Monday, June 30, 2014

D.I.Y. Happy Balls a.k.a Graham Balls

This is a do it yourself... because you're the only person who can make yourself genuinely happy. And in this world where only the fittest survive (Hindi to physical ha! Pag physical kasi, dapat ngayon pa lang out na ko hahaha!), you need to have balls. Hugot pa more. hehehe.

Lolz, here's a simple yet very "fun to make" dessert which you can also sell in order to create another source of income. O diberrr. For us though, we made ours so we can torture ourselves because shaping these balls can get a little boring, ang repetitive kasi pero some say that is the fun and exciting part. Owkei na lang. Ayan ha, happy balls! Promoting happiness ito. You can do this alone but it's a lot better to do this with a person who makes you happy para hindi torture kundi quality time. HAHAHAHAHAHA.

Crushed Graham
Condensed Milk
Fresh Milk

Crushed Graham
Desiccated Coconut

Pag galit ka at wala kang mapagbuntunan ng galit, bili ka ng graham crackers na dudurugin. :)
Combine the condensed milk and crushed grahams.

Crushed grahams are readily available in groceries but we used the chocolate variant so crushing these without a food processor? Hehehe. Kanya kanyang strategy 'yan.
Pag may tao kang gustong paamuhin, haluin mo lang using your bare hands at ipakain sa kaniya ang finished product.  Ewan ko na lang.. :))
Add fresh milk until you reach the consistency you desire.
This is what ours looked like before we shaped it into bite-sized balls.
Here's the best part! Shaping the balls.

Mold the balls in the size you want. You can opt to put chocolate or marshmallow inside each ball. Ours was plain though.
Because sprinkles will make these too sweet and just crushed graham crackers will make these look too plain, we used desiccated coconut.
Here's the basic recipe for graham balls. Basic lang naman talaga, ingredients are readily found and no need for baking skills. Patience lang na unfortunately, nandun naman nung gumagawa ako pero mej katamad talaga mag-bilog.

This is best served when chilled. Alam mo 'yung madaan lang ako sa ref, kuha ng isa hanggang sampung piraso. Yan yan... at least happy. :))

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Backpacking Day 5: Thank You, Malaysia and Singapore! (See you again soon!)

After our four days of adventures (mostly though became the best misadventures of our lives), it was time to go home. Mixed emotions! 

I don't have a lot of pictures of our hotel and our room (Grid 9). I only have this one below. 

Here's our La Familia room at Grid 9 Hotel/Gastropub

Grid 9 Hotel Review: I didn't have problems with our room, not even the broken shower knob was a bother. They have a billiards room and a cafeteria but we did not go to any other place there. The air con and television work, the wifi is fairly fast (they have like 4 wifi signals) and the bed and its bedding were more than comfortable to sleep in. If you're looking for a cheap hostel in KL, Grid 9 is definitely something you might want to consider. Aside from it being affordable and a great place to stay in, it's also close to a monorail station (Maharajalela) and tourists attractions like Central Market, Pudu Sentral and Chinatown.
My last Malaysian morning!

From Grid 9, we rode Maharajalela monorail to KL Sentral where we are to ride our bus to KLIA2 worth 10 MYR per person.

KLIA 2 is situated outside the city so it's like a one hour ride more via bus.
It was really fun while it lasted, KL Tower and Petronas Towers. I shall see you again someday! Bungee jumping pleaaaaaaaase. :)
Good morning selfie at the bus! Haba na ng hair ko.
Taken inside Malaysia's newest airport, KLIA 2. It is big so we kind of had a hard time carrying our bags from the entrance to our seats where we waited near boarding tube. There were trolleys available but not on all parts of the airport.

After checking ourselves in.,.
Last Malaysian Mcdo Meal

Big Breakfast Meal because we'd be spending the next 3 and 1/2 hours traveling back to the Phils without food nor drinks. Operation tulog, medyo kwento at emote sa bintana.
While looking at this view, it was setting in that we are on our way home already. After some small (and recurring "lost") problems, after everything, we can proudly tell ourselves that "We did it. We've seen what we want to see (more than even) and we're on our way home. Now, bring me to more places!"

