Sunday, June 30, 2013

Zero Degree Ice Bar, Sumulong Highway, Antipolo

I know that I shouldn't put Zero Degree Ice Bar in the title 'cause I wasn't in the Ice Bar but I don't know the name of the restaurant where we ate so that would do. The Ice Bar is in the basement, and we ate in the second floor of the SAME building. 
What I wished last year (and the year before that, and the years before that too) came true this year.

Antipolo's Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage Shrine last 2012 link: here

I asked if we can eat in a restaurant in Sumulong Highway this year and on out way down was this big tarpaulin which said Eat-All-You-Can for P 150.00/person. Anywhere would do as long as it's in Sumulong Highway, I thought.

So we chose to eat here.
As for the food, nothing was extraordinary but pwede na for P 150.00 eat-all-you-can.

And the dessert? Hehehe. It's merienda time kaya.
And this, reader, is what I've been wanting to see.

In a panoramic view, there's Laguna Bay in the left and MM in the right area. 
The skyline of the metro.

Pano pa kaya kung gabi, 'di ba? 

I have a thing for Skylines and I couldn't emphasize that enough so just by looking at the scenery was able to make my day. No wonder I love passing through Katipunan extension kasi nakikita ang Marikina kahit sandali lang.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Campus Korea @ UST

I was in UST this afternoon as one of Campus Korea's backstage people. 
What was my role there? 비밀이다.

Campus Korea is a symposium which exposes the audience to Korean Culture and Tourism. Alongside with this is the Culture Caravan from KCC or the Korean Cultural Center that was in Albertus Magnus Building Lobby.

The stage of Med Auditorium.
Aside from the presentations, there was also a raffle and prizes such as cellphones, round trip to Korea etc. were given to some lucky audiences. 부럽다.

Ako? Kailan? Kailan kaya? Hahaha. Exposed na exposed na 'ko oh. hahaha! 

나도 진짜 가고싶다.
 언젠가 한국 언젠가.

 꼭 가야겠다.

Glad that I told someone that I was going there. We met up after the event, attended mass and ate in P.Noval and Dapitan areas. 

My order was I forgot the name but it's caramel with whipped cream for P 55.00 in Coffee Indulgence.

It's like a frap from a sossy coffeeshop, only way cheaper.
And sharksfin with rice for P 40.00 in Dimsum Express.

Super filling. I wasn't even able to eat all four sharksfin 'cause they were so big! Though, I enjoyed my previous order, that is Japanese siomai more.

Okay, so I don't normally write about these things but what can I do? When I have no backlogs to post anymore. hahaha!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Matgalne Korean Restaurant

Unlimited Pork and Beef, anyone?

If you've visited this blog for a lot of times already, I'm pretty sure that you know about my affinity for Korean Cuisine. 

But if you haven't, I'd like to tell you a quick background; It was May last year when I first visited an authentic Korean Restaurant in Adriatico. And right there and then, I fell inlove with Samgyeopsal or what they call SsangChuSam. (lettuce wrap) then the rest is history... and my fingers are still crossed hoping that I'd be able to visit and explore South Korea someday.

I occasionally have Korean Cuisine cravings and I don't know if this is something to be proud of or not, but it seems that I have already influenced someone into liking Hansik too. hahahaha! Well, she's a foodie herself so I don't think I caused her harm. It's good to explore international cuisines sometimes, right?

Okay, we both had cravings for Korean Cuisine and just ala carte meals won't do, here's MatGalNe Restaurant in Makati (beside St. Giles Hotel) If you're not familiar with the place, you can reach this by hiring a cab from MRT Buendia station. That's P 50.00 per person. Yup, ganun sila sa Makati. hehe.

This is actually my third time visiting the restaurant. The first time I had blogged about here. The second, I wasn't able to eat because I arrived real late (almost 4 PM, our meeting time was lunch) that my friends were already preparing for the second round of our bonding.  Nevertheless, it was because of that second time that I was able to see the new, revamped and more sulit Mat Gal Ne Jib Restaurant so that day, I thought that I need to go back and try it there again.


It is said that a proof if a restaurant is authentic is when you see a lot of natives dining and here at MatGalNe you'd see a lot of Korean people. What could that mean? hehe. Of course, that means that their foods are great and authentic.
This picture the summarizes the reason why I went there. 

