

We passed by the restaurant two times. First was to look at the prices and second was when we decided to eat there already. Ramen is actually an intimidating food for me 'cause from what I have experienced you'd shell out more than 200.00 for a single bowl. But yey for Ramen X and their inexpensive yet super flavorful meals!

I think I also saw a Ramen X branch in Trinoma.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Tempura Japanese Grill

Just pictures of our food when we ate there.

Tofu Steak
I loved this!
I'm used with the Philippine version of tofu, turned out Japanese tofu is really different. J. tofus are softer in texture.
Chicken Le Cordon Bleu
California Maki
Halo-Halo Japanese Style
This was actually that dessert I wanted to eat way back when we went to Kozui .
But forget it, I'd stick with our very own halo-halo anytime. But I loved that green ice cream on top! It's green tea flavored. 
And this banana split with, of course, green tea ice cream as the highlight- at least for me. 

St. Pio of Pietrelcina Chapel, Libis, Quezon City

We all have reasons why we pray, right? Whether it is to thank Him, just want Someone to share problems with,  or for asking anything from Him. Probably it's the conversation with Him that matters most. I know He understands a person's heart so well whatever we talk about with Him, He listens. 

I have My God whom I pray and talk to. In my belief, there's an Almighty somewhere out there. But I also believe in Saints as intercessors though I don't know a lot of them. But here's one I recently got re-introduced to; Father Pio of Pietrelcina. Take note: RE-introduced.  Who he is exactly? Google, google din! 

Pictures were taken on the first time I visited the chapel near Eastwood. 
Wish... I wish... I wish for...

We had to wait for more than an hour before we got to touch him.
I actually joked (jokes are half-meant), "dapat kasi sinulat rin nila bawal magdasal eh, hawakan lang!"

Not mocking anyone's faith or belief that they want to hold his hands while praying, but yea, it's just that the line was so so so so long and so so so so slow. People take their time, a lot of time.

And I remember seeing that signage when we went to visit Quiapo's Black Nazarene, there was something like, "bawal magdasal." so the queue there was fast-moving. Saka, ewan ko, you can pray anytime anywhere naman. Dagdag na lang na kahawak mo siya.
This part of the chapel where those with children are required to sit.
Really solemn place to celebrate Holy Mass at, trust me.
I so liked it there.
Observe proper mass attire. They're strict with it.
But in case you'd go there in shorts and sleeveless tops, they would lend you malong.

Don't forget your jackets/sweaters also since it's an air-conditioned chapel which can get too cold. But in my observation, scarves are the in-fashion. :)

Hey! Let's Travel to Bohol, shall we? :))

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Meryendads. (Again, again)

Third time!!

Today, officially marks the start of my diet. Hahahaha. I'll be going on a diet for two weeks or for the rest of the year. lol. Whatever, right? I've said that gazillion times already.

What makes this visit different from the rest?

The jewelry store hold-up that happened early tonight at Megamall.

Okay. So in FB there's a check in thing, right? I checked us in so most of my FB friends knew where I was. 

The very first time I used that facebook feature, something bad happened to the place. Ohwells. Not my fault!

Anyway, after eating, we strolled around for about an hour before rushing back to Trinoma 'cause we have to be home at 7PM.

When we got home, a friend retweeted that there was a hold-up at Megamall and the mall-goers weren't allowed to leave the area. At that same moment, someone who saw my check-in post texted me whether or not I was still in Megamall- thankfully, I wasn't anymore. So yeah, I just couldn't imagine the fear or the nervousness the people in there must have felt especially when they heard the gunshots. 

Be ready, you. Mall security's gonna be strict again! But yea, just be patient, it's for you naman!


Happy Birthday to my one and only BB! 
See you very soon!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Meiji Meltykiss in Greentea

Lookie here, lookie here! Oh what do we have? :)))

My newfound chocolove in Meiji's Greentea Meltykiss. It tastes like Dark Chocolate and Greentea Cream.

This is sold for P 140.00 per box, yes, quite expensive. 

Especially when you're someone like me who wouldn't stop eating until I am able to eat all the contents of the box. -_-

My default order in Starbucks is Green Tea Cream Frappuccino, I so love that drink even if most people don't understand why. I'm just a sucker for green tea and matcha lattes.

My favorite chocolate is Meiji's Dark Chocolate. Like I've been loyal for several years already, that chocolate helped me go through a lot of things, you know. Nothing like a bar of dark chocolate on a boring day, on a depressing day, on a happy day, on a busy day. Hahahaha. EVERYDAY! Seriously though, if only I can eat it daily, I would.

Here, I present to you a picture of Greentea Meltykiss' box with the dog model, Cheska Bells.

It's not called MELTykiss for no reason, better eaten when you'd just let it melt in your mouth and no matter how tempting it is... DON'T CHEW.

So I've just researched on this and I'm adding "Visit the Meiji Factory in Japan" on my bucketlist. I wonder how it feels to be there, OMG. That should be heaven-like for me especially when I can eat everything! Hello, choco baby! macadamia chocolate! almond chocolate! meltykiss! black chocolate! super black chocolate! hello panda! Just the thought of it makes me happy already. Oh please, just one time. 진짜 가고 싶어요. 한번만. Oops, that was Korean. Sorry I know no Hiragana nor Katakana. Hehe. Konnichiwa, mina-san! Arigatou gozaimasu! Aishiteru! - the words I learned from watching Jdoramas. See, I'm knowledgeable, interested and willing enough to travel to Japan!! 

