Thursday, April 30, 2015

Ayala Museum, Greenbelt & Merhaba Turkish Ice Cream, MOA

After years of just passing by at this museum in Greenbelt, I was finally able to go inside to take a look at the collections on display.

 It was prohibited to take pictures of the exhibits except for this diorama exhibit. 
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I won't be posting a lot of pictures since they're for you too see but here are some.
Outside the Intramuros is where Chinese merchants were forced to stay and trade during the Spanish Colonization Era.

 This place was called "Parian" but it's now the Binondo Chinatown. 
Calle Crisologo in Vigan. 
I wasn't blogging yet when I was able to go to this house in Cavite.
Here are the list of exhibits they have.
I didn't write a lot about the Ayala Museum because I don't want to spoil what's in there but it was worth it.

 Iba pa rin 'yung alam mo, lalo na dun sa diorama experience, 'yung pagkakasunod-sunod ng mga mahahalagang bahagi ng kasaysayan ng Pilipinas. 

After Ayala Museum, we went to Mall of Asia in hopes of seeing the sunset but the clouds covered the view. 

Anyway, I was able to try eating Turkish Ice Cream so going to MOA was still a good decision.
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Whenever I watched someone attempting to get his/her Turkish Ice Cream from the vendor, I was wondering what would my reaction be. I really thought that it would take me several years to try this so I am glad that there's a Turkish Ice Cream stall in Mall of Asia. Must try this summer! Although in all honesty, it wasn't the ice cream that I was wanting to taste, I just want the experience. And? As usual, nag-angas na naman ako. Ako na manuntok. :))  

Monday, April 27, 2015

Etude House's 10 in 1 Wonder Pore Freshner Review

It has been more than a year since I attempted to review a beauty product.

 I'm more than glad that I have found a product that kept my acne prone skin at bay so I'm sharing this to you. After several months years of using this, I am now concluding that this toner from Etude House, that I bought on impulse last December 2013, is a vital skincare product for me now. I only use two by the way: this toner and dove soap. Minsan bb cream pero iba na 'yon for cleansing, dove beauty bar (dove girl for 10 years and counting!) at ito lang. 

I have an oily, sensitive and acne prone skin. I can't even count how many times I had an acne breakout but then, I realized that those breakouts are because I used products that irritated my skin (such as facial, facial cleanser, excessive oatmeal scrub etc.) Cycle ng subok-breakout-balik dove. This is the reason why I now seldom try products on my face kasi okay lang 'yung paisa-isa o sige, pa tatlo-tatlo (or more minsan pag may topak ang fez ko! haha!) pero wag na ulit breakout. 

Oh, and I have visible pores on both my cheeks especially when it's hot but I've given up on wanting them to appear smaller. Shemay, daming issues sa buhay. Hahaha!

Until one day in December 2013, a friend mentioned that she bought this Wonder Pore Freshner and it worked "wonders" for her.

I, being the impulsive kind, bought one too and the largest size at that worth around P 900.00. I was thinking that if this worked for her then it must work wonders for me too.

I used it daily but my pores didn't appear smaller. Even if I didn't think that it worked, I still used it daily because it's worth P 900.00. Continued because even if it didn't work, there were no ugly effects. Sayang pera pag hindi nagamit eh. 
Until I ran out of the product in the last week of October 2014 and started developing whiteheads and pimples on my face again. Suss. Hormonal lang 'yon that was aggravated probably because I wasn't able to wash my face when we climbed Mt. Pulag (first week of November 2014). The whiteheads were because I only used wet wipes to clean my face for three consecutive nights. Why does this sound so unhygienic now????? Haha. Oh well, because mountain climbing. No need to explain myself further.

Days pass and it was getting so crazy (I
t wasn't the breakout kind of crazy pero bumalik na naman 'yung pa isa-isa or more pa nga ata! haha!) that I decided to repurchase this and from the 7 in 1 product of 2013, the Wonder Pore Freshner is now a 10 in 1 product. It was then that I realized that on those days when I thought this wasn't working, it was. I didn't develop pimples and whiteheads as frequent as I used to while using this.

What made me decide that this is now a skincare essential for me?

