BPI My e-Prepaid Card Review

I have a lot of backlogs but I'm too lazy to put watermarks on my pictures yet so here's a review of another bank product: BPI MY e-Prepaid Card.

To know more about the differences of Prepaid Card, Credit Card and Debit Card click: here.

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Here's what the card looks like. I got the blue one though. 

Despite having a lot of cards already, I decided to apply for this card before I left for Malaysia. I applied online thru my account at BPI website. After a week (I think!), I went to the branch of my choice, presented an I.D and paid the P 500.00 processing fee then I got my card. You can apply for this at the branch just that I didn't have the time to go there twice. Hahahahaha. Pa-busy, pa-artista. :)))) You don't even need to have an account at BPI for you to apply.

Anyway, while composing this I remembered that around this time last year when I didn't know yet that I was going out of the country, I posted a review on a different bank product and I put there that I am not closing my doors for this prepaid card because this would come in a lot handy when travelling abroad. View the post: here. Thank You po that naging possible na ang isang bagay na ginusto ko last year at dahil claim lang ng claim ang peg, maga-out of the country kasi ulit ako!! Claim lang ng claim! :D

Reasons for Applying/ Reasons why I like this card:
  • I wanted a prepaid card which is reloadable online and I wanted it to be a Mastercard
    With this first reason, this prepaid card seems like the perfect card for me already. It is a Mastercard and I enrolled it to my account so fund transfer/reloading would be possible online. 
  • This can be linked to a Paypal account and can be used to purchase at any Mastercard affiliated merchants. May it be online or anywhere around the world.
    I don't use this a lot actually since I have other cards that I use here in the Philippines. But like what I have said above, this was very handy when I traveled abroad. I used this in Singapore and I wasn't charged any international service fees and the likes. The amount that was debited from my card was just the converted amount of SGD to PHP and nothing more. 

Reasons why I don't like this card:
  • This is not actually this card's fault but of my Easy Saver's Account. For an Easy Saver's account kasi, every customer-initiated debit has a charge of P 5.00 so everytime I reload this, I am charged P 5.00. Online reloading should be free if you have their regular savings account. I see this na lang as the price of my convenience since going to the nearest branch to reload over-the-counter would cost me a lot of time and a P 17.00 jeepney fare. Ganun din.

  • It expires every two years and have to be renewed for also P 500.00. 
    If you're going to use this card frequently, you should be able to maximize the processing fee by the time this expires. Let's say in a span of 2 years, you've used this card for 500 times, edi you paid a peso for every use which doesn't sound bad. 
  • Again this isn't the card's fault but mine, this can't be used to withdraw (Over-the-counter and ATM machines). It was in their FAQs but I didn't read those before applying. Again, this isn't an ATM; just a prepaid card. Only online and debit transactions are possible.

  • Should we stay or should we say goodbye?

    STAY! And I'd decide if it's a goodbye or not in 2016. :)) Nabayaran ko na eh. hahahaha. 

    Seriously though this is really an okay for me. Not minding all the other charges and the fact that I can't withdraw using this, the three main reasons why I like this card: re-loadable online, prepaid and Mastercard.

    'Cause eventhough I like my Eastwest Debit Card and my BDO Credit Card, iba pa rin 'yung andun 'yung limitation ng not having everything in my untrustworthy hands especially now when I can't afford to spend for the things I don't need. "Ah, ito lang laman nito. So ito lang ang pwede kong gamitin." Kailangan ko kasi talaga na naka-separate 'yung pang-gastos at 'yung hindi dahil wala talagang nangyayari kapag nasa isang lagayan lang. Kailangan ko rin kasi talaga na wag iisipin na matagal pa naman 'yung due date lalo pag hindi naman napag-isipan ng maigi. Pahinga muna ko sa cards at sa gastos pala talaga. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Itawa na lang lahat. HAHAHAHAHAHA

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