Friday, March 29, 2013

Visita Iglesia 2013 - Cavite (Tagaytay) and Batangas



We wanted to do an out-of-town Visita Iglesia this Maundy Thursday and were deciding between going up north in Pampanga area or going down south in Tagaytay area. We chose Tagaytay because we hoped for a cooler weather. I was there three times last November and December (LINKS 123) maybe it was because of those trips I was having hallucinations that Tagaytay is a cooler place and won't be packed on a holy week.

Anyway, picking the seven churches was easy because of my Tagaytay cognitive map and google map's help in Caleruega area but churches seemed really far from each other because of the heavy traffic yesterday. The real sacrifice wasn't the church visits but the heavy traffic in between.

The photos of the relatively shortest day: Parang ang bilis talaga. 

This is not to discourage you but to challenge you to visit more churches than we did for your Visita Iglesia. Marami naman tao talaga kasi nasa labas karamihan para maglibot sa churches.

We left home at 8 am and arrived in Paseo before 10 am.

Breakfast round two in Jollibee.
Arrived in Caleruega past noon already.
It was my first time in Caleruega , I didn't know they ask for entrance fees.
Caleruega Church is already in Batangas but not that far from Tagaytay so it's still "in the area." This was the farthest church that day.
As we entered, money they earn from entrance fees are used for maintaining the place.
It's so nice and relaxing in there. They also offer retreat rooms just in case you like to unwind and spend the night there.
I didn't have a picture of just the mountains so bear with my face. hahaha
The altar area of the Transfiguration Chapel.
There are Koi (buhay baboy! they're ginormous!) ponds, picnic area with tents and the hanging bridge we weren't able to go near anymore.

I wanna visit there again for a longer time for some prayers and leisure time... someday when it isn't as packed as it was yesterday. 

EDIT: Visited there again on a weekday.
 Link: here. 
Next stop: Chapel on the Hill, Don Bosco Batulao

You'll pass by this chapel on your way to Caleruega.
View from the Chapel on the Hill
Altar area of the Chapel
The chapel is circular in shape and has 360 degrees view of surroundings.

Next Stop: Monte Maria
Monte Maria parking area
Monte Maria Chapel

Monte Maria Shrine is, I think, still under construction.

It's a pilgrimage center and was founded by Fr. Suarez, a well-known healing priest.

Kain na!!!

See the rain? At the back of Taal.
Sky ranch's Ferris Wheel I have yet to ride.

Edit: Tagaytay's Sky Eye Ride link: here.
We ate at one of the Bulalohan's in Tagaytay which is overlooking Taal but I was so hungy to take note of the name.

Look who's having the most fun... it's sightseeing Betchay on her first out-of-town trip. Gusto niya talaga nakasilip sa labas!

Hello there my Giordano watch c/o BDO.
Next Stop: Our Lady of Lourdes Chapel

St. Pio of Pietrelcina
Station of the Cross area in the Church's basement.

I seriously thought we were able to visit 5 churches but, we only visited 4/7.
Not bad. We went home around 7 PM and arrived at around 9 PM. I was sleeping the whole time during the drive home so I don't know how the traffic was but you'd notice that the travel time was way shorter.

The other three churches we weren't able to visit are:

Pink Sisters Chapel link: here

Our Lady of Manaoag, Tierra de Maria
Ina ng Laging Saklolo Church

Here's a screencapture I got from Google Maps just to give you an idea on where the churches are located. 

Thursday, March 28, 2013

My BDO JCB Credit Card Gift

I'm fairly new in the Credit Card world, and so far I'd like to believe that I'm doing a good job in managing it except for some impulsive buys pero mawawala na 'yan... self-control, hello!

Here's my Credit Card's welcome gift to me: A Giordano Watch
I am not a watch person and even if I am, I don't think I'd pay thousands for one (unless if I'd become zzzuper rich someday, of course. hehe) Except for some hand-me-downs and gifts, this is my first watch that costs more than a thousand pesos when bought.
I was actually keeping all my charge slips for some Happy Lemon but when they sent me the redeem voucher for this promo, choosing this watch over HL is the wiser decision.

I redeemed this at Watch Republic in TriNoMa after surrendering cumulative charge slips worth P 15,000.00.
Here's my new watch.

