BPI ExpressTeller Card and Wow 3% Rebate!

Obviously, what I had wanted to do with my Easy Saver's Account didn't happen. Maybe it was really too idealistic to say that I'm not withdrawing, right? 

So while expenses are inevitable, we just have to make sure that our money are spent well. 

If you're a BPI Debit Cardholder like moi, one way of making the most out of your money is to use their E.P.S and claim a 3% rebate within the next 15 days. 

Here's a screenshot of my transaction:

I overlooked the part of the terms and conditions of Easy Saver's which said, "Any other customer-initiated debits are subject to P 5.00 service charge." 

The P 2,000.00 I spent for necessities, costed me P 5.00 for the service charge, then I confirmed my transaction through an SMS I sent them and there, after a few days, I got my P 60.00 rebate. 

I made sure that nothing in the P 2000.00 that I spent was impulsively bought so the P 60.00, I consider a gift. Hehe Oh noes, it's just P 55.00 minus the S.C but still better than nothing. :))

For more info. click on the link: here

I therefore conclude that expenses are inevitable so the real challenge here is to make sure that you'll lessen all the unnecessary purchases and save well... save... well. -_-

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