Because similar thing happened just recently. I wasn't able to repurchase again because I was busy and I went to Leyte for three days. Gosh, hindi dahil may allergy ako sa lakwatsa! Wag naman sana. Haha. At kung siguro, allergy nga, buti na lang may Wonder Pore Toner (... at dove beauty bar. Dove review din nga pala 'to. hehe)! Anyway, I was only able to repurchase when I got back and those whiteheads that developed on my chin started to disappear and I noticed no new ones were developing. Disappear ba talaga? Parang ang weird ng explanation na may disappear tas developing ahaha pero ganun na nga.
Buying the 500 ML bottle, although worth almost P 900.00, is a lot more economical than purchasing the smaller 250 ML bottle worth around P 500.00.

1st - Free cotton pads
2nd - The pump of the 500 ML container works well in dispensing the right amount of product in one use. 250 ML container doesn't have a pump.

 Isang pump lang para sa isang gamitan, 500 ML lasted around 10 months but the 250 ML lasted only around 4 months and it's all because of the pump.

Wonder Pore Freshner Toner may not have reduced the appearance of my pores but it has managed to make my skin less prone to pimples and whiteheads so I'm definitely buying this again. Kahiya pls. Oo na, hindi naman perfect 'yung skin ko pero ang mahalaga talaga sa'kin e 'yung wala ko masyadong pimples, whiteheads kaya kering keri! 

For pores, primer na siguro, noh?




Saturday, April 25, 2015

Affordable Resorts at Brgy. Pundaquit, San Antonio, Zambales

I was tasked to decide for our vacation/day tour place this year and it was really difficult especially when I had to make the expenses as low as possible. Shemay. Challenge! Ang mahal halos lahat! Huhuhu. I can't even count how many times I googled, "Mura, affordable, maganda, malapit, na resort sa Manila." Kaya kapag meron na may ganyang problema rin, ito ang possible solution. Murang cottage para sa day tour saka walang entrance fee na babayaran. 

Okay sana sa Quezon kaso sa mga magandang beach, may expenses pa for boat rides.
Okay sana sa Batangas kaso kagagaling lang nung iba naming kasama dun.

So I thought of Brgy. Pundaquit in San Antonio, Zambales. Although it's more known as the jump off point to the famous coves of Anawangin and Nagsasa, the beach of Pundaquit is also worth going to. I mentioned here in my blog before na "Okay naman dun kaso kasi gusto namin ng more adventure kaya nag-boat pa kami."

On our way to Zambales which is approximately 3 1/2 hours away from Q.C when you're going to pass through, NLEX and SCTEX. I was kind of praying na sana ma-enjoy na nila saka sana makahanap kami ng mura. Hindi naman ako binigo ng Pundaquit. Enjoy naman! Maganda na, mura pa.

Tama na kaka-intro. Ito na. :)
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Across the resorts, you can see Capones Island and Camara Island.

I've been to Capones Island before link: here.
Mt. Pundaquit.

For mountaineers, they have "Mt. Pundaquit Climb traverse to Anawangin Cove" kasi nasa likod ng mga bundok na 'yan 'yung mga coves ng Anawangin, Nagsasa at Talisayen. Pero 'yun na nga, additional expenses pa 'yon sa boat kaya dito na lang kami nag-stay sa Pundaquit Beach mismo. Saka, hehe, ayaw nila ng walang signal at kuryente.

Nga pala, don't be surprised to see a lot of boats in the area since Bgy. Pundaquit is a fishing village. 
The beach isn't the cleanest I've been to. May mga naka-kalat na basura sa shoreline na minsan, sumasama na rin sa tubig. Konti na lang pwede ka na kumanta ng "Nakaligo ka na ba sa dagat ng basura?" dahil sa mga nakalutang na kung ano.

Hindi naman kailangan na babaan ng sobra ang standards, konting linis lang dito sa area e lalong mas okay. Tignan mo, clear ang tubig kasi visible pa 'yung legs kong sexy eh.
There are fishes swimming with us. Ganda nila. Hehe.
But I think, adventurous people would always be adventurous so we decided to hire a boat to Camara Island. 
These mountains make Pundaquit stand out from the rest. Ganda ganda!
Although I enjoyed swimming in Pundaquit beach, I liked the water of Camara Island more.

Mas malinis dito saka mas maganda tignan 'yung view. 
Hindi kagaya nung sa Pundaquit beach, ganito dito sa Camara. Parang pang-aquarium kaya medyo masakit sa paa.
They said that there's a sandbar here during low tide. Huhu. Sayang. Kainis!! Wala kaming nakita.