Sesame Oil with pepper, soybean paste, lettuce and pork/beef slices.

I missed you, SsangChuSam!!
So much that I won't leave until stuffing myself enough of your fatty goodness. And when I say enough, it's the almost gluttonous level... as usual.   
Here's my first plate.
Kimchi, Kimbap, Pajeon, Bulgogi etc.

Until the last day of June, you get unlimited slices of beef and pork for a discounted price of only P 299.00/person for a lunch buffet.
Bibimbap Jr.
I made mine in a small bowl because I don't think my stomach can still handle much.
 I don't always order drinks when I'm eating out to cut the cost of my meal and I don't really like drinking sodas.

Why the soda then, you ask...

Because when we asked the Ate to give us another bottle of service water, she told us there's no more left. We then ordered two cans of Coca Cola immediately
, and then that rude Ate gave us a bottle of water without words only with dabog. Ano ba 'yan sa English? hahaha. Di ko alam e, basta nagdabog siya, malakas niyang pinatong 'yung bote ng tubig sa mesa.

Still the same issue. We had a bad experience with the servers before too. But I can say they've improved A LOT so let us not focus on the negative because you get really good Korean food for the price. 

Although I wasn't able to get her name nor give her tip, please, find the polite Ate and smile at her for us. We really appreciated that she tried her best to be attentive and serve us with smile eventhough we know she was tired too. For that other Ate whose face I forgot and name I didn't thought of getting, tsktsk.

I don't know if it's in Metrodeal nor Ensogo but I heard that they sell online vouchers too. And probably this was the reason why the owner asked my friend about how we got to know her restaurant because we don't have vouchers, and obviously we're not Korean.

Naturally, my friend would point me and when I asked the owner what was it... I answered, 

왜요? (Why?)
오, 한국 분이세요? (Are you Korean?)
아니요, 그냥 한국말을 배운 사람이에요. (No, just someone who learned Korean)
etc etc etc...

My gaaaash, bat ba ko nag waeyo! hahahaha! Lol. At least I still remembered what I had learned several months back, at napa-English din naman ako bago pa 'ko mag-nosebleed.

If you're planning on going there because you saw this blog post and she asked you how did you get to know the place, answer: 

블로그를 읽었어요: Beu-log-geu-reul-il-geoss-eo-yo: I read a blog.

Toinks. hahahaha! Joke lang pero mukhang tama naman 'yang translation. ^_^

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

D.I.Y Fried Oreos

It has been more than four years since I first tasted Wicked Oreos in a restaurant at Katipunan Avenue. Right at my first spoonful, it was really good but I also thought that it would be easy to make it at home too. 

Here's a recipe and a pictures guide for do-it-yourself fried oreos.

This is already my third attempt.
Looking at all the ingredients, can you still think of any possible reason why fried oreos wouldn't taste good if properly done? None, right? 'Cause apparently, each of its ingredients is perfect on its own.

Selecta Ice Cream - P 120.00 (This is served with Vanilla ice cream but for more flavors. hehe.)
Maya Pancake Mix - P 68.50
UFC Palmoil - P 31.25
Oreo Cookies - P 72.50

Total : P 292. 25

You'd have 24 pieces of fried oreos, and an extra pack of pancake mix since a pack is enough to coat all 24 pieces of oreos. 
Mix the pancake mix as per instruction of what you've bought.
I preferred mine to be the "Just add water" variant.
Dip your oreos and coat them in the batter.

Deep fry.
Well, technically, this isn't deep fried but this did what has to be done.

To fry oreos until golden brown. hehehe

Not the most photogenic wicked oreos of all but yea, still good specially when served immediately.

You'd love the contrast of the cold ice cream and the newly-fried oreos.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Adobo Connection: Adobo Flakes

I had a hard time choosing my meal given the numerous options in a food court, I also wanted to eat something priced below P 100.00 so I stuck with Adobo Connections.

It was my first time but I've heard that their foods are great so I had no worries at first. Another reason why I chose Adobo Flakes was to have vinegar as my dip... but look how burnt the meats were. Didn't not taste like Adobo, and not even meat to be honest.
I seriously think I wasted my P 100.00 on this meal... yes, when I'm trying to save, I ended up throwing P 100.00 on a meal with vinegar, fried egg, rice, small glass of iced tea, soup that tasted like what you're getting when eating instant noodles and burnt meat.

