Thursday, July 31, 2014

Yummy Eats 2014

Last July 12, my friend and I went to this year's Yummy Eats. One of our most anticipated events! Need I say more?! Food galore! 

It was held at Metrowalk's Metrotent in Pasig. The tent is fronting Metrocars and obviously, Pasig is in Metro Manila.

Metro Init. Metro Kain. Metro Jubese
Congrats, Yummy Eats for a very very successful event. We had a hard time lining up when we went there because even if there were more than 70 concessionaires and the location was bigger than before, the attendees were so many. As in, divisoria levels nung umaga. But got through it with patience and hunger.
Providing us with this kind of container was a great idea since it has become easier for us to take home the food we couldn't eat anymore.
Someone's always a happy kid when she has food in her hands.
Just this one thing.
I think the organizers should have provided seats at least because even if this is a food tasting event na medyo cocktail party ang feel, it was hard to eat while standing. Kanya- kanyang strategy kung paano mai-increase ang comfort level habang kumakain. My friend and I sat on the floor. Sayang nga hindi ko nadala 'yung sarong ko para picnic na picnic na 'to. Hahaha.

We only spent around 2 1/2 hours here which wasn't enough so we took home most of the food we got but some of my favorites are: I lost my Yummy eats passport but...

1. Pesto Spread. I forgot who/where was it from. (green spread on the cracker; first picture)
2. Hot Chocolate from Xocolat
3. Masatami's Salted Caramel
4. The Hang Over Ice Cream of Kool Kids
5. Merry Moo's Avocado Gelato

A food fair like no other.
 Expect us again, Yummy Eats 2015!

Friday, July 25, 2014

BPI My e-Prepaid Card Review

I have a lot of backlogs but I'm too lazy to put watermarks on my pictures yet so here's a review of another bank product: BPI MY e-Prepaid Card.

To know more about the differences of Prepaid Card, Credit Card and Debit Card click: here.

Image Source

Here's what the card looks like. I got the blue one though. 

Despite having a lot of cards already, I decided to apply for this card before I left for Malaysia. I applied online thru my account at BPI website. After a week (I think!), I went to the branch of my choice, presented an I.D and paid the P 500.00 processing fee then I got my card. You can apply for this at the branch just that I didn't have the time to go there twice. Hahahahaha. Pa-busy, pa-artista. :)))) You don't even need to have an account at BPI for you to apply.

Anyway, while composing this I remembered that around this time last year when I didn't know yet that I was going out of the country, I posted a review on a different bank product and I put there that I am not closing my doors for this prepaid card because this would come in a lot handy when travelling abroad. View the post: here. Thank You po that naging possible na ang isang bagay na ginusto ko last year at dahil claim lang ng claim ang peg, maga-out of the country kasi ulit ako!! Claim lang ng claim! :D

Reasons for Applying/ Reasons why I like this card:
  • I wanted a prepaid card which is reloadable online and I wanted it to be a Mastercard
    With this first reason, this prepaid card seems like the perfect card for me already. It is a Mastercard and I enrolled it to my account so fund transfer/reloading would be possible online. 
  • This can be linked to a Paypal account and can be used to purchase at any Mastercard affiliated merchants. May it be online or anywhere around the world.
    I don't use this a lot actually since I have other cards that I use here in the Philippines. But like what I have said above, this was very handy when I traveled abroad. I used this in Singapore and I wasn't charged any international service fees and the likes. The amount that was debited from my card was just the converted amount of SGD to PHP and nothing more. 

Reasons why I don't like this card:
  • This is not actually this card's fault but of my Easy Saver's Account. For an Easy Saver's account kasi, every customer-initiated debit has a charge of P 5.00 so everytime I reload this, I am charged P 5.00. Online reloading should be free if you have their regular savings account. I see this na lang as the price of my convenience since going to the nearest branch to reload over-the-counter would cost me a lot of time and a P 17.00 jeepney fare. Ganun din.

