Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Sambokojin Lunch & Goodbye, April!

"Ugh, anyare? Bakit tayo andito?"

Thou shall not make decisions when you're so hungry that you can eat someone alive. 

After all the night cravings my friend and I were having for the past weeks, we finally got the time to meet up this morning but that was to have some documents processed. Okay, the cravings and today's agenda aren't related but yea, the cravings were probably the reason for this. While waiting in line, food  became one of the topics, and then we found ourselves wanting to eat Japanese foods, and then our stomachs were already grumbling. 

We didn't know if there were any Japanese restaurants in the area, so we decided to head to West. Ave and eat at  Oto-Oto Restaurant since that was the cheapest Japanese food unli I know. When we arrived at West Ave., to our dismay, the TCB Building was closed/ under renovation. 

We were like, "Okay, Saisaki?"
We went there without even thinking and when we arrived, we decided to eat at Sambokojin instead. Really, how impulsive can we be?

Sambokojin first time link: here

Not prepared.
Just used my phone for these pictures.

Yay for these two kinds of desserts on the plate.

Despite the visit being so out of the blue, we both ate a lot! Credits to the late night cravings and today's pigging out we're both hating on food now.  But yea, I think there's another eat-all-you-can day in line next month. Whatevs. There's enough time to crave again!

Dang, I really really really need to exercise already. Mi shorts are getting tighter day by day. Hahaha

Monday, April 29, 2013

La Mesa Ecopark, Fairview

I totally forgot to post this here. But it's still April so here you go.

Ecopark used to be my favorite place to go to for that one-day getaway because of the pool and the super easy travel going there. 

I say "used" because my last visit was a bit of disappointment. It's not the feeling of being frequent in that area, I didn't go there for more than a year anyway.

And this was just one of the unkempt parts of Ecopark that said "Hi" to me.
Fallen leaves, unkempt landscapes, uncut grasses.

Even the pools which I used to love were off when we went there. -_-

Will this kind of view make the first timers say, "Wow! So Nice!" just like what we said on the first time we went there? I don't think so and it's a waste. A total waste.
Here's their new zipline.
P 200.00 for one-way
And maybe, it's time for me to say goodbye to ziplines too.

They're just aren't worth the price anymore. Hahaha. Or maybe because my last zipline ride in Tagaytay was way more sulit than this!

Or maybe, I should already try something else like parasailing and my dream, bungee jumping! But I totally busted the only chance of going to that place which has bungee jumping. Better luck next time, Tin. -_-
See you? I don't know, not ready to return anytime soon.

Friday, April 26, 2013

BPI ExpressTeller Card and Wow 3% Rebate!

Obviously, what I had wanted to do with my Easy Saver's Account didn't happen. Maybe it was really too idealistic to say that I'm not withdrawing, right? 

So while expenses are inevitable, we just have to make sure that our money are spent well. 

If you're a BPI Debit Cardholder like moi, one way of making the most out of your money is to use their E.P.S and claim a 3% rebate within the next 15 days. 

Here's a screenshot of my transaction:

I overlooked the part of the terms and conditions of Easy Saver's which said, "Any other customer-initiated debits are subject to P 5.00 service charge." 

The P 2,000.00 I spent for necessities, costed me P 5.00 for the service charge, then I confirmed my transaction through an SMS I sent them and there, after a few days, I got my P 60.00 rebate. 

I made sure that nothing in the P 2000.00 that I spent was impulsively bought so the P 60.00, I consider a gift. Hehe Oh noes, it's just P 55.00 minus the S.C but still better than nothing. :))

For more info. click on the link: here

I therefore conclude that expenses are inevitable so the real challenge here is to make sure that you'll lessen all the unnecessary purchases and save well... save... well. -_-

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Gayuma ni Maria

Heeeeeey, sexy burger!!
I was torn among the dishes, "No Boyfriend Since Birth," "I Love You, Cross My Heart," and the winner for that day, "Sexy Burger."

Why? 'Cause I am sexaaaaay. Hahaha

'Cause I love burgers, and I haven't tasted any substitute for a beef patty other than mushroom, I was curious on how a banana patty would taste like.

And here is my order..

I love dissecting my big burgers just like what I do with Zark's just because it's easier to eat that way. It didn't work for this one though, I had to press it down to fit my mouth because it just doesn't taste right when eaten by part. But as a whole, it still tasted okay. I loved the taro fries!

But okay, I ordered the wrong dish. Hindi talaga uubra sa'kin ang sexy sexy. 

I failed to take pictures of the place but it's really interesting, they also have a naughty corner. ehehehe

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Vikings Luxury Buffet at SM North EDSA

Vikings version 1.0 at SM Marikina link : here

Priced at P 688.00/person for a lunch weekend buffet + 5% S.C.