"It's better to see a place once, than hear about it a thousand times." I know that it wont be my first and last in KL and SG but this will always be a special one.

Thank you, Malaysia for being a small-budget traveler friendly country (at least for us!). I know 2014 is the year to visit you but I don't think I'll have the chance and budget to re-visit you again before the year ends but I will in the next few years.  I'd also love to visit East Malaysia, Cameron Highlands and Lego Land so I'll definitely return there. #visitMalaysia2014? Check! I don't know if this will sound offensive to some but I have this connection to Kuching, Malaysia simply because my favorite dog's name is Kuchi. K. Seriously though, I'd like to trek Kubah National Park and bathe at Annah Rais Hotspring someday. hehe. Thank you, Malaysia for making me realize that hearsays are just hearsays and the only thing to know what my take is, is to see and experience it myself. I went there expecting the worst because of what other people told me but what you've let me experience there was the opposite. If someone had an unpleasant memory at a certain place, it doesn't mean that I will create a similar memory too. Your people didn't take advantage of us (it was the other way around! haha!), free bus (GO KL) drivers weren't rude to foreigners, all were very helpful whenever we looked like we were lost. It's given that there will always be cultural differences but your people made it easy for us to adapt to yours.

Thank you, Singapore for showing me that it's possible to improve and be one of the best if you just put your mind to it and have to discipline to do it. I was hurt because of a racist blog post I've read from an anonymous Singaporean who asked other Singaporeans to treat Filipinos without respect but what do I do? When like Malaysia, I've also left a part of my heart in your multi-cultural country. I didn't notice any maltreatment, discrimination nor experienced any hate because of our race when we were there (Although I admit that your people weren't as hospitable like Malaysians). In fact, I was in awe with how how people of different races were able to (peacefully) co-exist in your very beautiful and modern country... or so I thought. Despite that, thank you, Singapore for making me realize that even if there can always be something wrong in life, I just have to live well and not be bothered by it. Yes, even for things I once thought was perfect only to find out sooner that it wasn't. But the best thing you taught me? I can now ask around for directions whenever I feel lost! But I don't really mind if my "direction instinct" comes back again ASAP. Ang lala ng hanggang pagbalik ko sa Manila e feeling ko, ligaw na ligaw ako. :)))

To that Singaporean blogger who asked his fellow Singaporeans to "piss" Filipinos off: Rather than being a coward who posts anonymous articles online, why not self-reflect and think of the reasons why your jobs are being "stolen" by other nationalities. There must be something wrong in there somewhere... maybe your whole existence. jk. :)

Thank You po for guiding us and giving us this opportunity to travel and get to know ourselves more and other cultures as well... until next time. love love. <3

Tuesday, June 24, 2014


Catch them at SMX Convention Center this June 25 and 26, 2014. This Wednesday and Thursday na po 'yan. Because you're now reading this means it's your fate to watch them live. Ganyan. :)) Magandang pangitain. Bili na, please. hehehe. 

Eventhough I am no longer an active volunteer at True Love Waits Philippines, I am still supporting them in my own way. I am helping them spread the word 'cause each ticket that is bought from them will also benefit their ministry as they go to schools around the country to give students LOVE EDUCATION. 

So go, bili na!
AT message mo ko/comment ka rito please pag bumili ka... para naman maramdaman kong may saysay 'to. :*

I copied this from True Love Waits' fanpage. Copy paste lang talaga! *Ate Leslie, ni-copy ko lang. :)))))*

You Tube celebrities Sam Tsui & Kurt Hugo Schneider will have a concert on June 26 at the SMX Convention Center. Check out their ‘Just A Dream’ cover! 

Ticket Prices:

P5280 - VIP (w/ meet & greet) 
P3170 - Platinum 
P2120 - Gold 
P1060 - Silver
P800 - Bronze 

Tickets are available at True Love Waits Philippines. Just message them for more information or ticket pick-up details. Link: here.

*Their office is somewhere in Ortigas. 

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Backpacking Day 4: Genting Highlands, Malaysia

Where to go in Malaysia? Genting Highlands!! It surely is a must-visit if you wish to escape their humid climate.