On another note, I'm really having a hard time typing and using my netbook because the page down, page end and zero keys are all broken since yesterday. -_- 

Friday, June 14, 2013

I.T.F: Facebook Reposts (Dura Gang)

I once came across a shared article in Facebook stating the modus operandi of what they call, "Dura Gang." It's too gross, so thankfully some of the details remained in the back of my head since then. Like, they'd confuse the heck out of you and pretend that they want to help you clean the spit or the phlegm then get your valuables when you're busy panicking. 

Was today a pure coincidence with a nosy guy wanting to help me or was it really an encounter with them? I would never know. (Though a part of me's certain that it was.)

But here's the story...

Isa ako dun sa mga tao na kapag sumasakay ng jeep at wala namang sounds 'yung jeep na nasakyan, automatic 'yan na meron akong earphones na nakasaksak sa tenga. Hindi ko na maalala kung ilan kaming pasahero pero medyo maluwag pa 'yung jeep nun kaya naka sideview pa'ko ng upo. Eto na nga ako, paemote-emote kunyari habang nagsa-soundtrip nang biglang...

Pinapaurong na nung lalakeng nasa harap ko 'yung katabi ko. Ako naman, hindi ko narinig 'yung dahilan dahil meron nga akong earphones. Nakita ko na lang na may dura dun sa may bandang bintana ng jeep (sa likod nung lalake) tas saka ko tinanggal 'yung isang earphone na nasa kaliwang tenga ko para marinig ko ng mas malinaw kung anong nangyayari. Tapos 'yung lalakeng nasa harap ko, sinabi niyang:

 "Miss, may laway sa damit mo." -  kaliwang balikat ko banda at turo siya ng turo. 
Pagtingin ko, meron ngang kadiring laway nasa damit ko. Kadiri talaga as in malagkit na parang may plema pa nga. At medyo na badtrip na'ko nun kasi naman, magsisimula pa lang 'yung araw ko tapos ganun lang. Hindi pa ako naiinis dun sa lalake sa harap ko, nainis ako kung san man nanggaling 'yon.

Syempre ang susunod kong gagawin e buksan ang bag ko at kunin 'yung wet tissue ko pero bago ko pa man mabuksan 'yung pouch na nilalagyan ko ng mga kung anuano. 'Yung lalake na nasa harap ko:

"Miss, umabot 'yung laway sa buhok mo." - hindi lang niya tinuro, talagang hinawi niya 'yung buhok ko kasi natanggal niya rin 'yung earphones sa kanang tenga ko. 
Nung natanggal na 'yung earphone ko at hinahawakan niya pa 'yung buhok ko nainis na'ko lalo pati na sakanya sabay sigaw kong:

"Ano ba! Kaya ko na!" At tinulak ko 'yung kamay niya palayo sa'kin. 
Nitong mga pagkakataon na 'to e medyo nalilito na rin ako kasi iniisip ko 'yung dura, tas 'yung wet tissue ko na hindi ko makuha-kuha, saka 'yung lalake na sobrang kulit at turo ng turo sa dura. (Pero alam mo kung anong mali? Mas nag pa-panic pa 'yung lalakeng nasa harap ko kesa sa'kin. Hahahaha! Duh. Tinatawanan ko na lang ngayon, buti hindi ako nagpadala sa acting niya.)

Ito namang lalake, mapilit talaga. 'Yung ibang tao pag sinigawan mo na, titigil na. Siya, turo pa rin ng turo at dun ko naisip na, "OMG! Ito 'yun."

At bago ko pa man ipagpatuloy ang paghahanap ng tissue e mas niyakap ko 'yung bag ko sabay:

"Kuya, para po. Pakibilis." 

Syempre, tinignan ko rin ng masama 'yung lalake sa harap ko.
Dahil kung sakali man na hindi siya kasama sa Dura Gang (na super unlikely) e masyado siyang epal at nakakainis.

Habang binabasa ko 'to, parang medyo mabagal pero nung nangyayari kanina, sobrang bilis lang. Hindi ko na nga maalala kung anong itsura nung lalake na nasa harap ko eh.