When it's your second time, although you don't want to be biased, you just can't help it but compare.

Here's the food story first: 
(Excuse the plating!)
Started with my salad and cocktails plate.

I liked the bacon bits and grated parmesan cheese.

I was looking for my feta cheese though.
I liked the calamares, pata, and tofu.

BBQ! and the pizza that I topped with bacon and parmesan cheese.
Milo Shake

I don't know the name of this pasta but this is so good!!
The salmon sashimi wasn't fresh, it was actually a little bit frozen.  I was so looking forward to fresh sashimi. -_-
An okay crepe.

So here comes the highlight of our meal; everyone was given their bill early - an advanced billing whatever they call it so they don't have anymore problems whether the customers would leave without them noticing, right? And since we're clingy, we all decided to leave for the dessert station. Our fault was not leaving anything that marked our tables since we also brought our bags with us. Better to be safe than sorry eh. So when we returned to our seats, there were already new customers occupying our table and okay, we stood there for quite a while holding our crepe and froyo plates while waiting for another table to be cleaned. It was a unique experience, haven't experienced that yet elsewhere. ehehehe. Whatevs.
FROZEN yogurt. At last!
Avocado ice cream and frozen yogurt once again.
Shaved ice tasted like air freshener.
Gave up eating just after one spoon-full so I just "played" with it.
And I just wouldn't miss the chocolate fountain!
Froyo once again.
Weird hot choco. Feelingerang tsokolate batirol.

All in all, I still ate a lot. Actually it felt like I ate a whole lot more here in SM North. 

Why I liked SM North Branch more:

1. You are allowed to use the frozen froyo machine and the yogurt is frozen!! hehehe!

2. The buffet area is smaller compared to Marikina branch so it is easier to pick your food. 

Why I liked SM Marikina branch more:

1. Walang feelingerang tsokolate batirol, theirs tasted like what you're getting when you're in Pampanga.

2. Since their buffet is, I think, bigger, it felt like they had more food choices. Which is yes, too overwhelming but I liked it that way. Hahaha. Weirdo me strikes again.

3. They have hot oolong tea.
4. We were granted our request that we sit on the couch even if we were only a group of three. We got in early with reservation in SM North but we just didn't have the privilege to stay on the couch. Since they wanted to maximize their "seat plan," a group of four weren't allowed to seat in a couch which a maximum of six people can sit in. Okay, we understand. hahaha. Bitter lang ng onti.


So whatevs, I can eat my Vikings version 3.0 in SM North Branch too. It's still Vikings anyway (meron pa kayang version 3.0? Hmmm...) but given the chance to choose where, I'd prefer to eat in SM Marikina eventhough it's farther.

I really wanted to take a picture of the whole buffet area but I gave up after taking these pics: More to taste...

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

How Frugal Am I??

I recently took this online quiz "How Frugal Are You?" and here, below, is my result.

You're Sometimes Frugal, Sometimes Not
You believe that frugality has its place, but so does the occasional splurge now and then. You visit the library instead of buying new books at the bookstore, but don't believe that paying full price for a meal out is a sin.
How frugal are you?

Well, I can say that this is true especially when it's food we're talking about.

1.  I'd ride a jeepney to minus P 7.00 in my fare, compared to P 15.00 if I'm gonna ride an FX... And would shell out P 170.00 for a Starbucks Green Tea Frappe in Venti. Hahahaha. 
2. I'd bring an eco-bag so I won't pay an additional of P 2.00 for each plastic bag when doing the grocery. And by impulse, buys a chocolate bar worth more than P 40.00

See. See. See.

While I have been being frugal with other things, it's obvious that food is my weakness. 

Okay, I'm trying to control. Trying... But then, just like the quiz's result, even if I'm trying to save, there's still a need for some occasional splurges. Afterall, I've lived being the spender who's trying her best to SAVESAVESAVE these days. I'm afraid the sudden changes with my spending habits would burn me out in the long run. That's worse, right? So here, starting with coins A.K.A loose changes and some money I've allocated for a day and remain unspent thus, saved; I am trying to gradually build up my savings in my BPI Easy Savers Account

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

KFC Breakfast Choco-chip Pancake!

Pwede bang kumain na lang ng kumain and never get fat?

Kasi naman, tabain talaga ko. Ajujujuju. O marami lang talaga kong kinakain, di hamak na mas marami sa energy na ginagamit ko sa araw-araw but anyway!!

I love eating breakfast in other places. I don't know but eating outside just gives me the feeling that I'm out-of-town, that vacation feeling I'm longing for now. Calaguas, I want see you so bad! hahaha. Weird, right? But yea, it's rare that I eat breakfast outside and when I do, it usually becomes brunch if I haven't eaten yet before leaving the house. And brunch means rice and nothing else.