  • It expires every two years and have to be renewed for also P 500.00. 
    If you're going to use this card frequently, you should be able to maximize the processing fee by the time this expires. Let's say in a span of 2 years, you've used this card for 500 times, edi you paid a peso for every use which doesn't sound bad. 
  • Again this isn't the card's fault but mine, this can't be used to withdraw (Over-the-counter and ATM machines). It was in their FAQs but I didn't read those before applying. Again, this isn't an ATM; just a prepaid card. Only online and debit transactions are possible.

  • Should we stay or should we say goodbye?

    STAY! And I'd decide if it's a goodbye or not in 2016. :)) Nabayaran ko na eh. hahahaha. 

    Seriously though this is really an okay for me. Not minding all the other charges and the fact that I can't withdraw using this, the three main reasons why I like this card: re-loadable online, prepaid and Mastercard.

    'Cause eventhough I like my Eastwest Debit Card and my BDO Credit Card, iba pa rin 'yung andun 'yung limitation ng not having everything in my untrustworthy hands especially now when I can't afford to spend for the things I don't need. "Ah, ito lang laman nito. So ito lang ang pwede kong gamitin." Kailangan ko kasi talaga na naka-separate 'yung pang-gastos at 'yung hindi dahil wala talagang nangyayari kapag nasa isang lagayan lang. Kailangan ko rin kasi talaga na wag iisipin na matagal pa naman 'yung due date lalo pag hindi naman napag-isipan ng maigi. Pahinga muna ko sa cards at sa gastos pala talaga. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Itawa na lang lahat. HAHAHAHAHAHA

    Monday, July 21, 2014

    And my birthday was like...

    "bumagyo at patuloy na babagyo ng blessings kasi mabait kang bata."

    Bumagyo talaga. Sinabihan rin ako na maraming blessings kasi umulan sa araw ng aking kapanganakan (Ulan na nga, may kasama pang sobrang lakas na hangin.) Uhm, pampalubag-loob siguro pero naniniwala nga ako na maraming blessings. Sino ba naman aayaw? 'Yung tungkol sa dahil mabait akong bata.., ako lang nagsabi nun. Hahahaha. Baka sa kakaulit ko e magkatotoo naman balang-araw at bumait nga ako. 

    1. It was my birthday last July 15 and I really didn't want to celebrate it because a typhoon (Glenda) was set to enter the Philippines but they insisted so they did, wala na kong nagawa. Stubbornness runs in the blood, that's it. It wasn't a big party just an eat and run kind of celebration 'cause the moment my guests, whom some I didn't know pa, have finished eating; they were sent away. hahahahahaha. Totoo baaaaaaaaa. :))))) San ka nakakita ng, "Tapos ka na ba kumain? Okay. Ingat. Bye." Anyway, I'm very thankful that there are people in my life who would force me to celebrate something even when I don't feel like to. 

    2. According to Yahoo, July is Friendship month and because of that they published an article with 10 suggestions about where you and your BFF can bond together. Hahahahaha. This is so funny 'cause I posted Seri Fantasy World back in 2012 and whenever I see the pictures I took inside their 3D museum, it's always a laugh of embarrassment followed by a face palm. As in ang lala. Wala pa sa kalingkingan ng iba kong mga pictures 'yung naka-post dito. HAHAHAHAHA. But whatever, okay naman 'yung napili. View the article here.

    3.  My sleeping "skills" is both a blessing and a curse. But it's us who determine which is really which, right? So it's none other than a blessing. Glenda "devastated" Metro Manila area with its strong and raging winds and where was I? In deep slumber. I only realized how big the damage was when I woke up and saw broken branches and fallen leaves in front of our house,  when we drove around Q.C area and saw years old trees that have fallen too and when I watched the news. Imagine, 'yung hangin na pumutol sa maraming puno, bumasag sa maraming salamin at kung anu-ano pa, hindi ako nakayanang gisingin?! Thank you, Lord that I am able to feel calm even if others can not. Sobrang talent 'yung kakayanan kong maging tulog-mantika lalo na dahil may ibang tao na may mabagsak lang ng konti e gising na. E-enjoyin ko 'tong bahagi ng buhay ko na hindi na ata ako masyadong dumadaan sa stages 1-3 ng sleeping cycle, lagi lang ata ako nasa 4th stage. P.S. Nagigising naman ako lalo pag sinasabi ko sa sarili ko bago ko matulog na "Kailangan mong magising kasi..." pag mga ganyan, nare-recognize ng utak ko 'yung alarm. Hahahaha. Pero pag wala kong iisipin bago ko matulog, ayun lang. 