Sinulat ko 'to dahil binasa ko lang din dati 'yung ganitong klaseng modus operandi at 'yun 'yung nakatulong sa'kin para maiwasan kung ano man sana 'yung masamang pwedeng nangyari kanina. 

Gusto ko lang rin ikalat 'yung klase ng modus operandi nila para maging alerto kung sakaling may ganito kayong ma-encounter e bumaba na kaagad kung kakayanin at huwag na huwag magpa-panic. Oo nga't mabaho, oo nga't kadiri pero laway lang 'yun, mas malaki mawawala sa'yo kung mag-iinarte ka.

Today, I'm thankful for the people who shared their experiences online for others to read and become aware of the modus operandis of these gangs.

Today, I'm thankful for my presence of mind. For once, Tin, nagkaroon ka. Congrats! Hahahaha!

Today, I'm thankful that my mood instantly turned bad. Hindi ko magagawang makasigaw ng ganun kalakas sa stranger pa kung hindi talaga uminit 'yung ulo ko.

Today, I'm thankful for I was able to redeem myself. Hahaha! Link: here. I once blogged about my experience when I got snatched before. Nalungkot ako nun pero ayun na nga, composure and alert lang talaga dapat at all times.

Today, I'm thankful that God helped me get out of that jeepney escaping what could have been a disaster. 

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Nestle Non-fat Milk

It has been raining frequently these days already marking the end of the summer season. 

As the rainy seasons starts, is there something you weren't able to do last summer?

I do! That is to flaunt a summer bod. Hahahaha! 

But it's not too late to start exercising for a better summer bod by next year, 'di ba? :)) And to lose weight is one of my mid-year resolutions naman. Link: here. I seriously have no idea if I'd succeed in this resolution by December but yea, at least some pounds lighter. 

On another note, last May, I was invited to an event (Thanks, Nuffnang!) called Flaunt It: The White Trunk Show. It's a fashion event which featured nutrition from Nestle Non-Fat Milk, models by Cosmopolitan Magazine and fashion by Preview Magazine.

I was inspired to exercise more and stay in shape or should I say, exercise more and lose a bit of weight. hahaha!

Weight loss is only possible when you're using more calories than what you intake. I am not sure if I'm right at this but in order to lose a pound, you'd have to burn 3,500 calories and if you do otherwise and eat 3,500 excess calories, you gain a pound. So I've eaten more than 35,000 excess calories in 2012. TSK!

I am not saying that I'm neglecting this blog and stop food tripping. My goal now is to choose the life of wellness by balancing physical activities and nutrition. And losing weight? It's the by-product of that choice.  
A single serving of Nestle Non-Fat Milk has 0.1% fat and 90 calories.

I am not doing the 14-day challenge but Nestle Fitnesse has been my breakfast on some mornings for several months already so this came in time. 
Now, it's not only cereals with random milk but cereals with Nestle non-fat milk. :))

Monday, June 10, 2013

Stacy's, Capitol Hills

The interior of Stacy's so cute not to mention the nice view outside the building (overlooking somewhere).

While I was watching the drama, Rooftop Prince, I craved for Omu-Rice for a lot of times and when I had the chance to order it, I did.

Complimentary Appetizer

And this is my order.
It filled me up, okay but didn't make me happy that much.
The price was expensive (though ganun naman talaga 'yung price range nila) so I was expecting a more special omu-rice. Hahaha. My bad, really, because the desciption's in the mneu but I decided to ignore and still order even if it's only made of spam, mushroom, rice and egg.

The next time I crave for omu-rice (though unlikely na) I'll just cook my own. 
Free dessert?
Na-wrong order lang ako this time.

And again, the place is really cute! Para kang nasa doll house.


(I)'m (T)hankful (F)or


(T)oday (I)'m (T)hankful (F)or

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Tadhana? Free will!!

Paano kung wala ka namang pakialam noong una tapos darating ang pagkakataon na maiisip mong 'yon na nga 'yung naka-tadhana sa'yo? Kasi nga nandyan eh, kasi kahit papano pinaghirapan mong mapapa-sa'yo 'yun. 

