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It's Always a Thank You


Then suddenly it's either, one is in Korea or one is going to Korea. Seriously. When I found out the result of my visa application, a lot has been about Korea. SNS friends going there, travel articles, SNS friends posting about Korea etc... are you teasing me, universe?!

I know I said that I'm letting South Korea 2016 go but it's easier said than done. -_- What is it that I don't have and they do that I was denied a tourist visa? Where did my visa application go incredibly wrong? Why do I always lost my chance of going to my dream country? :( It's not even a seven months stay but a seven days trip, universe! Whyyyyyyyy?! :( 

 If this is the 7 stages of break-up, I think I'm currently on the 5th stage which is the bargaining (or it's 6 which is depression). :(  Sixth stage next week during the week when I'm scheduled to be there, and acceptance comes after that week. Hopefully... :( I always thought that I'm already a professional in letting go and burning bridges (lol) but the situation's different if it's something that you've always wanted, right? :( 

I don't know anymore. In reality, I'm not someone who could blame anyone for the result. It's just so sad that I couldn't go... I'm writing a better post about this soon. Anyway, at times, I feel like it's fine but a times, like now, I feel like wkjlbd2389rg38rfidoqwnodwq02qr...

There should be a lesson or a redirection or a surprise in here somewhere. There has to be...

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