    4. I had 5 cakes, di ko na-picturan 'yung isa. Daig pa nung nag-debut ako. hahaha. 

    Five cakes, supposedly mean, needing to blow 5 candles, right? And 5 candles should entitle me 5 wishes, right? Right? Not? Right? Right?

    May nabasa ko before na pag naging vocal tayo sa mga gusto natin, mas may chance na magkatotoo. Kasi sa pagsabi mo pa lang, nagiging substance na siya, nagwo-work na 'yung universe para mapatotohanan 'yung bagay na gusto mo.  All my life (almost all), I thought that wishing for something more meant that I was ungrateful for everything that has been given to me so wishing, for me then, was a bad thing. Until I realized that it's not bad to want more for myself, it's not bad to have dreams, and even if wishing meant wanting more than I already have, it's not being ungrateful. At ayan na nga, nawili, at nag claim lang ng claim. :))))

    a. Good health not only for me but for everyone else.
    b. Just like what others have been wishing for me, more travels. Akalain mo nga naman na nung sinabihan ako dati na malayo mararating ko, hahaha, sa lakwatsa pala 'yun.
    c.. Sony Digital Camera. My Xperia ZR captures good photos and I rarely bring my canon camera with me anymore but still, I want to own a Sony TX30 someday.
    d. More persons to "teach". So unlike me ba to look for people whom I can teach? Hahahaha. I have no plans of becoming a teacher... yet. Whether it's through a blog post, through texts when people ask me for directions, or whatever it is. I am also my happiest when I share what I know with others and whenever I learn something new from them as well.
    e. This is not actually a wish that I had since forever, nabuo lang 'to last night pero John Legend concert ticket plsss. I heard he's having an "All of Me Tour" here in the Philippines in September. Ayan, going back to my teenage years (parang kailan lang naman 'yun!), I spent most of my Friday and Saturday nights at bars or gigs. Nakakamiss din makipag-kwentuhan habang may kumakanta sa background, nakaka-miss din magsayaw na parang wala ng bukas ,pero alam mo 'yun, mas gusto na pumunta ng pera ko sa pagkain, savings at lakwatsa kesa sa inuman. Wahahaha. Baka talaga inom ako ng inom dati, noh. At baka talaga nakaka-ipon ako ngayon, noh  :)))

    My gifts to myself are: massage at TonTon in Congressional Avenue (our go-to massage place because we like it Thai) and a Jansport backpack (Cortlandt Fall 2014). I "invested" on a backpack because I am claiming that I will have more travels in the future. Since it was the Great Northern Sale last weekend, apart from the 10% discount, I received a P 100.00 gift certificate and probably the best thing about this purchase is that I'd pay for this in September pa. August, be good to my finances. 

    Things got luckier that I almost had two "Just Got Lucky" LMH shirts. Na-cancel lang 'yung isa bago ma-process 'yung order so I received a wallet instead. 

    In the midst of our own personal problems, of Glenda, and the terrorist attack of Malaysian Plane MH17, there are a lot of things to feel sad and depressed about but that one fact that we are still alive is in itself a gift and a miracle that is definitely something to be thankful for. 

    Hoping everyone's well and safe.
    God bless.

    Wednesday, July 16, 2014

    Mashitta Korean and Japanese Fusion Cuisine

    This is one of the most affordable and most delicious Korean and Japanese restaurant in Quezon City area, I swear. Most of their food were priced below P 150.00 and that's cheap given how expensive these two cuisines can get. Thank you for being true to your word mashitta!

    Mashitta means delicious in Korean fyi. :)

    It's 맛 있다 in Hangul, romanized as mashitda or mashitta

    The hangul word, 맛,  means taste and 있다 means to have so it means to have taste/ to be delicious. Should the food be tasteless and not delicious, 맛 will be combined with 다 which means to not have/to not exist. Therefore... 맛 없다, romanized as madopda or madopta, is the antonym of  맛 있다. Okay, enough for Korean language lessons. :))

    Since my friend and I were so hungry after doing physical work for the last six hours before we went here, I thought that I'd be able to eat every food in the world so I kind of "over ordered"
    P 105.00

    One of the best! They didn't scrimp on the ingredients and this alone was enough to make me feel full. This was even better than some resturants (even those priced at 100% more). We were also given a bottle of gochujang so we were able to adjust the spiciness based on our preference.