 Dati naniwala akong kapag andyan na 'yung "tadhana" mo, 'yun na 'yun. Dahil andyan na, hindi mo na kailangang mag-effort para mapanatili 'yang andyan.  Hindi pala. Mali pala. Ang dapat palang isipin, kung andyan na 'yung sa tingin mong "tadhana" mo, ipaglaban mo hanggang sa dulo. Alam mo kung bakit? Lahat ng bagay kahit inakala mong hindi mawawala, kahit iniisip mong hindi masisira... kapag binalewala mo, darating ang panahon na mawawala 'yon o di kaya'y masisira. At alam mo kung anong mas masakit dun kapag na-realize mo na? Hawak mo na e, pinabayaan mo lang. Sa dinami-rami ng nagsabi, hindi pa rin matutunan na... "Mapapahalagahan mo lang ang isang bagay kapag wala na ito sa'yo." Oo nga. Oo nga. 잘 못 했어요. 정말 잘 못 했어요...

When we were younger, fairy tales made us believe that happy endings exist. But you know what? There's no such thing as a happy "ending" 'cause the story doesn't end. Unless, of course, you decide that it'd be the end by ending your life as well which I am not suggesting, okay? In reality, there may be moments of great ecstasy on some closures but it's only a chapter you're closing not the whole story. Sa totoong buhay, endings are always beginnings. And for the next chapter to end happily too? You'd have to take care of those things dear to you. It's a continuous cycle: start, fight and end it well.

But what if... what if you messed up big time and lose the things/persons you initially thought were fated for you?

Hmmm... the only way is to accept the guilt. It's okay to mess up then embrace the uncertainty of the new life you may be facing. Just take responsibility and look for another "tadhana" which you'll be doing your best, your very best to protect.  And when that time comes that your new "tadhana" present itself to you, don't ever think that you're unworthy. Pantay lang kayo no matter how great you think it/he/she is.

But of course, it's always always always always easier said than done.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Sunrise Buckets at The Grove by Rockwell

Went out with friends in Pasig Area (specifically Phil Sports Arena) and were torn on where we're going to eat. We had four choices: a resto in Kapitolyo, Mom and Tina's, somewhere in BGC but decided to head to Sunrise Buckets at the Grove just across Tiendesitas. 

It's my first time eating in Sunrise Buckets but my friends' nth. We had a lot of stories to share so we opted to stay in the open-air area not to disrupt other customers inside the restaurant. I didn't get to enter but observing from outside: it's a surfing-themed restaurant and it looks so fun. The next time I/we go there, I/we HAVE to stay inside.

Jack Daniel's
And what I liked best among the three: Sunrise Original
And my drink, Carribean Iced Tea.
Tastes like Skittles though I first blurted out it tastes like air freshener. haha. I got used to the taste after a few sips though.

I liked that they have plastic gloves so eating these wings was easy.

Well, I don't eat buffalo wings that much and this is actually the first time I posted about buffalo wings in this blog. I've said this here before but I dislike wings and would always prefer the thigh part of chicken.

Back to Sunrise Buckets, Sunrise Original got me and I'm craving for so much more 
that I think I can finish a bucket alone.

But as much as I crave for it, there's no way I can frequent this restaurant so see you in several months, SB. First is because of the location, I dislike being around Pasig tbh because I might see someone I don't want to see ever again (joke!) and the price is way beyond my food budget. But as I've said in this post, it's okay to splurge once in a while as long as the foods are great so no regrets that I paid more than P 500.00 for my dinner (not to mention that I was also enjoying a good company of friends). Our bill amounted P 2,200.00 for three variants of buffalo wings, 4 cups of rice, two glasses of Carribean iced tea (with refill) and two glasses of rootbeer float.

Hello, June!

and my mid-year resolutions.

Six months after 2012 (New Year post here: link and six months before 2014. 

Time fleets, doesn't it?

The month of May has been a roller coaster ride and June's here... I wonder if it's going to be just a roller coaster ride again or an intense airplane turbulence where I'll be praying for my life so hard- a lot harder than I regularly do. Or whatever. I'm just being crazy.

Calatagan's Beach with Water Shortage

We spent a day and a half at Calatagan, Batangas.
 (that's whole day and went home noon the next day)

I'd rather not mention the name of the resort but it's near their Parola or Lighthouse.

