I'm/we're currently preparing for my/our Singapore and Malaysia tour last week of this month. (Tips! Guides! Everything Malaysia and Singapore related, I need you now pls.)

By preparing I meant, searching for the must-see places, paying expenses in advance and listing things to buy if there are any. 

And what do they have in common? GASTOS. 

I've spent on:

Airfare - paid last December pa
Universal Studios Singapore Ticket
Round Trip Bus fare (Malaysia to Singapore)
Accommodation in Malaysia

Saka ko na sasabihin how much exactly ang mga itey.

A friend of mine was generous enough to offer his house so that we can save on accommodation expenses (an overnight hostel would have cost us more than 3,000php) in Singapore. Huhuhu. I was a little bit shy at first to grab that offer since we haven't talked to each other for years and now, what? Makikitira pa 'ko ng isang gabi. Over, diba? Pero grabe, ang hirap tumanggi. So okay na 'yan, pakapalan na lang ng mukha. Basta, thank you, thank you, thank you. 


Anyway, this was what I was telling my financial adviser who's currently based in Los Angeles, California (Sosyal lang ng financial adviser ko. haha) last night. I told him that I think I overspent this summer and now on the verge of going back to ZERO on savings when this month ends. Then, I remembered that this was also my situation last year (link: here) and yet I was able to make it through until now. To be honest, money is not that much of a worrisome thing for me. I don't really stress over experiencing shortage 'cause deep down inside, I believe that it'll find its way to me when I'm in need. Anong klaseng mentality 'yan? Paki-explain. Hahahahahaha. Seriously speaking, it's because I know that I have saved enough over the past 6 months but when I looked and examined my bank account it felt that I don't have enough for the future. And that is where this started, I worried for the money I don't own that I'll be spending for the expenses I don't have yet. Ayyy, ayoko na nga isipin at baka dumating pa sila. :))

Then my FA told me three things, "The more you chase money, the harder it is to catch it." Quoted from someone he doesn't remember. And something like, "Just do what you do best - spend. You're helping the economy."  and  "If it's something you really want to do, anong problema? Money comes and goes." 
Yes, yes, kayang i-justify ng out-of-the-country experience na mawala ang inipon ko kagaya kung paano na-justify ng out-of-town ko ang lahat ng mga nagastos ko na. Sa kauna-unahang pagkakataon, hindi ako sinabihan ng FA ko na, "I told you to spend less eh." (Ang improving lang ng FA ko. hihihi. Hindi na nagger o baka nagsawa na.)

I'm really lucky to have found someone who has the same values as me. WAHAHAHAHA. Joke lang. Kung meron mang naturuan dito, ako 'yun kaya sinusulat ko 'to para maturuan rin kita. Akin lang ang LA-based FA ko kaya bibigyan na lang kita ng hints tuwing bibigyan niya ko kasi hindi pwede dumirekta sa kanya.

As for me, saving, like dieting, is an everyday struggle. I learn. I forget. I relearn - and there's totally nothing wrong with that. Live life at your own phase ang peg. :) It is a cycle until you reach your "nirvana". Or that time when saving and healthy eating/exercise is already your lifestyle. Ang mahalaga lang naman is to continue.

Another thing why I decided to post this here (aside from the miracle when a Singaporean, Malaysian, Singapore-based, or Malaysia-based person reads this and offers to tour us when we get there), is to tell you not to worry just in case you also have money woes of your own. Instead, channel all those worries in thinking of plans/ways on how to increase your income etc. Pagkatapos nito, I'll start saving again and find more (income-generating) raket because my rakets and my current source of funds are not enough to sustain my lifestyle and plans of saving more (para pamasahe papuntang LA ganyan. hahahaha).

Habang sinusulat ko 'to. Nare-realize ko na sobrang blessed ko. Lalo ngayon kasi may pagkakataon na kong problemahin 'to at hindi lang nanatiling pangarap ang makita ko ang Petronas Towers ng personal (Hello, John Lloyd - Bea). Sana habang nagre-reflect ka rin ng mga nagyayari sa'yo, ma-realize mong you're also blessed. :)))

On another note, I looked at my Google+ account and the views caught my attention.

1 million + views (pano 'yan na-generate? kailan 'yan sinimulang bilangin?) E pagtingin ko sa all-time history ng pageviews ko dito sa blogger, nasa 130K pa lang.

I don't understand how but that number may be the total views this blog had for its more than two years of existence in cyberspace. Teka, pano kaya kung isang araw e biglang may ganyan kalaking pera ang mapunta sa SA ko? Dahil dyan, in two years time, meron na rin akong more than 1M php sa bank account ko. Impossible? Psssssh. Keriboomboom 'yan. Claim lang ng claim! :))))))

At dahil dyan, energized na naman ako. hahahaha. Kanina mej wala akong gana eh.

P.S. Regarding sa FA ko, sorry mej magulo siguro 'yung part na 'yun. Ang assumera ko kasing mababasa niya 'to. :))

P.P.S Hindi ko sinasabing mag-ipon para gumastos lang pang-lakwatsa. Save for longterm if you must or if you have other priorities but always remember to treat money as means, not an end in itself. 

Anong gagawin mo sa naipon mo kung hindi mo man lang mae-enjoy?

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