    Their bibimbap is much like BGC's Seoul Express link: here. 
    I forgot the name of this but it's a more sossy version of California Maki
    P 115.00

    Even if I was so hungry when I ordered my food, I found it difficult to eat the last four pieces of my sushi because I got so full!

    Mashitta is more of like an eatery (in UP Diliman's Shopping Center) rather than a restaurant but it's definitely a place that you'll look forward to coming back at. I forgot to take a picture of their menu but there are also  kimbap, ramen, ramyun etc.

    They have two other branches. One in DLSU Area, the other in Sampaloc, Manila area. :)

    Saturday, July 12, 2014

    Boracay de Cavite (Katungkulan Beach Resort), Ternate, Cavite

    "SAAN MAY MALAPIT AT MAGANDANG BEACH?" ALAM NA. Consider this place if you're planning to go on a quick getaway near Manila. Summer never ends ang gawin niyong motto. hehe.

    This is the first time that I've gone to beach in Cavite area but I kid you not, this is one of the most beautiful beaches that I've been to. The water may not be as blue and the sand may not be as white as Ilocos' Blue Lagoon beach link: here and not as quiet as Batangas' Tali Beach link: here. Katungkulan Beach has its own allure that you'll love it just the way it is. All your perfect imperfections ganyan.

    Most people call it Boracay de Cavite. I call it Angas Beach de Cavite. 

    WHY? Read on.

    I haven't been to Boracay but even if I have no memories from that place, I've seen enough pictures for me to get surprised that this cove in Ternate is also known as Boracay de Cavite. I found that out when it was one of the location name suggestions when I geotagged my Instagram post.

    I guess they chose to call it that way so its name will catch the attention of those who are unfamiliar or for others to immediately picture the place somehow but hey, I think it will be more catchy, if not scary, to call the place "Maangas Beach". Alam mo naman, ganitong klaseng ideas lang talaga maaasahan mong galing sa akin. hahahahaha. I think that they should market the place as a beach inside Gregorio Lim Marine Base and not just a cove that is a “copycat” of the famous Boracay Island. Aside from the implication that it is relatively safer inside (kaw ba naman nasa loob ng kampo!), it’s interesting to know that there's a possibilty of being able to watch the marines while undergoing training. "It's better to sweat in training than bleed in war!" I don’t know about you but more than the beach, what made me more excited is knowing that the place is inside the base camp. Really.

    "Boracay de Cavite? Ahhh baka maganda. Boracay eh..."

    "Huh? May beach sa loob ng kampo ng Marines? Ayos ah. Pwede ba pumasok civilians doon?..."

    Diba, mas nakaka-curious kase! Lahat ng beach may dagat at buhangin pero hindi lahat may men in uniform na nagt-trainin. :))))))) Toinks. Hahahahaha.

     Since this one's a cove too, the landscape is much like Anawangin Cove in Zambales link: here.

    First afternoon's weather was gloomy but this is my ideal swimming weather because my skin's already too dark to swim under the intense heat of the sun again.  
    Ang emoterang palaka.. :))

    'Yung cottage dun sa bandang dulo, di ko alam kung for rent 'yon sa mga civilians o ano pero may mga tao rin na dun naka-stay. 
    The best part of that trip was the night swimming. There are little to no number of fishes near the shore, no marine plants/seaweeds and no big rocks also so even if it was not that lighted during the night, it still felt safe to swim. 
     The waves were high though not high and strong enough to drown you. Manong Controller, from Corregidor Island across the cove, always listened as to how "challenging" we wanted the waves to be. When you get there and you're not liking the waves just shout. Ex.: "Hanggang dyan na lang ba 'yan, Manong? Wala na bang ilalakas 'yan?" Tas magugulat ka na lang na biglang lalakas 'yung waves, wag masyado at baka makainom ka ng 1 litrong tubig sa 1 hampas lang ng alon. (Mga ka-weirduhan e, noh? Pero try mo! Nakikinig talaga 'yung dagat. Hahahaha) 

    The sand, also, was the best body scrubber that I woke up with super clean toenails and super soft skin.
    A photo posted by Tin Gallemaso (@xtintina) on
    Medyo glamping.

