Thursday, February 28, 2013

Gelatissimo's Veronese Chocolate

I just love this hashtag.

 Walking around Greenbelt 5, where another branch of Gelatissimo is at, we couldn't fight the urge to step inside and eat. Though in the back of my head, I was actually hoping that the names are still Valentine's-ish just like in their Trinoma branch. I wanted to try "Far Too Confused" but they didn't have it anymore/then. 

The Real Taste of Italia 

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Ilocos Tour - Day 3 - Vigan and Calle Crisologo

We're back to Vigan for some souvenir and pasalubong hunting which is synonymous to the end of the tour too. Boo.

Ilocos Tour - Day 3 - Bye, Saud!

Our second morning and it's a goodbye.

Ilocos Tour - Day 2 - Kabigan Falls and Saud Beach

After Blue Lagoon's saltwater, here's Kabigan Falls with its fresh and cold water. :)

Ilocos Tour - Day 2 - Blue Lagoon

Still in Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte... here's Blue Lagoon.
Another paradise up North! <3

Look at that aqua-blue water, in just one glance you'd be enamored with its beauty.
It deserves to be called "Blue Lagoon," it has all the rights. :))

Ilocos Tour - Day 2 - Patapat Viaduct and Bantay Abot Cave

We actually passed here on our way to Paraiso ni Anton but it was only on our way back when we went down the van to take some pictures.

Ilocos Tour - Day 2 - Paraiso Ni Anton

On the way to that day's first spot; Paraiso Ni Anton

Ilocos Tour - Day 2 - Saud Beach and Papa Nard's

A Saud Beach Morning to ya'll.
 Saud beach is in Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte, a northwest town of Luzon.

On our 2nd day in Ilocos! 

Spent the night at a "homestay" in Saud Beach. 
This what the morning looks like. 
It's the place where the sky and sea seem to meet.
Ang baba ng ulap!

The possible reason why the pictures taken here at this hour wasn't clear, because we were also covered in fog/clouds.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Restore my faith in humanity...

I sometimes wish I have the power to inflict pain with my stare and make someone suffer with my thoughts.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Travel Tour Expo and Pyrolympics (Japan and Finland)

Another break from my Ilocos series post. 

"The Ultimate Shopping Destination for the Best Travel Deals"
hehehehe. Wawa us, walang pang shopping.

I asked my friend the possible reason why I want to see this in person...
"Miss You Like Crazy?"
Hahahaha. IKR!
Someday, Petronas Twin Towers.

And where I captured this photo was where we wanted to watch the Pyrolypics for fee.
But this is a fail space.

During Japan's turn, I just wanted to break everything that was blocking our view. For the price of nothing? You'd see nothing too. HAHAHA
"Lipat Bahay" to the open parking space near IMAX Theatre.
But since we were so far, it was a silent fireworks show. We didn't get to hear the musical part. 
But yea, for those who doesn't want to pay the entrance fees. It wouldn't hurt to not have a background song.
Still a spectacular show without music. :))

Friday, February 15, 2013

Ilocos Tour - Day 1 - Bangui Windmills

Save the best for last!
Subjectively, this is the best spot for that day. You know why? It's the place in Ilocos that I've been wanting to see.

"Gaano kaya kalaki 'yun sa totoong buhay?"
"Gusto ko rin maramdaman kung gaano kalakas 'yung hangin dun."

Huhuhu. Bangui Windmills/ Bangui Wind Farm, I love you!! HAHAHAHA.

I don't know if it's fail or not, but we arrived there several minutes before sunset so the pictures we have in there weren't the best. Lol, whatever. 

Ilocos Tour - Day 1 - Kapurpurawan Rock Formation

Where I shot this picture was only from the viewing deck.
 We didn't go any farther than there. Maybe if I'd be able to return someday, I'll make sure I'd be able to walk near that rock formation and of course, for some photo ops. I heard it's more beautiful upclose :))

Ilocos Tour - Day 1 - Cape Bojeador Lighthouse

A.K.A Burgos Lighthouse

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Gelatissimo, Trinoma

Break muna from the series long Ilocos Tour posts, it was harder than I thought.

Time fleets! Once again, it's Heart's Day.

Sweet. My blog is #143 today. I love you! Valentine's na Valentine's lang ang peg. hehe

Ilocos Tour - Day 1 - Malacanang of the North and Paoay Lake

Malacanang of the North or Malacanang Ti Amianan in Ilocano used to be the official residence of the Marcos Family in Ilocos Norte. 