We bought our Genting Highlands tickets thinking the place is just like our Tagaytay or Baguio but surprisingly, we were into something more. Never thought I'd laugh that hard in Malaysia and I never even thought I'd share that much laughter with a stranger. 

Buses in Malaysia
Here's Resort's World Genting Bus from Pudu Sentral

Round trip bus rides and round trip cable car rides cost 22 MYR. Go Genting, a booth in Pudu Sentral, also sells package deals. Now that I think of it, we should have bought the package. Anyway, they use to have a website but it was down weeks before our trip so the only way to know the packages and their prices is to go directly at a Go Genting booth. They have more branches in different places but I only know about the ones in Pudu Sentral, KL Sentral and Genting Highlands.

I lost track of time while we were in Genting but our bus left Pudu Sentral at 12:30 PM and our bus back to Pudu was scheduled at 6 PM. 
Genting Highlands Way
Zigzag road to Genting Highlands. 
I was asleep almost the whole travel time. I just took this picture and went back to sleep again.

Genting Highlands is located within Titiwangsa Mountain Range. It's not the highest point of Malaysia but it's roughly around 6,000 ft high. 
It's time for the cable car/gondola lift! I was excited because in my hands were my tickets to "a dream come true" but guess what? It was better than what I was hoping for.

Needless to say, I was also in shock when I realized how high the gondola will take us. I thought that the cable car was an attraction in Resort's World Genting but then, we found out that it is a mode of transportation to Resort's World Genting. Oh wells. :))))
The highlands is also accessible by car but the best and fastest way to get there is by riding Genting Skyway. It was said that it used to be the fastest Gondola lift in Southeast Asia. I wonder where the fastest is located. I'd love to ride that too!

I've ridden a cable car in Residence Inn at Tagaytay before but this was a lot different. Rather than a straight path, the cable car there takes the riders from the lower station in Gohtong Jaya to Resorts World Genting. Ang taas ha!
Cable Car with Trees View
Picturesque view while riding the lift. 
I am not afraid of heights.
 I'm actually into these things but my friends aren't. 

I laughed because I was having fun and because I was laughing at them. I was apologetic for bringing them in a place where they're scared but I wasn't able to control my laughter. At least they were able to face their fears, di ba? hahaha.

Seated beside me was an Indonesian national who've been there 2 times. And because he couldn't understand the reason of my laughter while my friends were close to tears (tearing na nga yata), he broke the ice:

Him: Are you Filipinas?

Me: Yes. Do we look like Filipinas?

Him: I just heard you talk and I know a little of your language.

Me: Oh is that so. A lot have mistaken us to be Malaysian nationals...
**continued talking**
Him: Why are you laughing...?
Me: This whole thing, I find it funny. They're acting like that 'cause they're blaming me for bringing them here... 
Him: Oh really? *laughs too and said something to his companions who were seated opposite us*
Me: Is this your first time here?
Him: No. Second. I just brought my friends. We're all from Indonesia.
Me: You're also tourists then. How long will this ride last?
Him: Around thirty minutes to an hour. Why are your friends worrying? It's just the highest point of Malaysia *laughs* (What he said was a joke meant to scare my friends more. It's not the highest point of Malaysia and the ride was definitely not that long.)

Turns out jokes (and sarcasm) cross boundaries and nationalities too.  Maybe laughter is that thing that bridges cultural differences and language gaps. hahahahahahaha. 

We reached the Highlands Safely after all our teary eyes. 

NOTE: If your companions (and you perhaps) are scared of heights and now that you know how high this is, don't continue. hahahaha. Buti hindi ako na-FO kasi kasama rin naman pala sa bucketlist nila 'yung ganito. Nabigla lang. WAHAHAHAHA.