    This is another first time for me and another definitely not the last ... may Mt. Pulag pa.
    There's that very desirable feeling of calmness and relaxation when you get to sleep in a tent while listening to the sound of the waves. Iba talaga pag nature na ang taga-kanta ng lullaby mo. Joke. Nahirapan akong matulog pero nung nakatulog na ko, nahirapan na ko gumising. Hahahahaha!
    Cavite Waves
    Good morning, Katungkulan Beach!
    Parang beach ng Dagupan sa Lingayen Golf link: here. Walang pahinga sa paghampas ang alon ditez.  Pero mas malinis naman 'to compared dun at mas maputi naman ng konti 'yung sand.
    Photo ops chuchu
    Second day was hot so we opted not to swim anymore.

    I heard this place gets packed on holy weeks. Glad that there were only few people who were there with us.
    Panoramic picture of Boracay de Cavite.
    You can see Corregidor Island and Mt. Mariveles across.

    When we were on the plane back to Manila, I saw that Corregidor island really looks like a sperm cell. I learned that when I went there several years ago but I only proved that it's legit this year. 
    And if you were wondering how the huts look like, tadaah. :))

    Since this beach is inside a marine base camp, you're only allowed to take pictures at designated areas. There are also not a lot of facilities, only a volleyball net, grills and two stores. I think this place is the place to be when you're on a tight budget. Wala kasing temptations na bumili ng kung ano ano o mag-water activities kaya siguradong di ka mapapagastos ng malaki.

    But who needs other things to do when you can spend your entire day swimming?

    P.S. Even if I said at the beginning of this post that this should be called Maangas Beach, there wasn't the slightest feel of "kaangasan" from the military/soldiers in area.

    Summit overlooking Corregidor Island
    Since we passed by Pico de Loro's jump off point, I scanned through our climb pictures because I wanted to confirm if this beach is one of the many coves that is seen from Mt. Palay-Palay's summit and it is. Had I recognized Corregidor Island immediately before, I would have looked at this view in a different way. I would have appreciated this from the summit more. Nakatingin lang kasi ako nun mostly sa monolith ehh kaya nakatalikod ako dito. :))

    If you believe that you're adventurous and healthy enough, you can climb Pico de Loro in the morning and head to beach in the afternoon. Oh Ternate, you give me nothing but good memories. Pico de Loro Climb blogpost link: here.

    You don't need connections from the Philippine Marines to enter. There's a checkpoint when you pass through the main gate but this beach is open to public.

    DAY - P 100.00/person
    OVERNIGHT - P 200.00/person
    BEACHFRONT COTTAGE ('yung may magandang babae na nakaupo sa mesa sa taas) - P 350.00

    0916-7336307/ 0905-4613766

    Thursday, July 10, 2014

    Korean Movie: Miracle in Cell No. 7

    7번방의 선물

    This is not a review. I only want to post something about it because my gherd, 
    I never thought that I'd cry all throughout the movie. I needed to let those tears out so the timing's just right if not a little late. You might say that I am overrating this film but this was really successful in moving me. My head is thumping, my nose is red and my eyes are swollen from too much crying. 

    I have a lot of Facebook friends who are also Korean enthusiasts so it's not surprising that I get to see Kpop, Kdrama, Kcuisine and Kmovie suggestions in my newsfeed. But then these past few weeks, even those whom I've never expected to, shared links of this movie entitled, "Miracle in Cell No. 7". I saw one who said that he hates the writer for making him cry. That was obviously a compliment because that meant that the writer was able to pull the correct strings that this became not only a heartwarming but also a heart-wrenching movie (whichever should come first). I've finished the movie 3 hours ago and I still feel like bawling. 

    Sometimes, I forget to be thankful or to appreciate life more especially when everything is normal and nothing "big" happens as days pass. I don't know, maybe it's because I get used to my normal life and usual happenings/problems that I forget that there's much room for improvement and there's much more to be thankful about... or again, it's just me. 

