Monday, August 26, 2013

Uji Pyramid at Serenitea

When I was constructing my Matcha Ice Cream @ Family Mart entry, I looked for a post about one of my favorite drinks in Serenitea called Uji Pyramid then I realized that I haven't posted anything here yet. Medyo taken for granted 'tong drink na 'to ah. Haha.
But it's better to be late than never so I'm posting this here now.

Uji Pyramid is a combination of Vanilla ice cream and Japanese matcha slush.

Large size cost P 105.00

Personally, I don't like the combination of red bean and matcha but it's what most stores offer like the one I had in Mochi Cream link: here. This given, Uji Pyramid has become one of my favorite matcha drinks. It's the perfect combination of the grassy taste of matcha and the creaminess of the vanilla ice cream.

I recommended matcha to a friend in hopes that he would also like it as much as I do, then on his first sip he blurted out, "Lasang Damo." or "Tastes like grass." Regardless of what he said, I'll still be what he calls a matcha freak. Anyway, their matcha love story didn't end that day because he "learned" to like it as well after some time. In fact, I was surprised he ordered Uji Pyramid for himself and was able to drink everything without complains. I was waiting for him to give me his order after his first few sips like what he did for two times already. I am disappointed that he drank everything and I don't know what to feel that he is now asking me to take him to Family Mart too. Papalitan na ba trono ko? Hahaha! Acquired taste it is.

Be surprised if it won't have grassy elements, afterall, matcha is powdered green tea leaves.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Mcdo's Chocolate Flavored Syrup Hotcakes

Hooray for hotcakes!
Hooray for today!

Tropical storm Maring has left the Philippine area of responsibility but there are still light to heavy rainshowers once in a while. It was raining hard earlier today but it has stopped at this moment.

I love having breakfast in restaurants or fast foods once in a while.

Because it's rare that I eat my breakfast elsewhere, I tend to associate these kind of meals to out-of-town trips. That feeling you get when you're in a stop-over place having breakfast en route to your most awaited vacation spot. I don't know about you but it's the same feeling I have everytime even when I'm just in the metro. Simple things such as this meal never fails to uplift my mood. Weird, right?

Also,  rainy mornings make meals like this more enjoyable, don't they? 

3-pieces hotcake plus hot chocolate cost P 79.00.

Chocolate fix early in the morning is a great way to start anyone's day.

It may not look like it at first but this meal is so filling. I had a hard time eating my last piece. As for the syrup, it tastes like the syrup they use when they make their hot chocolate.

*Blueberry syrup is also available. 
Ay, gusto ko ng ganitong statement tee. HAHAHAHA!

On another note,
Almost 60% of Metro Manila is submerged in water.
These past few days have been hard especially and 
I wish everyone well. 

Walang bagyong hindi kayang lampasan. :))

Monday, August 19, 2013

Lugaw, Bed, Flood and Everything Weather

Two consecutive typhoons.

The previous typhoon flooded Northern Luzon and another's currently flooding the Southern area of Luzon. #PrayforthePhilippines

It's Quezon City Day today, a holiday for the residents of Q.C.

It's a good thing that we live in a place that isn't prone to flooding so no matter how heavy the rain is, we don't usually have problems with flood. The only problems we experience during these times are the slow internet connection and blackouts that thankfully we haven't experienced yet.

My prayers are with the people who've been experiencing worse things because of the inclement weather.

I have never craved for lugaw.
But for two consecutive days, I ate lugaw. Why? Simply because it's #lugawweather too.

I've been in this lugaw place (Uring and Thes
) near Mindanao Avenue toll gate of NLEX for two times now and I must say that they serve pretty good and of course, very affordable lugaw. Not to mention that they have super good vinegar to match my ever favorite fried tofu with. 

My sister insisted to have her Starbucks fix.

It's one of those days when we eat cheap by eating a bowl of lugaw worth P 8.00 then drive thru Starbucks and buy a Venti size of SB drink worth P 180.00.

Guess which one's my order?

Of course, it's Matcha!!! I should've ordered hot matcha latte though. Hot drinks match our weather well and I haven't tried drinking hot matcha. Oh wells.

Thank You for this day.
God, Please Bless and Protect everyone more. 
A lot of casualties have been happening lately.


Monday, August 12, 2013

TOPIK Examination Tips

I heard that the registration for the 32nd TOPIK exam is ongoing so I thought that posting tips here can help some of the next examinees. After all, when it was my turn, I also sought the help of various bloggers for their tips. It's giving back time! 