Every place in the Highlands is accessible by covered walkways and escalators so it was easy to go around. There are hotels, casinos, fast foods, restaurants and theme parks in the area. 
The outdoor theme park of Genting Highlands was closed down since 2013 and is undergoing construction for the rise of the Twentieth Century Fox World in 2016. This is the reason why, if not sooner, I should be able to return in Malaysia come 2016 or 2017. Feasible? It is! :D

We did not avail any ticket there so it's just us and our cameras everywhere we went. Hahaha. At least nanduuuuuuuuuun.
Inside Genting Indoor Theme Park are replicas of the World's Famous Tourist Spots such as the Eiffel Tower at my back. The other times I had my picture taken with a replica for my background... I was able to go to those places years later. :))

Some examples are Petronas Twin Towers link: here and here and Calle Crisologo at Ilocos link: here.

Someday, Eiffel Tower. <3 Kahit sight-seeing lang ulit! 
There was a free magic show when we were there.

Someday, Statue of Liberty. <3
This one's really interesting but obviously, we didn't go inside. You may be wondering how were we able to enjoy this trip 'cause it's rare that we went inside an attraction but... the mere fact that we were sight-seeing in foreign country is already so enjoyable and priceless.

Not closing my doors. Ripley's Believe it or Not Musuem, see you again in 2017! hehehe.
We saw a chocolate store and I found this inside. I bought a box which did not have the chance to reach the Philippine Islands. 
We were almost there. :)))) We were almost there to buy a ticket for the Snoworld but when we saw that cameras and cellphones aren't allowed inside. Kbye. 
There are a lot of things to do inside the indoor park but since we didn't avail any ticket, we just decided to go outside and feel the cold air in Genting for about an hour or more. 

There's this feeling of excitement whenever fog floats nearby and reduces the visibility of everything. Feel na feel mong nasa mataas ka na place.
Should you fear riding the skyway and have no private vehicle to bring you to the Highlands, you can hire a taxi from KL Sentral. But that is more fearsome for me though. Imagine driving uphill on a road with close to zero visibility. K thanks bye! Dami kong tawa pa naman sa Skyway. hahaha. 
It was time to go back! Hence, cable car once again.
It was more foggy on our returning ride but my friends were more relaxed that time. We were also able to take our pictures inside the gondola and they, thankfully, laughed with me already.

 It's not a goodbye Genting Highlands. I shall see you again soon!
Fog During Cable Car Ride
My ghad bet! Huhuhu. I want to ride a cable car on a winter day. Where? Money, where? :))

An instagram video of the Genting Skyway link: here.
Inside the lower station is this store which has food tasting. Here enters our taking advantage part. Since we didn't eat at the Highlands, we tried the samples here while waiting for the bus. We tasted everything that was available and bought only around 4 MYR of candies. hahahahahahaha.

When we got out of the building, we saw a shuttle to a Strawberry Field in a place called Cameron Highlands. When I searched that online, I found out that Malaysia also has a tea plantation there. If I'll be able to go back in Malaysia I surely won't miss going to Cameron Highlands. Sobrang bet!! Want me back, Malaysia? Of course you do. hahaha. 
Here's a logo of Go Genting booth.

Genting is pronounced with a G in "girl" not G in "genie". It's Ghen-ting and not Jhen-ting. 
Look how dark it was when we left the highlands... full of clouds and fogs kasi.
Overlooking sunset from road
And yet, it was only almost sunset when we reached Kuala Lumpur an hour later. This was taken around 7PM. 
From Pudu Sentral, we walked to Central Market to buy souvenirs and to eat our dinner. You may ride a taxi of course. We're just so "maangas". Swagger ganyan. haha.
Mirror selfie at the 5MYR restroom and my uncased cellphone.

When we went outside the airconditioned area of Central Market to find a fast food, we walked across a booth selling cellphone cases. I asked the guy if he has a casing for an Xperia ZR. I've been looking for a phone casing in the Philippines and the only thing I found was a leather case worth P 2,500 so I was hoping to find a cheaper one in Malaysia or in Singapore.