Giordano (Turquoise)
P 2,290.00

Up to 15% of the charge slips' worth was reimbursed in the form of this watch. Yey!

P.S. It's a real deal when you're not buying things you don't need just to qualify for the promo. :)

When I didn't have my own card yet, I used to think that owning one is synonymous to allowing yourself to be a slave of debt. 
But my perspective has changed already, owning one is actually allowing yourself to make more out of your money and purchases (mas convenient pa nga gamitin 'to kasi naka-note na lahat ng binayaran); all thanks to promos like this and their website that keeps me updated

The things to remember here are self-control and prayers...

1. Self-control - stop yourself from buying unnecessary things kahit 'yung less than 500 o 100, maliliit na presyo lang pero magugulat ka na sa billing na malaki na pala sila pag sinama. Don't rely on paying purchases with your card without an idea on where you're getting the money to pay for them when the payment deadline comes. Basta, DO NOT OVERSPEND especially if all your purchases are on impulse and not needed. I am not an expert, meron pa rin akong impulsive buys but because of my credit card, I'd like to believe na mas nagiging frugal na 'ko as days pass. Hehehe. SANA!

 To be without some of the things you want is an indispensable part of happiness. :)

2. Prayers - that you'd be the wisest and the most disciplined shopper out there, continuous income so you'd be able to pay your bills on time (laki ng interest! 3% something) and pag may maki-ride sa card mo (na wala pa naman sa'kin so far! buti na lang) e maging resposible enough sila naman to pay you on time para hindi ka maiipit sa interest. Diba? Diba?

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Amici: Desserts by Cara Mia

 Wagas maka-see food diet eh!!!
Rouge Gelato Cake 
P 134.00/slice

Was it not recommended by my friend , I won't order a cake looking like this. Why? 'Cause it looks so sweet.
Imagine having vanilla, strawberry and blueberry flavored gelatos with strawberry syrup in one bite... sounds like diabetes to me. But okay, I had to believe our local newspaper (and my friend too) which named this gelato cake as one of the best desserts for the year 2012.

This is suprisingly a good one actually, the vanilla flavored gelato balanced the flavors of the two berries so it wasn't overly sweet, add the thin layers of sponge cake (I think) and graham; its layers are the perfect combination.  Plus, it looks really beautiful, isn't it?
Round Two
Ferrero Gelato
P 80.00

Your good old ferrero rocher chocolate, gelato form.
This is one of the bestsellers and I won't attest that. I wasn't disappointed with its taste but because I was able to eat some ferrero bits in Veronese Chocolate, there was more satisfaction in Gelatissimo's version. 

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Nestle Temptation's French Salted Caramel

A just-in-time-for-summer discovery.
Let's indulge in French Salted Caramel (my second Nestle post for the month of March. Chuckie was posted first. heh)

And off to the dangers of allowing me to stroll around the grocery esp. the chocolates and ice creams aisles...

My next flavor favorite... chocolate and green tea comes first and second. This may be coming third!! I became a fan of salted whatever since milk tea. 
I seriously have no idea that this Nestle ice cream flavor even existed. Is this a new release? If so, I love you Nestle from Earth to Moon and back!! HAHAHA.

"So go on and indulge in what the world has to offer."
Yes, I will. I will. ;p
Familiar with Mercato's Merry Moo? (The first I tasted and had been having cravings since then...)
Loving anything salted caramel?

 If yes, I'd bet you'd love this too.

Take note though that this may be too sweet for some but it's just the way I like it.

Sold at P 181.00, this comes in a lot cheaper than that gelato ver.
O sige, bawal maglagay sa isang container para kumain? hehehe.
Bakit pa? E mauubos naman agad.

Pyrolympics 2013

Was at the closing of the PyroMusical Competition this evening at MOA. 

We were given complimentary tickets for the Silver area but then we had them upgraded to Gold for only P 50.00. So we watched the whole program in the least crowded space yet with the perfect view of the fireworks. 

Pictures have no watermarks inaantok na ko! I know they're not of the best quality but please still credit them back here if you're copying. :)

The pictures do not justify the magnificence of each display and the feeling of seeing them in person is something indescribable either.