Kalanggaman Island and Sandbar, Palompon, Leyte link: here.
Boat ride back to Pundaquit.

I wasn't intending to swim here at Camara but upon seeing the water there, huhu, sige na nga.
Na-sobrahan ata ako sa dasal. Hahahaha!

Babalik daw kami dito sa June kaya baka magkita pa tayo. Yep, sana nga matuloy. Gusto ko pa makita 'yung sandbar ng Camara Island eh!


Okay naman na dito na lang kasi mas matipid dahil wala ng boat ride, wala rin entrance fee tas may signal pa at kuryente kaso 'yun nga, may basura minsan na nakalutang.

Okay din sa Camara Island kaso walang cottage dun at di marami ang puno kaya pano pag mainit masyado, diba?

Kung di kalakihan ang budget nasa P 750.00/10 persons lang isang araw para sa cottage e okay na di ba? Hindi ka naman bibiguin ng view sa Brgy. Pundaquit tas maghanap na lang sa kahabaan ng shoreline kung san 'yung mas malinis na part.

We stayed at Megan's Beach Resort but I wasn't able to get their contact number.

Dyan kami sa kubo for 8-10 persons na whole day use PHP 750 pero may mga available cottages for overnight stay na hindi ko nakuha 'yung presyo.

Okay naman 'yung CR although changing room lang tas sa labas 'yung shower.

No entrance fee.

See again very very soon, San Antonio!

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Wee Nam Kee's Rice Toppings &

Because I got depressed when I learned that Lee Min Ho's dating, I had to turn to food that brings me comfort. For that day, it was Singaporean cuisine again. It has been a month since I read the article so I have already forgotten intensity of my emotions that day but yeah, it was really a sad and shocking news.

 I'm trying to be happy for him these days.. HAHAHAHA! Apektado talaga. Kailangan nagk-kwento. Kailangan nagpapaliwanag. 

Di ko na rin maalala kung ito ba 'yung Barbecued Pork Rice o Roasted Pork Rice basta Pork Rice 'to.

Wee Nam Kee never fails me. We ordered the most affordable rice meal (naka-promo pa nga ata 'to na 20% off noon. P 190.00 ang original price pero nasa P 145.00 lang ata nung kumain kami), the serving was enough, the food was definitely delicious, and the service was great. Yep, made me happy! Tumaas ng konti ang happiness meter as soon as we left the restaurant. Good choice ang Wee Nam Kee.

A photo posted by Tin Gallemaso (@xtintina) on

For Lee Min Ho, whom I liked for the last six years, I'm letting you go. Lahat naman ng sakit, pino-proseso lang. Oo, kaya kitang kalimutan. Matagal siguro pero kaya! Kakayanin kasi dapat kayanin! Haaaaay, lakas ko pa magpaturo kung paano i-type ng maayos 'yung "IKAW LANG SAPAT NA" tas malalaman kong may bae kang iba! Edi wow!

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Muntanga pls. :)))) It was fun while it lasted. Fun talaga. Naglaro lang? De, syempre he deserves all the happiness he can get so fangirls should be supportive of all his decisions, diba? Pero... pero kailangan talaga mag-draw ng line somewhere. Huhuhu. Hindi pwedeng mag-hold on to something that's no longer doing you good. Saka, kahit 'yun talaga lagi kong unang tinitignan, ayoko na sa lalakeng may dimples!!!!!!!! WAHAHAHA. 

Sorryyyyy, ang OA ko, noh? Pero okay na rin na after 1 month bago ko 'to na-post kasi mas OA ako nung March. May linyahan pa kong, "Ayoko na pangarapin pumunta ng South Korea! Nag-jowa na si LMH!!!!" Joke, life. Joke lang 'yon talaga. :))) Take me to Korea someday, universe!! I'll wait. <3

Monday, April 20, 2015

KKK: Food Revolution's Ilokanong Bagnet

Sabi ni Kuya Waiter ng KKK e ito ang "Binabalik-balikang Ilokanong Bagnet dito sa KKK." Binabalik-balikan? WOW! Di nga? Big words! hehehe.

