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Nestle Non-fat Milk

It has been raining frequently these days already marking the end of the summer season. 

As the rainy seasons starts, is there something you weren't able to do last summer?

I do! That is to flaunt a summer bod. Hahahaha! 

But it's not too late to start exercising for a better summer bod by next year, 'di ba? :)) And to lose weight is one of my mid-year resolutions naman. Link: here. I seriously have no idea if I'd succeed in this resolution by December but yea, at least some pounds lighter. 

On another note, last May, I was invited to an event (Thanks, Nuffnang!) called Flaunt It: The White Trunk Show. It's a fashion event which featured nutrition from Nestle Non-Fat Milk, models by Cosmopolitan Magazine and fashion by Preview Magazine.

I was inspired to exercise more and stay in shape or should I say, exercise more and lose a bit of weight. hahaha!

Weight loss is only possible when you're using more calories than what you intake. I am not sure if I'm right at this but in order to lose a pound, you'd have to burn 3,500 calories and if you do otherwise and eat 3,500 excess calories, you gain a pound. So I've eaten more than 35,000 excess calories in 2012. TSK!

I am not saying that I'm neglecting this blog and stop food tripping. My goal now is to choose the life of wellness by balancing physical activities and nutrition. And losing weight? It's the by-product of that choice.  
A single serving of Nestle Non-Fat Milk has 0.1% fat and 90 calories.

I am not doing the 14-day challenge but Nestle Fitnesse has been my breakfast on some mornings for several months already so this came in time. 
Now, it's not only cereals with random milk but cereals with Nestle non-fat milk. :))

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