But tonight's the closing already, see you next year again, Pyro!

le tweet: Pamatay 'yung sa Canada, syempre mas pamatay 'yung Philippines... pinaka-pamatay 'yung byahe pauwi. :)))

P.S We also observed the Earth Hour in MOA. 

Friday, March 22, 2013

Nestle Chuckie

Do you also have a favorite drink when you were younger? I do. Actually, I can't remember if it was moo or chuckie but I used to have a box of a chocolate drink (yes, that whole box you see in groceries) hidden under my bed for my everyday baon and whatevers. Hahaha. 

I was out for a grocery shopping and spotted a pack of 4 Chuckie drinks. When I got home, I popped it in the freezer and were really a help to cool down these past few days because of the intense hotness we're having... and it isn't April nor May yet! 
Remember the advertisements before which are instructing you to pour your chocolate drink in a popsicle maker before freezing? But you know, putting the whole carton is much easier for the lazy me, so I just cut the top part when already frozen and shave it using a teaspoon.
And this has been the journey of rediscovering a childhood favorite. lol.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Kanin Club's Crispy Dinuguan

P 260.00 (?)

It's pretty rare for me to visit a Filipino restaurant when eating out 'cause they are so normal for me. Thank heavens for the abundance of delicious Filipino foods in our home. Unless the people I'm with suggests eating at a Filipino restaurant and/or we aren't out-of-town, I don't look around for one. But different restos have their own versions of well-known Filipino dishes so it won't hurt to try and compare.

Okay, back to Kanin Club, I believe that their Crispy Dinuguan is one of the bestsellers 'cause it is always the must-order whoever I eat there with. And so far, it hasn't failed to satisfy moi.

Tbh, this one's really good. The blood stew and the crispiness of the meat were perfect. Because of the crunchiness of the meat, (hehehe. pero mas crunchiness of the pork fats and skin) it's a break from our usual dinuguan with pork internals as the ingredients. Parang chicharon with blood stew. Huhuhu, sounds very unhealthy, diba? But it's too delicious to be ignored because of health risks. 
Kaya pakonti-konti lang!

Always keep in mind that this dinuguan should always be eaten in moderation. Why? Hello, highblood. Hello, high cholesterol. Hello, added adipose tissues.

BPI Easy Saver (BPI Family Savings Bank)

The savings account with no maintaining balance required.

I used the money from my accidental picky coin bank to open a new savings account, after a lot of researching about which type of account would fit my banking needs best, I chose BPI Easy Saver.

Bakit kailangan magbukas ng Savings Account? link: here.
Activate Online Fund Transfer to Anyone (BPI Mobile App) link: here.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

My Accidental Picky Coin Bank

I always have coins in my purse, ideally I have 10.00, 5.00, 1.00, .25 and these days even .10 and .5 coins. 

Why? The main reason for carrying coins is I dislike paying PUV drivers with paper bills. As much as possible, I try to pay them the exact amount. This practice also saves them the hassle of needing to compute my change while driving though I assume that it's already easy as pie for them and for other events when they don't have changes to give which will end up in two ways; just letting you ride for free or not giving you a change at all. Having experienced the latter was probably the reason why I love coins now. Hehehe.

Another thing, I cleaned up and was able to gather coins of .25, .10 and .5 which amounted to more or less P 50.00. I am trying to dispose of them now by dropping some on donation boxes I see in random places (I know it's a small amount but better than nothing) and by paying the cashiers. I experienced paying an Ate with exact amount until the last cent which was something like .85 and she smiled at me with her I-don't-really-understand-expression, was I the first one to do that? I think no naman! 

Okay, so, what's a picky coin bank?
Apparently, there's this concept of choosing a certain money denomination which you're not allowed to spend. You'd have to place it all in your coin bank. And when filled, you can choose to deposit the coins in your savings account or treat yourself for a job well done.

And my accidental picky coin bank?

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Da.U.De Tea Lounge

Read as: da-you-deh

To tell you honestly, looking at this place from the outside is seriously intimidating. 
Why? 'Cause it looks so expensive! I mean, its interiors seem luxurious. There's this idea that if something looks expensive, it most likely is.

Not until you enter and look at the prices, they're reasonably priced with great service plus the fact that you get to hang-out in a very cozy and expensive-looking tea lounge.
Vandal Board
Didn't get to write though.
Several Teas for sale.