But upon having my first bite, the crispiness of the skin and the tenderness of the meat proved the waiter's claim right. We all agreed that ordering this piggy-tarian specialty was worth the added body fats. OA. Mataba naman na talaga. :))
A photo posted by Tin Gallemaso (@xtintina) on  PDT
KKK's version of Ilokanong Bagnet is, so far, the best tasting Bagnet I have had. Yes, even better than the one I had in Ilocos.

Saka sanay ako sa bagnet na sinasawsaw sa sukang Iloko kaya medyo may gulat nung nakita kong ang sawsawan na kasama nito e kamatis, sibuyas saka bagoong isda at oo, bagay naman pala. 

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Kalanggaman Island and Sandbar, Leyte

The paradise of Eastern Visayas Region: Kalanggaman Island in Palompon, Leyte. 

I have always wanted to see a sandbar but I have not made a plan on going to one because none of the sandbars on the list I read is located in Luzon. A proof is that I have no mention of such desire in any post here in my blog although I was kind of vocal about it. Madalas kasi, pag may gusto ko puntahan nababanggit ko kahit sa isang post lang pero wala pala kong nalagay tungkol sa sandbar kasi siguro inisip ko rin na medyo impossible pa. In short, it never occurred to me that I'll be able to visit one soon. Pano pa 'to na second quarter of 2015 pa lang, 'di ba? But thankfully, I'm now here sharing my experience to you. Grabe. Kilig to the bones!

 'Yung details kung paano saka kung bakit ako napadpad sa Leyte e pinag-iisipan ko pa kung ilalagay ko ba rito pero ito na nga muna, Kalanggaman Island: My accidental dream come true. :">



  • The gateway via air to Leyte is the Tacloban Airport but it's now under rehabilitation (April 14 - April 30, 2015).
  • From Tacloban Airport, you may ride a jeep or a van that would drive you west of Leyte to Palompon and this will take you approximately 2 1/2 hours to 3 1/2.
  • From the terminal, you may ride a tricycle or jeepney that would take you to Palompon Tourism Office.
  • From the Tourism Office, you may hire a private pumpboat (rates are available below) and the boat ride will take you from 45 minutes to an hour.


  • From Cebu City port, you may ride a ship that is bound to Ormoc or Palompon, Leyte and this will take around 3 to 4 hours then follow the directions above.
  • From Malapascua or Daangbantayan, resorts and/or boatmen are offering trips to Kalanggaman.

Here are the current rates and the contact numbers of Palompon's Tourism Office.
Before the pumpboat leaves, one staff from the Tourism Office will orient you.

1. You will be given two garbage bags. One for non-biodegradeable and one biodegradeable.
2. You're not allowed to swim in the part of the sandbar because the waves there are strong.
3. You're not allowed to take home shells and sands from the island.

"Take nothing but pictures, bring nothing but memories and leave nothing but footprints." - Chief Si ahl

Ako may sabi...
#4.  Mga mahuhuling magkakalat at mag-uuwi ng kung ano e ilalaglag sa dagat habang pabalik ng Palompon. Hahaha. Pero seryoso, respeto pls. Kaya nga may binigay na basurahan eh at ano naman gagawin mo dun sa buhangin at mga batong iuuwi mo? Itatapon mo lang din naman 'yon.
Ayan na siya. <3
Hindi pa nga nagsi-sink in sa'kin noon na andun na ko eh. Wala, sobrang ganda talaga.
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'Yung time na nagb-boat kami e oras 'yon ng labasan ng mga dolphin pero dahil malakas 'yung alon e wala kaming nakita. 

Sobrang linis at clear ng tubig kaya pag tingin mo e parang nakalutang lang 'yung boat. Although nakalutang lang naman talaga 'yon. Muntanga lang ako mag-describe forevs. Hahahaha!!
As soon as I placed my bags at our cottage, I walked straight to the sandbar. And yes, I haven't eaten my breakfast nor applied sunscreen. Yan. Yan. Tas magre-reklamo ako na ang itim ko saka nangangayayat ako. Hahahaha. Jk lang. Maitim pero hindi payat.
I didn't expect the sandbar to be that long. Perfect for a morning walk!
Hirap mag-decide kung alin ang maganda..., 'yung island mismo, 'yung mga puno sa likod, 'yung sandbar o ako? HAHAHA. Jk. Sandbar syempreeeeeee. :))))
May parts na maliliit na shells and corals.
May part na powdery white sand. White talaga 'to tignan to beige e sobrang init kaya overexposed 'yung ibang pictures.
'Yung tubig sa magkabila ng sandbar e parang yinyang. 'Yung isa kalmado, 'yung isa naman e sobrang lakas. Malakas kasi 'yung hangin na papunta dun sa isang direskyon kaya 'yon. Kbye. Haha. 
Panoramic View
Panoramic View taken at the end part of the sandbar. <3
Shampoo commercial eh. 
Thanks, Head and Shoulders and Creamsilk gold para sa buhok kong may stunning shine at mabango pa rin kahit maaraw. HAHAHAHA!
Dalawang beses akong naglakad dito sa kahabaan na 'to kahit sobrang init ng sikat ng araw dahil sa kadahilanang hindi ko rin alam o maamin.

