Thursday, August 31, 2017

Downtown and Halsted, Bonifacio Global City

Ground Floor, Burgos Parkway, Bonifacio Global City

This place got its name from the streets in Chicago which is famous for its food and art scene. 

Mushroom Soup 

Their mushroom soup doesn't taste like the usual mushroom soup that I've had in other restaurants. This one's different in a very good way. It wasn't overly creamy yet smooth and thick. It's a bit salty though... but lucky for them that's what I like. hehehe. 

They're actually known for their drinks but they have now introduced their lunch and dinner menu. Good food and good drinks? Why not?

Aside from this bull (which you'll see when you head to the restroom) and the many artworks and graffitis, there are several paintings hung there which are on sale making the place a bar, restaurant and a gallery that sells painting. 

Downtown and Halsted seen from Rizal Drive

Pork Skewer (P 150.00). Chicken Skewer (P 150.00), Lengua Skewer (P 250.00)

I liked the Lengua best among these three skewers and that is a surprise. The cubes were very tender and flavorful and is perfect paired with the dip that comes with it. 

Portobello and Quinoa Salad
P 250.00

It's been a while, Quinoa! It's not all the time that I get to eat quinoa. Eating this totally transported me back to Nevada because it was in the states that I first had these grains. Dwntown's take on this salad is quite interesting 'cause aside from the delicious taste, putting the grains on top of a portobello mushroom made it easier to eat. :))

Spiced Black Mussels with Fresh Chili and Curry Leaves
P 250.00

Bartender making drinks.

I-hi niyo ko kay kuya, please. Crush siya ng Facebook friends ko. Kakaloka. :))

I uploaded some of these pictures in my Facebook account and the next thing I saw, most of my friends were liking this picture and asking me to take them to Dwntown and Halsted... hhhmmm, iinom ba talaga o para kay Kuya? 'Yung totoo, friends???? 

Tikka Wrap
P 240.00

This chicken wrap served with potato chips and yogurt dip was good too. I kept on eating the potato chips in between other dishes because it tasted fresh and was very crispy. The wrap, on the otherhand, was good too - it has chicken, lettuce, and cucumber. 

Crispy Pork Knuckles
P 580.00

Just in case you need a closer look. 

I loved how their version of crispy pata is chopped this way. Definitely crispy that the texture is almost identical to that of chicharon only denser and more flavorful. It's not oily and there's not too many fat that is in the skin making this sinful food a little less sinful. 

Chorizo Pasta
P 385.00

Huhuhuhu my favorite. <3

I fell inlove at first bite. haha! I love chorizo and putting it in a pasta which has that much cheese and creamy, I don't know, I liked it a lot that I can brave EDSA traffic for it. 

Baby Back Ribs
P 580.00

Seafood Pasta
P 350.00

This one's also cream based like the chorizo pasta above. The fettucine noodles is green adding an interesting color to this pasta dish plus the seafood and the slight hint of pesto make this a favorite of mine as well. Oh wells, I'm a pasta lover and both their pasta dishes made the cut. 

Chocnut Cheesecake

'cause what works, works.

A perfect way to end the night is by having a slice of this cheesecake. Trust me. :)

All the food above was conceptualized by Chef  Marco Legasto, also the man behind the food of Prime 101 and Abuelas.

Thanks for having us Dwntown and Halsted and Aldous for the invite! :)

Like them on Facebook link: here. 

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Feeder Port and and DBR Lodge, Dingalan, Aurora

This was were we stayed when we were in Dingalan.

We opted for a non-aircon room to bring the cost down to P 300.00 per person. 

DBR Lodge

Although it was quite far from Feeder Port, you can get there by walking (the way we chose to get around Dingalan) or by riding a tricycle. 

Opposite DBR is the "fishing area"

We walked through what seemed like private gates towards the shore. Haha. We asked around the lodge if we can go here and they told us to just walk towards the beach. Lol. Tourists angas. 

Before sundown, we decided to go to the Feeder Port to have dinner as well.

We found this cafe where we bought shakes first and then headed to the port for a wala lang, inarte. :))

"Find something you are passionate about and keep tremendously interested in it."