I took my TOPIK exam (28th TOPIK test) last year. My Korean language knowledge is still limited so I took the 초급 or the exam for beginners. When you know a foreign language, it's a good step to pass a skill exam and get a certificate. Having a proof that you know something can help you in the future (e.g employment purposes etc.) BUT after a year, I still haven't got my TOPIK Examination certificate and I only have a screenshot of my grade as a proof that I passed.

The TOPIK examination has three categories namely: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. Each of these has two sub-levels: The beginner has level 1 or low beginner and level 2 or high beginner. I passed the level 2 bracket. Huhuhu. Where can I get my formal certificate? It has been a year.

Looking at my grade above, my scores decreased per section. When I was still starting to learn, I already knew that my skill in reading and understanding Korean in paragraph form is that aspect which needed more attention. I can reply to basic questions but when you'd show me even a short paragraph of Hangul characters, expect me to get confused faster. Knowing this, I still failed to work on it prior to taking the test. HAHAHA. -_-

TIP # 1: Expand your vocabulary and know your beginner grammar points. You can find compilation of words in other websites; I've seen a lot when I was still reviewing for mine. (Just look at my grade and I can say that I did pretty well on the 문법/grammar part. I only had 9 mistakes!)

TIP # 2: Knowing the words isn't enough, you'd have to practice your spelling and sentence compositions too. (Got 15 mistakes on the writing part.) Be sure to use 존댓말 when you're writing your essay and never ever use 반말. Practice your -입니다, -입니까, -에요, -이에요. Also, don't use -입니다 and shift to -이에요 on your next sentences. Be consistent with your verbs.

TIP # 3: (16 mistakes on the listening part.) Listening to natives is the best way to practice for this. The Talk to Me in Korean website is great help for those self-studying since they have podcasts and they use Seoul intonations. Click here to go to their website. And if their MP3's aren't enough for you, why not try listening to some Korean songs and watching Korean dramas? Just be aware that on some dramas that I've watched, there are characters who use other dialects like 부산말. During the TOPIK exams, 서울말 is used. 

TIP # 4: (23 mistakes on the reading part
)  Practice your reading comprehension skills. I am not sure if this was that part which had signages and stuffs but obviously yet not surprisingly, this was the hardest part for me.

TIP # 5: DOWNLOAD previous TOPIK exams and answer them on your own. By doing this, you get to know your weak points and work on them beforehand. You can find previous examination test papers with solutions here: link.

Answering mock exams for your level is the best preparation you can do. Knowing your grammar points can be good but knowing your way through the exam is better. 

제 이름은 크리스티나 입니다. 저는 한국 문화원에서 한국어를 공부했습니다. 한국어는 얼엽지만 아주 재미 있습니다.

능력시험을 보면 더 열심히 공부하십시요. 

P.S. I won't deny the fact I'm already happy with how far my language skills have gone since I started learning February last year. As of this writing, I have no desire to take the Intermediate level exam yet because I've stopped attending classes nor am I doing Korean language self-study after taking my TOPIK exam. I'm definitely not closing my doors for more improvement, I just don't know when especially now that all Kdrama streaming websites I know have shut down. *sigh* I hone my language skills by watching dramas. *more sigh*

 I want to learn and immerse myself more in their culture and I can feel that I'll be able to go to Korea in the future to experience everything firsthand. So help me, God. For the meantime, I'm still pursuing my learning experience through my Korean food trips. hahaha! Click here to view my posts about Hansik.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

SamboKojin (Japanese and Korean Eat-All-You-Can)

A.K.A Prawns-All-You-Can

Already my third time eating there and I don't have an idea how to make this a little bit different from my two previous posts but here it goes.

Shemay, nami-miss ko na buhaghag-free hair. Kailangan na magpa-rebond. hahaha!

My sushi!

Sushi and some Korean banchan or side-dishes.

Myeolchi bokkeum (멸치볶음
) or stir-fried small anchovies is my favorite among the banchan available there.

I also got some Kimchi 
(김치), braised baby potatoes (알감자 조림), stir-fried spinach/ Kongnamul (콩나물) and on the picture above this, I got a slice of Korean Pancake/ Pajeon (파전).

