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Claiming the "yaman" even before lots of money reach my hand. hahaha. Loljk. I've read somewhere that wealth isn't measured by how much money you have in your bank account, the number of cars you own etc., but by how grateful you are for everything you have. Truth. Sometimes, kahit 'yung sobrang yaman na e hindi pa rin masaya tapos 'yung kaunti lang 'yung meron, sila pa 'yung mas masaya at mas kuntento. Kaya ayan, huhuhu, kahit anong mangyari ulit.. I'll choose to be grateful.

The reason why I've been so diligent in posting these monthly posts, aside from writing some reflections and some expectations, is to remind myself to be grateful for the past month and to look forward to the next months with enthusiasm. Pwede naman na tumahimik na lang ako habang naghihintay but I'm sharing this nonetheless kasi baka magkataon na kailangan mo ng magsasabi sa'yo so ako na gagawa...

I know that it's only easy to be thankful when things are going well pero let's try pa rin to be thankful in all circumstances. hihi. :D

It doesn't have to be extravagant to enjoy the goodness of life. Agree?

Pero seryoso isa pang dahilan, I'm so yaman starting this November because I'm really claiming the money I have yet to receive. HAHAHAHA. Wala naman masama, diba? Mas okay na mag-assume na may blessings na parating kesa mag-assume na darating ang araw na mamahalin ka rin ng taong mahal mo. #hugotpamore

Anyway, I have no plans (Meron na isa actually. Ayoko lang sabihin) for this month again so I'll just wait for another set of surprises lalo na sa travel, finance and food department ng universe.

Last year, I took a personality test and I got ISTP as my personality type. Fast forward to today, I took the test again and guess what? I'm still an ISTP. hehehe. Akala ko pa naman magbabago ko kahit papano. Hahaha. Oh wells, tanggap ko naman na.

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Sana makaipon ako, November!! :))

Pengeng raket, November!! :))

Hoping I made/ I'll make the right choices, November! :))

Surprise me, November!! :))


God bless. :D

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