He has one (The last piece! So meant to be. The leather case and my phone) and was priced for 48 MYR. Upon asking him to price it lower, he gave it to me for 25 MYR. That was 50% off! Hehehe. P 350.00 for a leather case? Okay na okay na! I reached for my wallet and found out that I only have around 20 MYR left. When I asked the guy if there was a nearby money changer (Napa-face palm na siya niyan hahahaha. Yan kami. Lakas maka check in at lakas makahingi ng discount pero walang pambayad), he told me to try entering again and see if it's still open. It was and I changed P 500.00. Another thing, my phone has a wrist strap which he told me to remove. I removed the old wrist strap and tried putting the new one back. hahaha! Shems. Face palm ulit siya eh. Pinatanggal na nga kasi, Tin. Bakit mo ba binabalik. I akwardly laughed realizing what I was doing and handed him my phone again. Dapat ata hindi Magulang To The Bones Malaysia ang Day 4 kundi Face-Palm Malaysia eh. hahaha.

My phone has several scratches at the back cover for being naked for 6 months but it finally has "clothes" on. Imported pa ah! Ang shalaaa.
Bread and Chicken Meal in Malaysia
My last dinner at Malaysia!

KFC's two piece chicken, bread, mashed potato (It is called whipped potato there) and coleslaw salad. 
Here's the map of our "walkathon".

We passed by Chinatown night market again on our way home. We looked for a pad lock and found one but forgot to buy Malaysia souvenir shirts. OH EM.

Back in Grid9 where we spent our last night in Malaysia. So fast. Those 4 days. 

Friday, June 20, 2014

Backpacking Day 4: Back in Malaysia! (Pudu Sentral, Grid9 Hotel, Chinatown)

On our fourth day!

Backpacking Day 4 is also known as "TipidSwerte, Magulang To The Bones Malaysia". 

At first we just wanted to be thrifty by scrimping on anything unnecessary. Then, it turned out that we were able to save more mostly because of our luck. We even scored a free night accommodation at that! And then the later part of the night, it suddenly felt like we took advantage of pretty much everything. Hahaha. 


We left Golden Mile Complex at 10 PM. The travel time from SG to Pudu Sentral took us 5 hours (immigration of both countries included), so we arrived at 3 AM.

We tried to walk to Grid9 Hotel from Pudu but we got lost and when we asked a local from a 7-11 store, she instructed us to just hire a cab because it is far. From Pudu to Grid 9, our fare was 20 MYR. There's an additional charge if you're travelling from 12 MN to 6 AM.

Anyway, when we arrived at Grid9... OMG! Que Horror! We reserved a room online (May 28), thinking that we can check in anytime. We admit that we were in the wrong for not clarifying these things beforehand but what do we do? The sleep deprived and very lucky travelers have arrived at Grid9 "begging" but more of like "forcing" the caretaker to produce a place where they can stay. Kulang na lang sabihan siyang, "Gumawa ka ng bagong building!" haha!

 He kind of scolded us saying that if we knew we were arriving at 3 AM, we should have booked two nights (that being May 27 and 28) because check-in time is at 2 PM. He also told us that if we were so sleepy, we can sleep at their common area which we, of course, said no to. It's not being picky (though it is. diba haha!) but it would really be hard for us because we NEEDED beds and not bean bags. The super low batt me just sat at the corner as my friend continued negotiating with him. A little later, they rode the elevator and then when they went down, we had a room to stay in! 

Just our luck and stubbornness! My friend told me that he (caretaker) accidentally mentioned that there was an unoccupied room with a broken shower knob. The shower's working when you turn it on from the shower heater but since the knob doesn't work, they opted not to have it booked by anyone. Upon my friend's persistence, the caretaker agreed to show her the room and when she saw that the broken shower knob is something that can be overlooked, she told him that we'll take the room. The caretaker agreed and here's the SWERTE/LUCKY PART. 

1. It was our mistake for not clarifying the check in time but we still got a "flawed" room that seemed so perfect in our swollen eyes and tired bodies. hahaha. 
2. We had no 50 MYR to give as our deposit but the caretaker told us to just sleep and deposit it upon waking up. We knew at that point that he was starting to get annoyed. There we were forcing our way in and when it was time to pay, we couldn't hand him anything. But instead of getting mad, he managed to keep his cool. Another thanks to you, Sir!
3. Our stay was supposed to be two nights (that's PHP 5,400.00) but it turned out that we slept on our "first night" for free. We couldn't care less about the broken shower. The room - its beds and beddings, its aircon, its tv- were beyond what we were hoping for when we thought we'd be spending that morning in the common area. 