This is the funny or embarrassing part of our lunch.
I don't recall if I've written this here but I love shrimps. Instead of re-sampling everything, I decided to only eat prawns after I've eaten my first two plates. The two ladies sitting on the table beside us kept glancing and after sometime got their own plate of tiger shrimps to grill too. I don't know if they recognized me (There's a possibility of that happening had they blog-hopped before dining at Sambo
) or they just couldn't believe how we were able to eat that much prawns. hahahaha.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Music 21 Plaza Family KTV

Who doesn't love a KTV night out with friends? Afterall, they're those persons who wouldn't care if you're singing out of tune... like I always do. However, one can't deny that renting a KTV room can be very pricey, right? For us, because of the lack of cheap karaoke place, reloading our Timezone card is the best option but then we have to choose our songs wisely and sing them until the last letter. Sayang ang load.

But worry no more 'cause we found a cheap yet good KTV place.

Here's the pricelist/person inclusive of room use already.
I heard the price is cheaper during non-peak hours, I just don't know how much exactly.
I don't always sing but when I do, you won't be able to make me stop. hahaha!

Each room in Music 21 has different themes. Obviously, I wasn't able to take pictures of the room we were using.
See you next time!!
Contact Numbers

Makiki-usyoso lang.

Haaaaay, mga tao talaga.

Hindi naman ako fan na fan ng Parokya pero marami akong kanta nila na gusto. At nakalimutan na ata ng iba na minsan din naman silang naki-kanta sa P.N.E, masyadong masakit magsalita 'yung iba e. Hindi naman nila sinasadyang kumalat 'yun video, at sino ba tayo para mang-husga? Saka ano naman kung ginawa nila 'yun? Matanda na sila at siguradong alam nila kung anong ginagawa nila. At kahit andyan 'yung anonymity na binibigay ng internet, sana maging responsable pa rin ang mga tao para sa mga pino-post nila dito. 

Ang hirap kasi talaga sa ibang tao, pag magaling ka o successful ka, kasa-kasama ka nila pero pag nagkamali ka o nag-fail ka, mawawala na sila pero okay lang din kung mawala sila e, ang mas masakit dun, madami pa kasing satsat. Tsktsktsk.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Matcha Ice Cream @ Family Mart

Matcha-rap-cha-charap-cha-cha-cha. hahaha!

After weeks of craving, finally!!

Family Mart is a Japanese convenience store and I heard they're going to open more branches in the Philippines. Oh my! please open one in Quezon City- a branch in Trinoma please.

I have nothing much to say about this yet, I'd be going back there someday to try their to-go foods which are mostly Japanese food (obviously haha!like sushi and ramen. From the looks of it, this convenience store can pass as my happy place but here below is the top qualifier.

Matcha Ice Cream for only P 25.00. My gulay!!

I love matcha but I won't deny that satisfying the cravings is expensive 'cause the cheapest matcha drink I can immediately buy costs around P 100.00. In FM, it's P 25.00 for a single serve swirl-all-you-can ice cream. Not bad at all especially since I have a monthly appointment in Ayala area so I can just pass by FM and buy this before heading home.

More practice.
I definitely need more practice.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Hello, August!

To be honest, I'm not really looking forward to anything nor have an idea of what's going to happen this month but as always, I hope that this month would be good to me too.

So instead of posting my August expectations and plans, I want to share something.

Have you ever asked God to give you signs because you can't decide on something?
Have you ever asked God to lead you the way?
Have you ever asked God what His plan is for your life?

If you answered yes to the questions above, we're the same. 

 For a lot of times, I asked Him to show me His will only to realize that the answer has been staring at me for the longest time. His will is that one thing my heart desires the most and the only thing that I have to do is make a choice and act on it. So last June, I told myself that I should start moving 'cause it'll be harder for me if I'd let myself be stuck in the middle of nowhere for a longer time. It wasn't easy but nothing's ever easy so I let go and made my choice.

Fast forward to two months, now, August 1st, I couldn't be anymore happier that I made my decision.

Maraming nagtatanong kung bakit, may mga nagsabi na nakakahinayang pero alam mo kung anong nararamdaman ko? Masaya ako. Masaya more than ever. Sige, noong una inisip ko rin naman na sayang kahit papano pero pagkalipas ng ilang araw, lahat ng panghihinayang e napalitan ng pasasalamat dahil nahuli man ako ng kaunti e sa wakas, nahanap ko naman ang sarili ko at kung anong gusto kong gawin. Sa kauna-unahang pagkakataon sa loob ng maraming taon, gumising ako nang may pangarap. At para sa'kin, wala ng makahihigit pa dyan. It'll be a long way before I get to where I should be, pero di 'ba, the journey is the reward. And from the looks of it, I would be unearthing more surprises in the future. Everything seems so promising and I can't wait to see where will this take me.

It is indeed a beautiful feeling to finally know what I want to do with my life.

And if you haven't found yours, I hope you find it soon too. :D
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