    In a world where some of our dreams are left unrealized (yet) and some of our wants are still not given/provided (yet), it becomes very easy to take everything for granted, right? Then this kind of movie comes and makes us remember for the nth time (1) how lucky we are for having the freedom to create and live a full, happy and worthwhile life (2) how we can comprehend the world and voice out our thoughts especially if we think we're being wronged (3) how we can choose to be the voices of those who can't (4) how we are all capable of loving people selflessly and be selflessly loved as well (5) how everyone deserves another chance no matter how dark his/her past was (6) how in a world of unfairness, you mostly have to fight the battle yourself (7) how there's always a possibility of forming bonds with other people like the kind of bond a family should possess- even stronger (8) how there are a lot of people who enjoy playing the blame game. TSK. (9) how you can choose not to be affected by them (10) how most of us are given the opportunities to act before it's too late. For #10, I am hoping for the best. May we spend the rest of our lives acting and not waiting for (bad) things to occur before we do something about them.

     This movie broke me but then just like the quote I've read before, it's when you're broken that the light comes in. I really have to practice being grateful for all the miracles - big and small - this life has been giving me. I am a forgetful (and lazy) person so I often forget to be thankful. Truly a process of learning, forgetting and re-learning at times. :))

    Kudos to everyone who is behind this film. You, guys, made me laugh and "weep" at the same time. I know that's it's more than a year late since it was released March 2013 but still, 축하드립니다.

    Tuesday, July 8, 2014

    Kogi Bulgogi, Gateway Mall

    Oh Korea, you're so fine. You're so fine you blow my mind. Hey Hanguk. :)))) Kk!

    I know I'm back at it again but you can't blame me since Korea Tourism Organization Manila has been posting Jeju Island package tours and seeing those in my facebook newsfeed brought back the intensity of my "desire to visit Korea" to 110%. 언젠가 진짜 갈거야, 한국. 정말 가고 싶다. 
    Like KTO Manila's facebook page too and share my pain of wanting something yet can't have it. Thank you!:)
    (but not having it now doesn't mean there's no chance of having it in the future, right? Still hopinggggg and claiminggggg and eventually make it happen...ingggg hahaha)

    At this point, I only have time, energy and undying will to go to Korea. So while I still don't have the money, I shall travel through food again so here's another Korean restaurant. :)

     한식도 다 먹고 싶다 

    If you're a Korean cuisine newbie, BIBIMBAP means mixed rice.

    BIBIM means mixed. 

    BIBI DA (비비다) is the verb form meaning to mix and BIBIM is, well, BIBIM. :))
    BAP means rice
    DOLSOT means stone pot

    So from it's name, it's mixed rice served in a stone pot. 
    The interior of Kogi Bulgogi
    Days ago, KTO Manila also posted that you should use chopsticks to mix the rice so it won't get too sticky.
    반찬도 다 좋아해 but the kimchi was waaaay too spicy for me.
    I found the taste so-so. Unfortunately for their bibimbap though, my expectation wasn't met. Something's lacking plus the fact that we were rushing to eat everything because we were almost late for Maleficent. Hindi ko talag na-appreciate. The crispy rice the dolsot produces (tutong. haha) wasn't liked by my friends also. They prefer the normal bibimbap more- bibimbap that is usually served in a stainless steel bowl.

     I'll try hoedupbap shall fate bring me back there because that got me curious. Imagine eating bibimbap with raw tuna as the ingredient. Sounds fun, I think.
    Just don't mind how this looks but this ramen was that meal's savior. hehehe. We liked this more than our bibimbap orders.

    Monday, July 7, 2014

    SM Mall of Asia and SM Megamall's Ice Skating Rink

    Winter fun all-year-round. 

    Our country is blessed with only two seasons and that's probably the reason why a lot of Filipinos dream of experiencing snow, white Christmas etc. at least once. I, myself, dream of experiencing snow someday and what is snow without skiing, ice skating , snowman-making ganyan di ba? So in preparation for that, I am trying to learn ice skating prior to my trip. (Baka may plano, noh? hahaha) Opening ko lang 'yan, medyo wala talaga siyang connect sa mga susunod na mailalagay dito. :))

    I went ice skating twice last May. One with my girl friends in Mall of Asia and the other in Megamall with my sister and my cousin's son. 