If you're planning on staying at Grid9 Hotel in Maharajalela, do so and please convey our gratitude. :) 

P.S. I didn't post this here to advice you to do the same but to tell you to double check your check-in time and coordinate with your hostel/hostel prior your trip unless you want to sleep in a common area.

From Grid9 Hotel, Chinatown is just walking distance. 

Malaysia's Chinatown is a lot different from Singapore's Chinatown mainly because of the things being sold. Unlike in SG where it's mostly souvenir items and stalls have their own debit and credit card (Visa, Mastercard etc.) terminals, Malaysia's Chinatown was less on souvenirs and more of clothes, bags, cellphone accessories etc. 
If there are similarities though, they have those high plastic roof, colorful establishments, and red lanterns. Oh, even our local Chinatown has those lanterns ahhh. Can't wait to go back to Binondo and see it through a different set of eyes. Hahahaha. Duhhh. 
I changed P 1,500.00 as my budget for Day 4 and 5.
Here's my brunch for that day. Locally known as Nasi Ayam (sweet and sour chicken strips) from Marrybrown in Pudu Sentral. 

Visiting Genting Highlands was one of the things on our mind but it was already around 10AM when our day started so we kind of crossed that out. But that walk from Chinatown to Grid9 made us decide to push through just to escape the heat. Also mainly because we didn't know what else to do that afternoon should we stay in KL again. 

From Grid9, we hailed a cab to Pudu Sentral again (for 10 MYR) to try our luck if there are still available bus seats to Genting Highlands.


Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Backpacking Day 3: Marina Bay Sands and Merlion Park

and finally, for the last part of my Day 3: Sightseeing at Marina Bay area.

From Harbour Front (NE 1) ride to Chinatown (NE4) transfer to its Downtown Line (DT19) and alight at Bayfront Station (DT16).

From the DT16 station, there's a passage to The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands. Our trip wasn't luxurious enough for us to stay/check-in at the very famous Marina Bay Sands Hotel so we have to be satisfied with taking pictures inside The Shoppes and with the hotel for our background. Loljk. We don't have the means YET to stay there even for a night.

Sampan in Singapore
Upon exiting the MRT station, you'll be greeted by this man-made canal (Yes, inside the mall!) that has operating wooden boats called Sampan which you can ride for a fee. I don't have the budget to experience this nor do I want to; I was just looking forward to see the mall's rain oculus. I've seen a picture of that giant bowl where water passes through so I was hoping to have a picture taken with it but...
Mall Oculus
Do you see any water from it? :((

Imagine my disappointment when I saw that it wasn't operating when we went there. But let's look at the silver lining, this is another reason to come back to Singapore! 
The Shoppes facade with oculus
A picture of The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands' facade.
The fact that I kind of set foot in the world's most expensive building was an accomplishment in itself.  Soon, infinity pool, soon. May kasamang pagbabanta 'yan saka papa-sexy muna ko. hahaha! 
Across Marina Bay Sands is Merlion Park. Across! Across! Myghad, I am loving this walking tour so much. 
That lotus flower-like/white structure is the ArtScience Museum.

A lot of people are in the area. Some just waiting for time to pass while spending time with friends and family, some were alone and some were exercising. This is actually one thing I liked about Singapore. Coming from a country where your business is mostly everyone's business too, sometimes you just want to feel that other people aren't minding whatever it is you're doing. 

And our last SG walking tour started there. Wooo, kanya-kanyang paraan, kanya-kanya kaming technique sa paglalakad so we could reach the Merlion Park alive and not die of exhaustion halfway. :))) Kalurks. It took us around 20 minutes of brisk-walking to get to the other side.  
There were a lot of joggers in the area so it was an okay place to brisk-walk. Hindi kami others. hahaha! We thought that it's too close to hire a cab yet a little bit far to walk but whatevs, we still walked.