Someday, I definitely will.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Bon Chon Fish Strips and Fries

I definitely ordered F which is the Squid Rings with rice but I got this, turned out the Ate from the cashier punched this F for Fish instead of my Squid Rings.

Parang ako, "Hala pano ko mabubusog nitoooooo"
But whatever, I just ate what's in there.

If only it was rice with fish strips. This order was really okay, if only I wasn't that hungry I was really wanting to eat rice. Medyo nabitin ako. hahaha

P 145.00 with drinks

If it's from BonChon, then it's love. :))
Fish and fries were cooked just right.
I just have to double check my orders next time.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Taco Bell's Grande Meal

Someone sponsored tonight's dinner. Yakimix was the first choice but they're closed for their Christmas Party. Loljk. I know he won't treat there and it's not proper to force him too.

Oh anyway, here is Taco Bell's Grande Meal. My other friends and I also had this exact meal last December worth P 299.00
Two Crispy Tacos, Nachos, Quesadilla, Idk the name of that dessert with choco syrup and two drinks of choice.

We went here after drinking my Gong Cha Choco Caramel so I was quite full I only had like 2 slices of quesadilla and that dessert.

And I actually have to lose weight already. MUST.EAT.LESS...JOKE. 

You shouldn't say no to food especially if it's a treat. :)

Monday, January 21, 2013

Vikings Luxury Buffet at SM Marikina

Here are some pics of my visit to Vikings at SM Marikina

Are you ready for a Feast from the Sea? :))
I thought I was but apparently I wasn't. hahaha

The selections were so plenty we didn't know where to start. 

Here's my first plate.
Sorry I really have problems when it comes to good plating.

Loved their "talangka fried rice" though I only got a little, it's a buffet so you should skip on rice they make you feel full fast.

Sushi and sashimi, of course.

Cold cuts, cheeses and caviar.
Sorry, fish eggs. -_-
Tenderloin Steak
Tsokolate Batirol
I liked that white cheese (whatever is the name) and almonds.

Just look how full my first plate was and not wanting to get anymore on the last. hahaha
The view from our seat.
Yogurt Soup
Too bad it's not yet frozen.
And the desserts I regret not having.
My stomach can't handle them anymore.

Another serving of yogurt soup (it supposed to be frozen yogurt), chocolate and cheesecake.
Oolong Tea
I didn't even get taste everything, yet I walked out of there with super full stomach.

I used to wonder whether or not paying 888+ for a buffet was worth it, it's more expensive from the usual 400+, right? But seeing the wide selections in Vikings, it's definitely worth it. Really. I was actually so overwhelmed by the choices this time and I stuck with my usual picks. I would love to eat there again to try the other food selections out, there are still so much left to try.

And oh, very accommodating staffs and chefs they have there.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Lil' Orbits Mini Donuts

Donut Plantation Tour, Anyone?
Here's a little plant tour, donuts.

The aroma that would make you search for the source and when you get there, this donut maker is really fun to watch.
My friends and I enjoyed munching on these mini-donuts, worth P 35.00/dozen
They're so good, especially when served hot. 

Monday, January 14, 2013

McCormick Korean Fried Chicken Mix in Soy Garlic

Basta Korean, gusto ko na?? Hindi noh! 

I'll tell you something: 
I was introduced to Bon Chon Chicken in Ayala Triangle first before I met Jaejoongie. Met talaga. Hahaha. I loved the soy garlic chicken prior to liking KimJJ though okay fine, I started watching Kdramas and Jdramas in 2009 but not a member of the fandom until I became a fan of JYJ nor have been into any authentic Korean restaurant until May 2012, here.


I  completely loved my chicken cooked the Korean Style. 
Hello, Bon Chon, Chicken Charlie, Smoper and Manangs! The cravings were always there, isn't it obvious? Good thing I saw this Chicken mix on the racks a few months ago while we were doing grocery. This batter mix and sauce tastes similar with those available in fastfoods.

I am unsure of the price but this one's definitely less than P 50.00. 
No double frying just coat the raw chicken with the batter and deep fry.
Voila! Your home made Korean Style Fried Chicken. 
thigh part bias as always
If fried right, the batter would give you enough crispiness. 
But the sauce kills this. I so so so love the sauce!

There are other variants (Kimchi, Bulgogi and Spicy) though I haven't tasted the others but this one.

I saw a tarpaulin ad of this, these are not the right words but it was something like "Kpop your chicken" I want mine to be, "KJaejoongiefy your chicken." hahahaha. I'm not into the world of Kpop per se but Kdramas and of course, KimJJ though he's actually a part of Kpop. What I am trying to say here is my love for JJ isn't the reason why I appreciated this too. Kain lang ng kain!!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Bigoli, Eastwood

Eastwood, bah-beh!
Sorry, super babaw ng kaligayahan ko pero at least diba, natutuwa. 

Kind of excited to go here but like the last time that I went here, it was raining again.
Seriously, rain? 

Nice shot, isn't it? Or not? hahaha

I am aware that Bigoli occupied the space of that Italian restaurant where a friend and I ate too much breadsticks a few years back. They were free and the Ate kept giving us whenever she passed by our seat.

I wasn't expecting loads of garlic breadsticks this time but we were immediately given free breadsticks as we formed our line to order. 

Hey, seriously the best breadsticks ever especially when served hot. Unlimited pa.

Almost a year after, it's Doppio Deligioso once again on a different branch. This was the Valentine's day treat last year, fyi. Time fleets! -_-

The price though is already P 390.00 for all of these. 

Ang masasabi ko lang, 
"Kuya, penge pa ng tinapay!"
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