    The "planning" stage went like this: Since it was so hot then, we wanted to go to somewhere cold. Knowing us, it was very unlikely that we settle with just heading to the coldest mall we could think of and spend the entire day eating and watching movies. Since 2011, it became our tradition to do something unique everytime our BFF group goes out. Andyan na 'yung Pasig Ferry Cruise, Intramuros field trip, swimming and gym day, jogging kuno sa Venice Piazza (Of all places, diba? Sa Venice Piazza pa at tanghaling tapat. HAHAHA) etc.

    As we were searching online for the things that we can do na hindi kailangan mainitan at gumastos ng bongga, I stumbled upon SM Ice Skating's post last May 1, 2014... 

    That's me and my other group of friends in the picture. They used this without my/our consent and even removed the watermark I placed at the bottom. Picture link: here. I wasn't mad or anything but I shared the post in my facebook page saying how "talikodgenic" we were that SM even used our picture without permission.

    When my BFF girl friends saw the post, they got interested in trying out ice skating too so we did.
    When we were still looking at the skaters, we were considering backing out.

    "I think it would be best for us to just watch a movie or go bowling..." But our adventurous side insisted and said, "Whatever. Let's buy tickets now."
    It was my second time but the kuya still had to redo my laces. Wow, prinsesa lang.

    We looked like struggling skaters and the little girl whom I found really cute before we entered the rink approached us and our conversation kind of went this way:

    Girl: Ate, you don't know how to skate? Why you don't know how to skate?
    Me: 'Cause it's our first time. Can you teach us some techniques so we'd learn fast?

    She taught us some moves and skated away as we stood there trying to apply what we've learned but still struggling. Hahaha.

    She went back and told us, "Ate, kanina you don't know but now you know na?" The way that girl speaks reminds me of someone. Hehehehe. May chance ata ang future child/ren ko to talk that way. I also hope that my junakis will be as confident as her. 4 years old lang siguro 'yung batang 'yun. #assumera #bakamagingnanay hahahaha. 
    Kunyari ang galing galing ko mag skate picture.

     My third was in the ice skating rink of SM Megamall's newest building. 
    I like Megamall's ice skating shoes better.
    After an hour of circling the rink, we went out to eat at Kyochon Philippines link: here and rested a bit at Megamall's Prestige lounge link: here.
    I still don't watch movies at an SM Cinema but I make it a point to enter a prestige lounge to ask for a glass of iced tea and also because restrooms inside the lounge are better than other SM restrooms.

    Kami ng E-plus, patigasan lang kahit wala naman silang pakialam hahaha. Sobrang na-turn off lang ako sa SM Tickets at E-Plus kaya MEH pa rin kahit halos isang taon na ang nakalipas. Alam kong pino-promote nila ang tap to pay ngayon pero kung e-plus ang card na re-reloadan, okay na ko gumamit ng cash kahit sobrang mas convenient pa nun.
    Someday, Mt. Pinatubo!! <3
    Went back to the rink to skate some more before going home.
    Compared to my first and second, I became more relaxed and more confident the third time. Hindi pa rin ako nadudulas pero mas magaling na 'ko. At sa mas magaling na ibig sabihin ko... kasi kaya ko na ngayon na hindi humawak lagi sa gilid. 'Yun lang. Bow. 
    Lockers in Megamall are pricier. For one time open lang kasi so everytime you need to get something inside/open the door, tapos na 'yung rent mo. You'd have to pay P 40.00 for another usage. Lockers nila ay parang mga lockers sa KL Sentral link: here. Sa MOA kasi, baggage counter lang kaya kahit lumabas ka pero may receipt ka, 'yung isang bayad lang e okay na. Pero whatevs, these lockers are safer in their own way. 

    WEEKDAYS: P 300.00

    All day ice skating and inclusive of shoe rental. 

    Thursday, July 3, 2014

    Surprise me, July!

