Friday, February 26, 2016

Churches for Visita Iglesia in Laguna (with Map)

Here are the churches we visited for last year's Visita Iglesia hehe posting this now because Lent 2016 has started. I'll be linking at the end of this post our other Visita Iglesias or just click the church tag in sidebar for all the churches that I've posted about.  

We were only able to visit 4/7 but I'm giving you the complete list. 
The churches are located on the areas where the stars are just to give you an idea but I have also embedded an interactive google map below.

For the churches, what we visited are part of the Laguna Loop or those found near/surrounding Laguna Bay. The churches are all decade old churches (built during the Spanish Colonization Era) so history-wise they're very interesting to visit as well. Even if there are a lot of stories these churches have, I won't mention their history because my goal is to just identify churches that are part of the loop. 
St. John the Baptist Church
Calamba, Laguna

When we got there, it was only the time did I realize that we've already attended a mass there after swimming at a hotspring in Pansol, Laguna.
St. Agustine Church/ Simbahan ng Bay
Bay, Laguna
Interior of Simbahan ng Bay

After this, we were supposed to go to St. Anthony de Padua / Church of Pila but ironically we lost our way when we were about the visit the patron saint of those who have lost things.

We found a church on the way but it isn't a part of the Laguna Loop so I am not posting it here.
So went to Pagsanjan which turned out to be our last stop for that day because of the heavy traffic in the area. One national government official and one local government official (not naming names but may God bless their souls and their heartfelt desire to serve us Filipinos!) were there that time so they had a lot of escorts and guards that made the already crowded area more congested.
Our Lady of Guadalupe Church
Pagsanjan, Laguna
Do you also believe that lighting up candles of different colors (based on what you're praying for) is more effective than just lighting a white candle?
Altar of Our Lady of Guadalupe Church

Here's an interactive google map for your convenience because I'm feeling extra helpful today. Charot. :))) I'll try to embed maps in my travel posts from now on.

I've plotted the locations of all the seven churches.

You may click on the letters to know the names and details of the churches.

The URL of this map link: here.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Manicure at KitcheNails, Trinoma

In one of my most recent stressful days, I'm really glad there's KitcheNails in Trinoma where I can go to for some de-stressing. 

Here's a picture of their comfortable waiting area.
There's a feet soak even for those only availing pedicure.

Notice how they use non-stick pan and place mat for this. 
I recently learned that my aunt went to a nail spa only to leave the spa with infection because of the dirty tools that the spa used. One thing that you'd notice when you're in KitcheNails is how they're sterilizing everything - from your hands, feet up to all the tools that their using for each client.
There you go, my red nails using Orly Nail Polish only at KitcheNails, Trinoma, 3rd level.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

How do we connect?

Di na 'ko tinantanan ng mga PREX-like encounters. 

 If you've been reading this blog especially posts like this, there's a possibility that you know/understand me better than most people I know/meet in person. There isn't enough time for heart to heart talks especially in groups and this is where the therapeutic properties of blogging comes in for me. I don't tell everything here but the process of putting thoughts into words without caring if somebody's going to read it or not is something that had helped me whenever I'm feeling unwell - just like now. Ka-level ng heart to heart talks eh. It's already 3 AM and I can't sleep but I also couldn't do the things that I should be doing. 

 Anyway, this morning my Aunt called us for a reunion and meeting because she's self-publishing a book later this year and she's looking for a family member who would like to publish as well. I am putting this here since her book is going to be a public thing soon (bili ka ha? hehe). 
I'll tell you a little background of our mother side's family. My mom is the youngest in the family and that's the reason why those members that are of my age range are not my cousins but their sons and daughters whom most are not close to me. Most of my cousins grew up together while we were born in the time when they were also busy with their personal lives that get-togethers were never done up until last Saturday and yesterday upon the invitations of my aunt. 

One activity we did was answer the questions, "What good did you do for your family, friends, strangers?" "What was your biggest mistake and what did you do to correct it?"

My biggest mistake so far is.... and what I am doing to correct it is still ongoing haha. My reason for sponsoring a child in World Vision, which I have been doing for more than three years now, is a way of paying forward and to give my child hope and the chance to do things as well. 

