RICE UP Against Hunger!

What do you usually do on your free time?

Well, my free time is whenever I have nothing to do (obviously) and I have no "gala" or any appointments (appointments para sa sossy pakinggan) so I'm stuck at home watching tv, eating, browsing the internet and (obviously again) blogging like what I'm doing now.

But I've recently discovered a website called freerice.com, a non-profit website that is owned by the United Nations World Food Programme, which made my idle time more productive and more selfless. 

For the past three days that I've been playing or better yet testing my intellect there, I've already donated more than 7,000 grains of rice and my goal now is to donate at least 1,000 grains of rice per day. 

Talk about hitting two birds with one stone. First, you're learning more. Second, you're able to feed someone in the process.

This is what the quiz looks like.
Sponsored banners that are displayed below pay for the cost of the rice grains.
You can choose among these subjects.
I'm okay taking the English, French and Flags of the World quizzes but 
I just wish they have more language learning options such as Korean or Japanese since I'm planning to study the latter in the near future too. This would definitely make learning more fun and more worthwhile.

Learn more about Freerice here.

Game? Let's play! :)

Also if you have the money, why not try doing more for others like being someone's miracle through World Vision or donating more in World Food Programme


On a side note, there's also a lesson about saving when you play this game.

Although 10 or let it be P 10.00 is just a small amount, if you'd continue saving it, soon enough you'd be able to save 100 which will eventually be 1000 and 10000 and 100000 to millions. Who knows? Everything starts small. And if you reach that point when you already have a more than a million pesos in your bank account or when the time comes when you'd have enough to give away... don't forget me, okay? HAHAHA. :))))

I'm also on the process of becoming a wiser spender/saver. WAG LANG TALAGA KO PINAPAKITAAN NG PAGKAIN AT MAGAGANDANG LUGAR NA PWEDENG PUNTAHAN. Munshungerks lang, wala rin pala kasi gastos din. hahahaha. 

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