The view of the outside.
Near BGC bus West Route second stop, I think.

But yea, since we were new to Da.U.De's tea selections, the waiter must have noticed and approached us even if we weren't asking for help.
Again, what's the magic word? Matcha! Kahit maraming pwedeng pagpilian, matcha pa rin. ehehe
Here I ordered a matcha cold tea, P 125.00

The straw is super cute, isn't it? There are other designs, I chose the polka- dotted one.

Though we only entered to drink something while exchanging stories, all-in-all a great place to be in esp. if you want to unwind. Credits to its super relaxing feel.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Happy Lemon's Matcha Latte with Oreo Cookies and Cream

c/o BDO's I Shop. I Choose. I Redeem Promo.

Milk teas are an addiction that I'm trying to rehabilitate from. These days, I'm doing my best to refrain from buying them *insert weight and financial issues here* as the reasons why. Maybe it's not bad to have a cup or two or three per month, I'm limiting myself to just that compared to a cup or ... per week which was the situation when my addiction was at its peak. 

Well, okay, I can disregard weight issues for free drinks! HAHAHA. 

Anyway, don't you just love getting things for free? By being rewarded? rebated? reimbursed? Whatever you call it, thanks BDO and Happy Lemon for partnering for this promo.

Both of the drinks, I got for free.
Should've costed me P 220.00
Since Feb. 20, 2013 - April 30, 2013, there's an ongoing promo for BDO Credit Card Holders with charge slips worth of at least P 2,500.00 (single transaction) to get treats from different partner stores namely: Brownies Unlimited, Happy Lemon, Kenny Rogers and Red Mango.
Matcha Latte with Oreo Cookies and Cream
P 120.00 (Large)
And what's the magic word? MATCHA!

I wanted to try a different drink aside from my usual Green Tea with Rocksalt and Cheese and Pearl Milk Tea and so far anything Matcha never fails to satisfy me.

I don't like Matcha paired with Azuki beans but paired with Oreo? It worked so well for me. Although their version isn't that bitter or that "grassy" like how I usually prefer my matcha, I liked this a lot.

This is now my favorite in Happy Lemon! I'm so buying one again even if this promo ends.

See BDO's Website for more details: I SHOP. I CHOOSE. I REDEEM. Let's all make use of CC perks. :))

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Seoul Express, The Fort Strip

Aside from my usual fastfood picks, there aren't a lot of choices for cheap and decent food in Bonifacio Highstreet Area. While there are so much decent foods, cheap being a qualifier limits the choices unless you are in the Market! Market! area where more affordable meals are to be found.

Anyway, before going there, I texted a friend who once told me that there's an affordable Korean restaurant somewhere in BGC. She told me thru text the location and the estimate prices of each meal, P 100.00 - P 150.00 is an okay price; that's relatively cheap compared to other Korean Resturants and cheap given its location... until we found out that the menu for Filipinos are really cheaper than the set menu they give to Korean customers. Thanks to the Ate who told us so. Racist much? HAHAHA. I'm not looking at this negatively despite being taken aback at first. At the end of the day, I was able to eat an authentic bibimbap for P 145.00 so what's there to be hurt about? I appreciated them for thinking about the acceptable price range for Filipino but it it's okay to give us a copy of the pricier selections too.

P 145.00

Seoul Express is an open-air Korean restaurant in the Fort Strip. I wasn't able to take a picture of the place but they only have beach umbrellas to cover you from the heat of the sun. Good thing it was windy and a bit passed noon when we ate there, the sun wasn't a problem at all.

Taste? it's delicious! They didn't scrimp on the ingredients and it's very flavorful albeit being obviously spicy. But the "spiciness problem" is easily solved by drinking a glass of water so kebs. 

It's a place I'd also recommend to others who want to try Bibimbap too. I haven't eaten Bibimbap in a while which satisfied me and didn't burn a hole in my pocket. Yes, it's a hole-in-the-wall restaurant but more often that not, the gems are found in those. :)

Thanks, flower boy next door for the bibimbap cravings. -_-
The restaurant owner bid us goodbye as we left the place.
아저씨,  자장면 먹어로 다시 올게요. 
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