Friday, December 30, 2016

USA 2016: Back home! DBX - MNL (Emirates Airline)

Flying with Emirates is very comfortable even if you're just in an economy class seat. I would love to fly with them again someday... to Dubai and Europe, perhaps? Since most of the people I flew with, if their destination wasn't the Middle East then it was somewhere in the continent of Europe. 

I wasn't able to request for a seat though since all the flights were full but thankfully, I was given an aisle seat. It was still better than to stay in the middle and excuse myself whenever I wanted to go stretching or to the restroom. 

Even so, I was really tired since I barely slept that night and I was nearing more than 24 hours of consecutive sunlight and then I had an 8 hour lay over in the airport. I know the feelings are in my Instagram posts 'cause that was where I poured out all the pain and all but I'm over that now so I'd rather not post those here again. haha!

You can find a lot of products for sale in Dubai Airport. Pero diba, life. At least naka apak ng Dubai. Haha! I bought walnuts for my mom and chocolates for my sister. Iba pa rin syempre pasalubong kung from Dubai. hehe

We were given free food vouchers by Emirates. I didn't feel like eating so I chose Costa in hopes that they serve matcha but all they had was the plain tea soooo...

Got used to being alone already. Hahaha! Pero seryoso, one change is that I am now at ease even if I'm alone in an unfamiliar place. Someday, I'll travel alone too. :D

I took this picture but there's an English translation that flashes in the screen too. It took a while before they released the terminal and gate number of our flight. Arrived there past 8 PM and my flight back to the Philippines was 3:40 AM. That much change of timezone but my body didn't feel jet lagged at all. 

I had to ride this train to transfer to another terminal while carrying my heavy backpack plus the new souvenirs I bought but I'd love to do that over again. :))

After 8 hours, it's home. <3

I felt kinda weird, really. All I know is that I want to leave the Philippines again. 

What a way to welcome me, Manila. haha! It took us six hours to drive from NAIA to Home. Haaaaay. Traffic is getting worse and worse.

Thank you, Las Vegas! You'll always be my home away from home. 

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

USA 2016: Disneyland, LAX to DBX (Emirates Airline)

Good thing Disney Paradise Pier Hotel has a shuttle to Los Angeles Airport so I rode that. It costs $30 but the driver dropped me off exactly at the gate of Emirates Airlines - No hassles. 

HAHA. Imagine that I was feeling down while I was within the compound of the "Happiest Place on Earth"

The last time for that journey that I passed through the Interstate. If I were to rank the places in California by that which I like the most, it's San Francisco - San Diego - Los Angeles. Seriously left big pieces of my heart in Las Vegas and San Fo. <3

I cried.

Does it make sense that I cried?! HAHAHAHA.
As soon as I was walking to enter the airport, tears were falling. As I sat down waiting for the baggage check-in counter to open, I was crying too. HAHAHAHA. K, Tin. Last mo na 'yon.

I got there a little bit early for my flight so I looked around the airport first. Will this be my lucky charm to London?? haha!

I still feel awkward though whenever I take selfies and I'm alone but I'm trying to get used to it. I might get myself a better camera or phone for selfies just because. hehe. 

Bye, America!

I lost that bag tag already but it was, indeed, a lucky trip for me.


Emirates' Menu for that flight. It's a fifteen hours flight. Tbh, I need more getting used to with the smell of their food but those I had were all good. The whole flight was very comfortable. No wonder Emirates Airline is the number 1 airline. 

I was in the window seat though I practically had no window of my own. The cabin lights were off almost the whole flight anyway and it's sunny outside so no one of those from the window seat left their window open. I'm just glad I had this much legroom and I didn't have to excuse myself whenever I stand or go the restroom.

Got used to the lasinggera lifestyle, I needed to ask the stewardess for some Baileys and some wine so I can sleep on the flight. hahaha. Of course, same as my flight LAX, Lloydie was there with me. 