I've found mine, universe. Keep on supplying me funds. Hahahaha!

Sitting here at sundown. <3

My favorite people are the ones whom I can just sit with and talk - not the small talks, but talks about life, passions, dreams etc.

Before walking back to the lodge, we decided to buy drinks (alcoholic) first and there we saw our guide. It was so funny 'cause he offered that he'll take us back riding his motorcycle which we politely said no to. Pero hindi siya nakatiis, Sinundan niya pa rin kami ng naka-motor habang naglalakad and said, "Sige na, hatid ko na kayo."

"Okay lang po talaga. Lalakad na lang kami."

I wonder what he'll feel if he found out that we still went out twice that night. Ge. Ang tatapang e noh. HAHA. 

After drinking alcohol and sleeping late, our 2nd day started early 'cause we had to trek to the Mountain View before sunrise. 

After Batanes of the East and White Beach, we had lunch at the Feeder Port area and went back to DBR to pack our things. 

At ganun ganun lang, tapos na ang Dingalan escapade namin.

Okay naman.

Di ngalan kami.

Charot! :))

Friday, August 25, 2017

Tan-Awan Falls, Dingalan, Aurora

After Matawe beach, we headed to the jump-off of Tan-awan Falls. The trek may be short but it's kind of tiring yet all was worth it upon the sight of the falls. No one was there with us that day too so it's a lot better.

Kuya told us that it's called Tan-awan falls because of the overlooking view you'd see on the way to the falls. 

Very beautiful to be surrounded by the mountain range, clouds and water.

From here, Polillo Island of Quezon is also visible. I'll be blogging about my trip to Polillo soon. 

Cold and refreshing water, here we come!!!

Maria Cristina Falls din, life!!! 

The falls wasn't so high but the basin was deep so we were able to get close to it. 

The falls' basin is surrounded by boulders so be extra careful since they can be slippery.

The rope serves as a guide as to where the deep part of the basin starts. 

Very serene and relaxing!

Although I wish for them to be known more, those two days in Dingalan with no other tourists were actually one of my favorite trips. Expect a lot of people during weekends though. 

Low lying clouds!! <3

Gusto ko tuloy ng Baguio hahaha

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Philippines' Lake Tahoe in White Beach, Dingalan, Aurora

After writing about Subic and Batangas, which beaches, didn't made the cut to my list of must-visit beaches, I am reminded of Aurora's White Beach resort that I haven't posted about yet. 

This area is more well-known as the jumpoff point (where the trek starts) of the Batanes of the East. Before trekking back to our cottage, we decided to swim first in White Beach. 

This place is also one of the recommended places where you can spend the night but we chose the cottage/transient house near the feeder port because it was cheaper.

Hope the contact number is readable. 

You can reach the place through trekking which will take about an hour and through some boulders at some part. It's a little bit hard but take your time because the walk is very scenic. 

 Or, you can also ride a boat from the feeder port which will only take 15-20 minutes. 

The rain was hard that time but it didn't stop us from renting a kayak. We didn't stay far from the shore anyway so it felt safe. 

While on the kayak, I told my friend that the place reminded me of a beach in Lake Tahoe, California called Lester Beach. Link: here. 

At some part of the water, corals and rocks below are visible which is what Lake Tahoe is famous for. It's known as one of the clearest body of water in the world.

But more importantly, because it's also surrounded by a mountain range that's why it kinda looked like Lester Beach. 

Above is a panoramic view of Lester beach, a part of the Lake Tahoe Park in Nevada/California.

 Above is your view when you're sitting at the shore. The rain was also in our favor because it wasn't hot all throughout our swim. Still have feet tanlines nonetheless. 

Above is also taken at Lester Beach, below from white beach

Although there is a notable difference between the two said places, there really are a lot of similarities.

The comfort and relaxation of having a beach with a mountain range as a background.

And not having "to share" the place with a lot of people. Since Dingalan is famous for the mountain view, their beaches are not paid much attention to. 

When the rain stopped, we trekked back to the cottage walking through a very scenic coastline.

Batanes of the East link: here.

Lester Beach in Lake Tahoe link: here.

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