Ilocos Tour - Day 1 - Paoay Church and Paoay Sand Dunes

San Agustin Church of Paoay a.k.a Paoay Church.
 A UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1993.

Ilocos Tour - Day 1 - Crisologo Musuem and Marcos Museum / Mausoleum

 I've always known Calle Crisologo (well-known heritage street, fyi) but it is only then when I learned who the Crisologos' are in the history of Vigan.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Ilocos Tour - Day 1 - Baluarte ni Chavit and Burnayan

Also known as Fortress of Vigan, is where Gov. Chavit Singson's house is located and it is also a home to a lot of animal species. Okay, it's an interactive mini-zoo which doesn't require the visitors to pay any entrance fees yet the animals and the place itself are well taken care of.
Lots of people and fieltrippers sure visit the place.

Ilocos Tour - Day 1 - Marsha's Delight and Bantay Bell Tower

The breakfast that marked our first day!

Bumaba ako sa van:

"Ako lang ba? O malamig talaga?" - may kasamang nginig sa sobrang lamig habang naka-jacket na.
"hehehe." - Kuya Guard. Narinig niya pala ko.

Ilocos Tour (Sample Itinerary)

We were in Ilocos last February 9-11, 2013. My long awaited trip! :)) Not that it was set for like two years before, just that I've been wanting to visit Ilocos for so long. And hihihihi another item on my Not-So-Possible-Christmas-Wishlist has been crossed out! I guess my wishes aren't impossible afterall. Let's see how many more would I be able to accomplish/have before '13 ends. 

Can you feel the excitement? I DO! :D

Because this tour was somewhat a "dream come true," it deserves to be itemized. A series long posts.

Thank You for the experience. Thank You for the good weather. I may be two shades darker, but I regret nothing!

Here I'd be posting our itinerary with links to some pictures taken from each site. But take note that none of the pictures was able to capture the real beauty of Ilocos. If it was because of my camera, hehehe. Everything was better than what I had imagined and had seen in photos. 

Day 1:
First day was so packed. 11 sites in one day, baby!!

NLEX Balintawak exit by around 10 PM

Sagada and Mt. Pulag and other places I've been wanting to see at the back of my mind, wait for me!! Hahahahaha. I will visit you all someday! Too much wanderlusting, too little money to spend on them. So help me, God:))

Friday, February 8, 2013

Caffe Bene

Taste the Bene Difference! 

Last December, we attended this Christmas Party where Caffe Bene gift certificates were at stake in one of their raffles.

I was like, "Ano raw? Where's that?"
"That's a coffeeshop somewhere in Libis."
"Ow, okay."

Have I known back then that I would come to like the place and the offerings and it isn't far from where I live, I should have wished to win the GCs!

Anyway, so, did you watch the Kdrama "Secret Garden?" Remember that cafe foam kiss of Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won? Hihi. This was where that magic happened... of course, that was filmed at their branch in S.Korea.<3

Huge staircase.
I liked the wooden interior. The place is so so so elegant yet homey.
Because the previous cafe visit was Green Tea Frap fail, had to satisfy the craving.

Green Tea Frappe - P 165.00

So okay, the next two pictures would include that bread which would lure me back. :)
Chocolate Banana Bread (?)
P 155.00

This is huge in real life, bigger than what I had expected.
For Sharing

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Cafe Noriter, Taft (DLSU and CSB Area)

I have no idea about the place and its interior prior to going there so it was a sweet surprise. That given, I also won't spoil how the whole cafe looks like but I'll be putting here some photos of the decorations and legal vandals that caught my attention.

P 155.00

The reason why someone told me to go there was to try their "green tea frappuccino" but unluckily, it was out of stock. Our choco chip drinks were delicious too. It was just that when you're looking forward to eat/drink something and didn't get the chance to do so, there's a slight feeling of disappointment, I craved for my green tea frappe. But yea, a second time at Noriter wouldn't hurt. Next time, green tea frap, next time.

Look for these vandals and designs when you go there, will you? :)

So it was a Korean Cafe? That detail wasn't given to me beforehand. 
If you read this using the my old school's calligraphy, this would have read "Little Fhings"

Not a small person friendly place. Hahaha. The mirror was kinda high I had to tiptoe.

놀다 reads nol(r)-da which means to play
놀이터 reads nor-i-teo which means playground 

If only I had an artistic side of me, I would have also left my piece of art there.
놀이터, 안녕. 또 보자!

Bye, Noriter. See you again!

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