But this KFC Pancake is something that I've been wanting to taste because of two reasons. First, its super effective tv commercial and second, it has chocolate chips in it! 

P 50.00 with an order of hot chocolate.
I really liked their version of pancake because of the chocolate!
Great way to start the day satisfying one's chocolate cravings. hehehe

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Pwede bang mag-deposit ng barya sa banko?

As in pati 'yung tig-.05, .10 centavos?

Ugh, duh. Kasi banko sila kaya natural, kailangan nilang tanggapin 'yan pag nag-deposit ka. Pero ilalagay ko na rin para sa mga kagaya kong nagtatanong. hihihi. APIR! Pareho tayong toooot.

Common sense naman 'to? Pero alam mo 'yun, kailangan ko pang magtanong-tanong at mag-search sa net kung ano nga ba ginagawa nung iba sa mga barya nila bago ko sinubukan mag-deposit. 

'Yung unang ginagawa ko ay ihulog 'yan sa mga donation boxes kaso, napag-isipan ko na i-deposit na lang ng paunti-unti para mabuo.

May mga bagay kasi na gumugulo sa'kin at pilit kong kinakalimutan
 kaya inayos ko na lang 'yung mga kayamanan ko. Ehem. 

Ito na sila!! Ilang buwan o 'yung iba nga ilang taon na ring nakatago. Sa wakas, babalik na sila sa sirkulasyon!

Sa totoo niyan, hindi naman na talaga masyadong pansinin 'yung mga .05 at .10 eh, kaso ginagamit pa rin 'yan kaya pakinabangan ko na lang din... naka-buo pa rin ako ng P 11.00.
Ito 'yung kung paano aayusin para sa hassle free na pagde-deposit (sabi nung Ate Teller).

Para sa mga .05 centavos -  naka-tape na ng tig- 20 piraso bale 1.00 na mabubuo nun.

Para sa mga .10 centavos - naka-tape na ng tig - 10 piraso, 1.00.

Para sa mga .25 centavos - naka-tape na ng tig - 20 piraso, 5.00

Para sa 1.00, 5.00 at 10.00 - naka-tape na ng tig- 10 piraso bale 10.00, 50.00 at 100.00 consecutively.
E anong gagawin kung naka-buo ka ng 100.00 na piso? Pwede ng ilagay na lang sa isang plastic at i-deposit.




Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Tagaytay's Sky Ranch

 The newest attraction in Tagaytay is the Sky Ranch, beside Taal Vista Hotel. Sky Ranch is what you call the whole place and Sky Fun is what you call its amusement park.

It houses the country's highest Ferris Wheel at present.

Entrance Fee - P 50.00/person.
Sky Eye - P 150.00/person
Super Vikings - P 100.00/person
Parking Fee - P 50.00

Other rides fees I wasn't able to take note of.

The Ferris Wheel was the main reason why we wanted to go there but we found love in Super Vikings. hehehe. 

Dun kami naupo sa pinakadulong upuan, 'yung pinaka-mataas pag nagsimula na.
May times na nakatayo na kami sa sobrang tarik ng inaabot. Grabehan!! But the best I've tried so far.
Walang sinabi ang version ng Circle at EK. Ito 'yung favorite ride ko sa mga amusement parks, at sa lahat ng nasakyan ko, ito pinaka-hardcore at pinaka-nagusutuhan ko.
Note that pwede mong patigilin agad kung hindi na kaya, 'yon 'yung ginagawa nung iba pero we rode until the end... medyo bitin pa nga eh. We survived! and we wanted more! hehe

'Yun lang, wala rin naman kasing sinabi 'yung presyo nito sa EK at Circle at Star City sa P 100.00/per person/per ride.
Ajuju. Kung unli-ride ka lang sana, Super Vikings ka. Medyo rip-off kasi 'yung presyo mo kung gusto namin sumakay paulit-ulit.

P.S. Paano pa kaya kung naka-face 'to sa may bangin at hindi lang sideways... mas bet!

And the Sky Eye, masabi lang na nakasakay na.
Maybe I would have appreciated it more kung sunset or gabi namin sinakyan just like MOA's Eye.
Medyo mainit pa kasi nun at 'yung aircon ay nasa baba (bandang legs) 

Tipong maliban sa mag-picture, wala kaming ibang ginawa kundi magpaypay.
The view's okay but it seems that the gondola's a bit small, the legroom was cramped and to think we're not tall persons.
You'd see Laguna de Bay and Taal Lake at once but just like MOA's Eye, once is enough... unless libre. hehehe

Caleruega: A Closer Look

A photo essay on strolling around Caleruega.

Entrance fee: P 30.00/person

Let the pictures speak for themselves:

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