We skipped going to Gardens By The Bay even if that was closer to The Shoppes thinking we could just go back there after Merlion Park. But while walking along this part, we saw that Marina Bay Station (NS27) was closer. So naturally, Gardens By The Bay? Next visit na. Two days spent in Singapore and our PHP 3,000.00 budget weren't enough to go to and explore  all tourist spots. Wala kang papatulan muna na kahit ano. Hanggang tingin na lang most of the times. But, I shall return!! Kanina pa ko paulit-ulit na babalik ako. Gets, life, gets? I shall return! Wiser. Braver. Stronger. Bolder. Fiercer. Sexier. Richer! Hahaha! :))

Panorama of Hotel to Art Science Museum
And we were already halfway!!!!!

Marina Bay Sands Hotel (the one with boat-like structure on top), ArtScience Museum, The Shoppes and Singapore Flyer.

We were rushing things that time since our bus back to Malaysia was scheduled at 10 PM; hence, the brisk-walking. But now that I think of it, we should have walked counter clockwise and passed through the Helix bridge and Singapore flyer. That way, we would've seen more of SG. Pero, aarte pa ba kung pwede naman kami bumalik? HAHA. 
We arrived! 
A lot of Fullerton something in the area. Not that it's a bad thing though.
Singapore Flyer, Helix Bridge and ArtScience Musem Panoramic Shot

Helix bridge, for pedestrians, is really beautiful at night. I guess this first visit just showed me the places that I'm going to look forward to next time... saka pag may maganda na kong camera. :)))
That structure that looks like Durian is The Esplanade or the Theater by the Bay.
A part of Singapore Central Business District skyline taken from below nga lang. hahaha. 
They say that a trip to Singapore isn't complete if you don't have a picture with the Merlion. Dami kong kuha rito eh, wala nga lang matino. :))

Merlion is a mythical creature with a head of a lion and a body of a fish. According to Wikipedia, it is a combination of MER "sea" and LION representing Singapore's origin as a fishing village and Singapore's original name Singapura which means lion's city.

The MRT Station closest to Merlion Park is Raffles Place (EW14) and (NS26).
Marina Bay Sands Hotel, The Merlion, the Boat of the River Tour and of couse, moi. :)

Should you have s$22.00, you might want to try Singapore River Ferry Cruise. A forty-minute cruise that would take you to Marina South, Marina Bay, Boat Quay, Clark Quay and Robertson Quay. FYI (Hindi ko kasi alam kung ano 'yun kaya ako na ang naghanap ng sagot), quays are structures built on the land next to a river.
Patikim lang lahat lahat!! It's expensive in Singapore so if you're also in a tight budget, hanggang tingin na lang tayo talaga. hahaha! Pero ano naman, diba? Wala naman yan sa dami ng attraction na nabayaran, basta nasa SG ka at nakapasyal ka. hehe
Time to go back to Ang Mo Kio since our bus that would take us back to Malaysia is leaving at 10 PM and we have to be at Golden Mile Complex by 9:30. Uhm, past 7:30 PM na ata to. Intense two hours.

We hailed a cab from Ang Mo Kio to Golden Mile to lessen the travel time. I really hope that there comes a time when Filipino taxi drivers copy Singaporean drivers when it comes to giving of change. We had a change of s$.05 and instead of just pocketing that small amount (which is normally the situation in the Philippines kahit paminsan P 20.00 pa nga), our driver took his container of coins and gave us our change - he got no more and no less of what's indicated in his meter. Also, even if Golden Mile was a little bit far from Ang Mo Kio, he didn't ask for additional payment nor did he take advantage of us being a tourist. Ang sarap pala ng feeling na mag-taxi na alam mong babayaran mo lang 'yung presyong nandun sa metro. Tipong hindi ka na maiinis sa nagpapadagdag na driver kesyo traffic, kesyo masyadong malapit, kesyo masyadong malayo. At mas masarap pala ang feeling na mag-taxi na hindi ka papababain o hindi ka papasakayin pag hindi gusto maghatid ng driver sa lugar na pupuntahan mo. Also, thanks to our driver for being our tour guide (somehow) on the way to Golden Mile.
Marina Bay Residences, Singapore
Haaay, time to say Goodbye, Singapore. It was sooooo fun while it lasted even if we got lost for a lot of times because of your complexity. :)))

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