In the process of answering questions, I told the daughter of my cousin whom I see during some celebrations but we never held conversations, "I feel you." Understandable because we are both in the stage wherein a lot of transitions are happening. You can't force everyone to understand your struggles but you can find someone who's experiencing the same things. Right at that moment of instant connection, I have again allowed someone to know me more and see beyond the thick and high walls I built for bottling up my emotions. It's never easy to let someone see our cracks and hear the stories that we have withheld but the freeing act has to be done and this, I think, is what the universe is trying to teach me. Maybe it's about time to allow myself to feel that deeper form of intimacy and greater love from more people - things I am always trying to get away with because they're uncomfortable. But I think I should try to feel more comfortable, diba? It's not like I can be this way forever. Haha.

Our lives crossed at this very moment probably because you were looking for reviews, itineraries or anything under the sun that I have posted about here. In the course of your life, you got to meet me somehow and find out my thoughts. There's a common thing that led us to each other's lives but unless we make an effort to reconnect then "our path" is only up to this point. I won't know about how you came across my blog (or sabihin mo kaya?) but I am glad for this opportunity to have you in this one-sided talk. So for the people that we are going to meet, exerting effort to understand and find more things in common are better than just knowing him/her on the surface. In Filipino Psychology we have this term, "kapalagayang loob" or your confidant. 'Yan ang one goal we should have in this life. Ang magkaroon ng mga taong pagbubuksan natin ng loob at makapagpapalagayan ng loob. 

Thank you for reading and I'd like to tell you that I hope that we can both meet people who will 1. accept us despite knowing our stories that aren't pretty. 2. connect with us and love us even after sharing our weaknesses. 3. be inspired by the life we live and vice versa. I'm not saying that you should tell all your vulnerabilities, regrets, and weaknesses to everyone you meet, meron lang talagang special encounters and appropriate timing. 

As for the person my aunt's looking for who can author and publish a book in the future... hahahahahaha. Ansabe. Paka-loyal na lang ako sa blogosphere. Apat na taon na nga oh. Baka pag nag publish ako ng sarili kong libro, mabaliw na lang tayong dalawa. hahahahaha.

Monday, February 15, 2016

Agape Pastries and Tartines, Congressional Avenue Extension

Sobrang lapit lang nito sa'min, Bakit hindi ko siya agad na-discover?! Haha. Don't let this happen to you, punta na sa Agape Pastries and Tartines sa Chimes Square, Congressional Avenue Extension!
As a North person who would rather stay home than brave the South traffic for a get together with friends or to eat out, the blooming number of restaurants we have here is definitely heavent-sent! Not to mention, hindi lang sila basta basta. Haha. The interior of Agape kind of reminded me of Greenbelt restos. haha. 
Make sure to visit them soon!

Here below are some food that you may be having. :)
Sobrang ganda ng interior!

Tatlong beses na 'kong nagpa-take out nitong creme brulee nila. Guys, seryoso 'to, bili kayo pag bagong luto. Ang sarap pag mainit pa! haha. 

Cafe Breton, Cliffhouse, Tagaytay

Japanese Restaurant in Tagaytay City: Aozora Japanese + Bistro at Domecillo Hotel.

Back in the day when our default gala place was Tagaytay, we would always search for things to do and restaurants to try- that was years 2012-2013. Cliffhouse was one of the places we looked forward to visiting but unfortunately, that group of friends and I was never able to go there. Anyway, I've mentioned this in my wrapping up post for 2015 that I had the chance to rekindle old friendships last October and the fated place of our bonding session was in Cliffhouse. 

I know that the background story is unnecessary haha I just felt like putting it. :))

Taal from Cliffhouse's viewing area. Someday I shall trek there.
Here's Deja Vu.
Mango, special cream sauce, caramel syrup, ice cream, whipped cream
P 248.00

This is a safe menu item especially for people who loves eating mango. The flavors complement each other very well... huh, hahaha. May pagka Valentine's sa bagay naman lahat ng lasa. 
I didn't get to taste Butter and Sugar with Lemon Crepe pero masarap daw.
And then ginger tea tastes a whole lot better with some honey. 
Cliffhouse Finally. :))

Ano pa ba meron sa Tagaytay? True!! Traffic. Maraming traffic. :)))

Banana, chocohazelnut spread, chocolate sauce, grand marnier flambe.

This was funtastyc! And a cause of shock for my younger sister who ordered this without knowing what flambe was. The taste of alcohol added character to the already flavorful combination of the different ingredients this crepe has. It also balanced the sweetness of having chocolate spread and sauce and ice cream in one bite, also you'd feel the contrast of hot and cold in your mouth more on flambed crepes compared to the regular ones.