Also, there's wifi onboard for this flight so that made it more enjoyable. I mean, I was tweeting, talking to friends, and posting things on Instagram while up in the air. I even told someone that I was already in Russia. Hahaha! They thought that it was a stop-over in Russia when the reality was I sent that message while flying over Russia.

I was there looking at that view for a lot of times too. hehe! I'll miss you, Bellagio. You were the first hotel I visited in Las Vegas after all. 

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Twin Peak Day Hike: Mt. Pamitinan and Mt. Hapunang-Banoi, Rizal

I didn't log the transportation expenses of this hike especially because I didn't expect that it will take me this long before I'm finally able to blog about my first Twin Peak Day Hike which are Mt. Pamitinan and Mt. Hapunang-Banoi. Nalimutan ko na tuloy pero definitely less than 500 PHP. (We're from Tandang Sora)

This could be a triple peak day hike if you can include Mt. Binacayan or a pentalogy hike with Mt. Sipit-Ulang and Mt. Ayaas. I don't have the confidence (yet!) to join a pentalogy any time soon though I've climbed all five already on different days. (Mt. Binacayan and Mt. Ayaas Twin Peak Dayhike will be posted sometime in the future!)

I also don't have the number of our guide but his name is Jeric. Maybe you can just look for him there. 

And as usual, I'm too stressed out to take pictures of the trail. 

Buti pa this dog. Sleeping lang.

I don't really get why I'm choosing a day long hike over sleep, over food trip and over updating this blog. Chos! It took me several months before finding my hiking buddies. All thanks to my fellow Team Aldous Blogger, Issa! <3

One of the picture spots in Mt. Hapunang Banoi. haha! We were to tired to continue the trail so we rested for a while and found a big rock where we took pictures with. 

Hikes and Selfies. <3

A photo posted by Tin Gallemaso (@xtintina) on

First peak for that day. 

The trails of both Hapunang - Banoi and Pamitinan had big limestone rocks with sharp edges that's why both mountains are challenging. I wouldn't dare hike without hand gloves.

We went back to the junction where we took our lunch. I bought myself a Chicken Mcdo but hiking lunch is much better with a canned tuna, HAHAHAHA. 

After resting for a bit, we continued hiking to Mt. Pamitinan.

The trail was also challenging. The rocks were not as sharp as those in Hapunang Banoi but the trail felt much steeper. As in, everytime na titingin ako sa trail na pataas, napapabugtong-hininga na lang ako. Ano 'to, bes? Walang hanggan? Buti pa 'to walang hanggan. Chos! 

There's this picture spot before reaching the peak and we had to wait there for an hour just so we can have our own "kodak moment."

While waiting, we overheard a group of firstimers and one said, "Sa susunod, mag Enchanted Kingdom na lang tayo." HAHAHA! Nako, ate! 'Yan din sinasabi ko lagi pero lagi pa rin akong napapadpad sa bundok. 

A photo posted by Tin Gallemaso (@xtintina) on

This is the rock where almost all "buwis-buhay" pictures in Mt. Pamitinan are taken. 

We then proceeded to the summit and in there was the group who took forever while taking pictures with the rock earlier so we decided to skip taking pictures in the summit 'cause we wanted to go back to Q.C by 4 PM. 

That is Mt. Binacayan. HAHAHAHAHA.

"Sa susunod dun naman tayo..."


Isa rin ako eh. >.<

Sunday, December 11, 2016

USA 2016: Barona Casino Buffet, San Diego, California

Pictures from the best buffet I ate at while in the states. <3

USA 2016: Barona Casino, San Diego, California

I'll just show you pictures from Barona Casino in San Diego where we stayed for two nights. <3

We stayed at the highest floor and I've had two encounters with fellow Filipinos while riding the elevator...

"Anong floor mo, iha?"
"7th po."
"Wow! Mga high rollers pala kayo eh."


1010, nakiki- high roller ever since she came to America. HAHAHA! 

MY HAIRRRRRRRR. Pa-rebond na koooo. </3

View outside our hotel room.

Loosest slots?? Huhuhuhuhuhuuhuhuhu. Hirap ng buhay na. :)))

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