A video posted by Tin Gallemaso (@xtintina) on

Kalanggaman Island is called Kalanggaman because you'll find a lot of ants in the island. Joke. Kalanggaman means bird in their language.
Island Tour.
Ansabe buti may papaya soap at may sunblock. hehehe. 
You'll find this small chapel of St. Francis in the other end of the island.

Aside from swimming, you may rent a kayak, snorkeling gears etc.

Sorry, EDSA Shangri-La pero kung gandang natural lang naman ang pag-uusapan e sa Kalanggaman Island na ko magpapaka-sirena. hehehe. So masakit sa mata 'yung saltwater but it was surprising that the water remained cold even if it was so sunny.
At sorry rin, Blue Lagoon ng Ilocos but Kalanggaman Island now tops my list of the Most Beautiful Beaches that I've been to.
HAHAHA! Selfie pa more.
And we headed back to Palompon. <3

I don't know if they also rented those but aside from the huts, some people who spent the night were staying in tents.
There is no fresh water supply in the island. There's a water pump but the water that's coming out from the pump is salt water.
There are policemen in the island for the safety of the tourists.
Will definitely be back for more of Palompon, Leyte.

And, I heard that it was the Quezon City Government who adopted Palompon after typhoon Yolanda ravaged the area. Maganda kaya congratulations to Q.C Government because infrastractures, like this area of the Tourism Office, were built well and are still in good condition.

Friday, April 10, 2015

Paano Mag Airasia Web Check-in?

I've just checked ourselves in hence this post. Airasia Web check-in can be done 14 days to 1 hour before your scheduled flight. 

Anong advantage ng Web Check-in?
Especially to those who travel light/ to those who don't check their luggages in, this is a great help 'cause you won't have to fall in line to get your boarding pass. If your checking your luggages in, you would still have to wait for the counter to open but your line would be shorter since it's exclusive for those who've also checked in online, pregnant, senior citizens... and based on experience, it's way shorter.

For example e nasa NAIA Terminal 4 ng domestic ka, bago ka makarating sa waiting area tapos travel itinerary lang dala mo di ba maghihintay ka pa na mag open 'yung counter? Pag nakapag check-in ka na, diretso ka na dun sa waiting area kaagad. Papakita mo lang 'yung boarding pass mo sa guard tas tapos na. Hintay ka na lang ng boarding time.

Step by step talaga akong nag screenshot eh at sobrang ganda kung paano ko tinakpan 'yung mga details. Hahahaha.

Dun sa travel itinerary na is-send sa e-mail mo kapag nagpa-book ka, makikita mo 'to. Pindutin 'yung web check-in. Pag may account ka sa Airasia, pwede naman na dun mo na lang i-diretso. Log in tas check-in.
Supply the necessary information.
Pag within 14 days pa rin 'yung return flight, check-in mo na rin para isang beses mo na lang gagawin 'to.
You will be given the option to increase your check-in luggage limit, change your seats, etc before the check-in process ends.
If successful, you'll have your boarding pass ready to be printed or have it sent to your e-mail if you're not connected to a printer. But be sure to print the document because this serves not only as your boarding pass but your ticket as well. Di ka makakapasok ng airport kapag wala kang mapapakitang ganito.

Ito 'yung itsura nung ip-print mong boarding pass.
 May name, reserved seat number, booking number, destination etc.

For domestic flights, boarding gate opens 40 minutes before your scheduled flight.

Ito na lang 'yung ipapakita mo sa boarding gate tas pupunitin na lang 'yung lower portion nito bago ka maka-akyat sa plane. Madali lang, noh?

Don't forget your ID.
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