    "The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate."
    After 100 hours of contemplating about the things that have happened in my life since July last year (Joke lang! Nag backread lang ako dito ng konti. HAHA!), I couldn't help but be more thankful of all the blessings and problems life gave me and be more and more thankful for all the blessings and opportunities life will give me in the future 'cause I know that I'm into something more. 

    Last year I wrote a lot of plans for my July entry
    • TO SEE LEE MIN HO - I've seen him again the last time he went here in the Philippines last March. I haven't moved on 'cause if ever he comes back, expect me to be there again. I am also looking for his "Just Got Lucky" Bench shirt. Meron bang available nyan? If meron, I shall buy that soon! Anything for you, Min Ho oppa. :))
    • NEVER LEARNED HOW TO DRIVE. HAHAHA. - I have no plans of enrolling at a driving school in the near future. 
    • THOUGHT OF VOLUNTEERING AT PAWS - Natapos man ang 2013 na hindi ako volunteer at naulit man ang kasaysayan at hindi naman ako nakaipon dahil medyo na back to zero ako noong May 2014 e volunteer na ko sa PAWS (May 2014 Batch) under Direct Animal Care and Humane Education. 
    • SAVING? EATING? EXERCISING? What are those again? HAHAHAHAHA. 
    • ONCE A STUBBORN, ALWAYS A STUBBORN. Thank you, world for making me this way. 

    I don't have a lot of plans for now though. I only have this desire to successfully recover, revitalize and resuscitate my savings account. But July is my birth month, so good luck sa'kin. Sorry savings account pero kailangan mo muna siguro talaga magtyaga sa ICU phase mo, hindi ka mauubusan swear pero hindi ka pa rin muna magiging healthy agad agad. Pero sabi nga nila, the universe does not suffer from a shortage of grace... kailangan lang natin makilala ang God of Abundance kaya naniniwala akong kakayanin 'to. Claim lang ng claim.:D

    The past three months were crazy in a very-very-I-am-so-grateful way. Sobrang hello, travel department! DIZIZDALYF. Yes, I used up most of my money pero no regrets, as in.

    Thank you, life. 
    • rode an airplane, a coach, a bus, bicycle, boat...
    • been to 2 foreign countries (Malaysia and Singapore) and 7 Philippine provinces (Pampanga, Zambales, CALABARZON) 
    • slept at a sosyal resort rooms, not-so-sosyal resort rooms, other person's house, hostel, coach, sand, tent...
    • felt like a balikbayan while shopping at Subic and Pampanga Dutyfrees
    • successfully conquered my first mountain
    • and many many many more. Huhuhu. My gaaaaash, sobrang bet lalo nung one time nung Quezon at Zambales parang nagpahinga lang ako sandali tas nagpalit ng bag then goraboom na. 

    More to come. :)

    Since I am entitled a birthday wish(es) for this year..

    ULTIMATE BIRTHDAY WISH: Blogosphere Fairy God Mother, I don't know when and I don't know how but I want to go to Europe with my Mudra. I want us to join a European pilgrimage someday. (Medyo inspired by TFIOS 'to. I am not dying pero gusto ko ng sosyal na wish eh. Wala naman masama hehe)

    Anyway, I don't want to rush through life and I want to live it one step at a time. Mukha lang akong nagmadali sa weekly adventure ko nitong April at May. Wala naman contest and wala naman racing so for what di ba? Your success is not defined by other person's standards/success. Basta alam mo kung ano ka, na masaya ka, na worthwhile lahat ng ginagawa mo, na mai-improve someday ang buhay mo, mas okay pa 'yun sa okay. Bahala sila sa buhay nila. 

    May mga bagay na hindi ko kayang ma-control at wala rin naman akong magagawa kundi maghintay at maghanda pero alam kong andyan lang 'yan lahat (new places, new activities, new opportunities, new persons, new friends, new raket, more money ganyan.). Nakahanda na lahat para matanggap ko kaya maghihintay na lang ako... at magpapahinga ng konti ang bulsa. 

    Hintay na lang tayo para sa mga matatanggap natin. Ipon muna ulit sa ngayon. HUHU. Come on, money. Come to meeeeeeeeee. :))

    God Bless. <3
    "It's not how far you fall but how high you bounce that counts."
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