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Davao Trip 2016: Day 2: Toryano's and People's Park

 We skipped having dinner at Jack's Ridge and went back to the hotel instead. We were all tired so we wanted to rest for a bit before eating. 

We walked around looking for a restaurant and we found Toryano's near People's Park. 
I wanted to go as far as Sta. Ana's Wharf but since we were tired, we settled for this. 
Food and service are both okay.
We then entered People's Park though we only took some pictures and went back to the hotel. 
Best to visit this in the morning. 
We weren't able to go around the whole park but still fine.

Friday, February 12, 2016

Dentist near SM North EDSA in Quezon City

Ikaw? Sino nagpapangiti sa'yo? 

Ako, nasa Road 2 ng Pag-asa, malapit sa SM North EDSA at Our Lady of Hope Parish, Quezon City. Haha. 

I saw a post in Facebook wherein an online seller was selling a DIY braces and she's surprisingly getting a lot of responses from interested buyers. Dental braces is not something to DIY! Jusko! Maawa kayo sa ngipin niyo at matakot kayo sa peligrong maaaring idulot nun. Up to this moment, I wore teeth braces 35% of my entire life and the process is something only a competent and a licensed person can do. Hindi lang 'yan basta dinikit sa ngipin tas tapos na. Dentists and orthodontists aren't spending time learning about teeth for nothing.  

Here's my story.

I am not blessed with straight and beautiful set of teeth. haha! Remembering how they look like x years ago, it almost seemed like it's impossible to make them look better but hey they did. 

 Back then I wouldn't even laugh out loud nor attempt to show my teeth to anyone. My biggest insecurity, my teeth, chewed off my self-confidence.  HAHAHAHA! Sobrang akward lang for me this topic. :)))

Anyhow here's a picture from my kulot, payat, and with braces days. 
"Siguro ang higpit ng parents mo, pati ngipin mo pinabakuran eh."

Also, it was only during the 75% of my life's 35% did I start showing my teeth in pictures kaya mukhang maayos na 'yung dalawang pictures sa taas. Actually when I first posted a picture of me showing my teeth in Facebook, the usual comment was like, "Uy, sa wakas, pinakita mo na ngipin mo!" K. 

 Ge. Basta, to make the story short, I'm just thankful for my teeth and the persons who made this possible. Kasi sa totoo lang, I can't imagine my life was my teeth not fixed. 

A photo posted by Tin Gallemaso (@xtintina) on

If you're looking for a dentist (siguradong magaling at reasonably-priced), contact Dra. Mel Aurigue at 9298281. Thanks. ;)

How to Activate Fund Transfer to Anyone (BPI)

One thing that I found really convenient and time-saving is the fund transfer to anyone function of BPI's Mobile App.

I've done this a lot of times for a lot of different reasons. Hahaha. Kainis. Yayamanin ang peg. :))

There are three easy steps to follow for this:
Note: I've done the registration months ago so I got these screenshots and texts from BPI's Website. I hope BPI won't mind that I directly copied and pasted everything. 


1. Login to the BPI Express Mobile app 
2. Select More > Enable Transfer to Anyone 
You would have to enroll each of your mobile devices to the service if you're using several gadgets to access your mobile app account. The maximum amount to be transferred is P 50,000.00 per day. 

3. Fill in the required fields, choose your preferred activation option and submit the request.

If you choose Via Express Teller Machine, you will be asked to activate your request via any BPI ATM using the ATM card of the account you specified. Please do so within 5 days after filing the request.
    • Select Special Services > Activate Enrollments > Express Online
    • You will receive the activation code via email after 10 minutes.

If I can, I don't go to banks because I dislike forming lines so BPI's online appointment (web only) and fund transfers (mobile only for me) have been very helpful to me.

Online appointment is when you set your desired time of going at a BPI branch and wait for the Electronic Number to show on the screen when you get there. And if there's someone I have to pay or send someone money and that person owns a BPI Family or BPI Islands Account then I just do fund transfers. Fund transfers are also able to reload BPI Prepaid Cards

 It is also worth mentioning that until December 24, 2016, BPI mobile can be accessed without data charges for Globe, TM, Sun and Smart subscribers.

BPI Easy Savers Account Requirements link: here.

Davao Trip 2016: Day 2: Jack's Ridge

After roaming around crocodile park, we went here at Jack's Ride for dinner and for "sunset" viewing.

We missed the sunset haha and we were still full so we just roamed around to take pictures. 

The view there is overlooking the city and Samal Island. 
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