Hello there, Tagaytay's Sky Eye!
Taken around 3 A.M
The beach when we arrived.
 Lighthouse is there on the right side.
Sunrise and the two mangroves.
We were in the mountainous area of Batangas and I was told that island across the beach was already Mindoro.
BB sweater and my newly bought colorful rag socks in Calatagan market for P 20.00/pair. Gonna be useful during the next season.
Just to took a nap and where did all the water go?!
Good for the dogs though, they had a playground the whole afternoon.

It reminded me of the ocean in Ilocos when we went to Kapurpurawan rock formation, their shore is almost similar to this. I learned that beaches with frequent low tides usually have a lot of seagrasses in the shore area. Picture: here

Because of the usual long low tide, their shore is considered a photic zone or sunlight zone. The water level is shallow enough for photosynthesis to occur and in the long run those grasses grow an underwater meadow which houses several marine lives such as snails, small crabs, starfishes and small fishes. Grasses proved that the water in that resort is of good quality and has minimal disturbances because only when these qualifications are reached do seagrass beds grow.
Just have to give props to the beautiful sunset and sunset lights. 
Hello there, morning!
But the moon's still in the sky though.
Hello there, blue Patrick Starfish!

The water's so clear, you can even see your feet and corals when you look down. But you really have to walk/swim far from the shore because the shoreline and the shore area is full of sea grasses.

Ace Waterspa + Nipa Hut + Chatime

I've been MIA for quite a while so I don't know where to start but here, a compiled post of what I (friends and I did) one afternoon.

Let's also call this our voucher day because we used the vouchers we bought from Metrodeal and Ensogo several days (or weeks) ago.

First, we went to Ace Waterspa in Kapitolyo, Pasig. (Metrodeal Voucher for P 349.00/person)

My first Ace experience was relaxing I had look forward to my second time to relax again, it turned out our other friend decided he'll be hyperactive that afternoon and what was supposed to be relaxing turned out wrestling, lazy pool turned out to be racing with I-should-turn-your-floater-the-moment-I-get-near-you, fun swimming turned out to be stressful and competition swimming, floating swimming turned out to be that one chance he can splash water towards our  faces and all sorts of bullying he could ever think of.

The only times he let us de-stress was when we were inside the spa area, sauna and hot pools. But since we were in the lazy pool and lapping pool for most minutes we were there, imagine how hard it had been for us. Oh yea, we had three laps around the lazy pool area when he let us have our peace and quiet time. We are still wondering what the hell happened or what the hell he had eaten that the naughty and destructive boy got unleashed in Ace. Whatevs, still a memorable and fun experience with more back pains and scratches the next day.

Nipa Hut (Ensogo Voucher for P 376.00 for a set meal)

We've been wanting to eat at Nipa Hut for the longest time because we heard the view there's really good. Blame our love for overlooking sceneries. 

Sizzling Boneless na Bangus + Chicharon Bulaklak + Three Sticks of Barbecue + Bulalo soups were what we had for dinner and they're all included in the voucher. Super sulit. Four of us shared this set meal and only added rice for P 25.00/serving.

Taste wise: All were good and have passed our taste not to mention that we purchased these for almost half the price.

The only downside of that meal or the restaurant was the number of mosquitoes. Good thing we had off lotion with us that night, it alleviated the problem. As we eat our food, mosquitoes were also sucking our blood. Eek! You know that UV-light mosquito killer? Maybe they can invest on that or any mosquito killing devices. People go in Nipa Hut mostly at night to have a dose of their alcoholic beverages and they wouldn't want to go out already a (possible) dengue patient.
Sorry, I used a different setting of my camera which blurred to the top part of the picture.

And this is what we had been wanting to see the longest time. It's the panoramic skyline view of Pasig-Ugong area. I believe Valle Verde's somewhere there in the left side... a village where a person I've shared bittersweet moments resides. (The last sentence is totally unnecessary. I know that but I just wanted to share. Hahaha!)

We decided to go to Chatime, Centris Station before heading home and I decided to try something else (usual orders are PMT, Matcha and Oolong Mousse)  I got Choco Malt Mousse and I regretted it. Hahaha! That's P 95.00 for a glass of Milo and Cream. But I tasted their Milo Milk Tea or was it Malt Milk Tea and that was waaaaay better.
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