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JongYeon Feels (Korean Variety Show)

Another Saturday night habit ended. -_-

Even though I am not being active in Korean programs and events here in Manila, I haven't let go. 

Haven't let go in ways that I still eat Korean cuisine, I still dream of going to South Korea someday and of course, I still try my best to continue practicing the Korean Language through watching series and movies. (TOPIK EXAM TIPS LINK: HERE)

Anyway, so I'm still watching Korean programs and for the past weeks it is the variety show, We Got Married, mainly because I came to love the JongYeon Couple - Gong Seung Yeon and Lee Jong Hyun. 

What I do is that I wait for the release of the unsubbed episode in Youtube every Saturday night and then wait for the release of the English subbed episode every Wednesday night. It's fascinating that even if I don't understand everything, I recognize some words and then get an idea on what they're saying. 

But then my favorite couple has said goodbye to the program and I couldn't help it but hope that there comes a time when they release an official statement saying that they are dating in real life. Huhuhuhuhu. In fact, I haven't watched the English subbed of their final episode because I might break down in tears. Hahaha!

Goodbye to my favorite couple! I'll continue stalking you in Instagram until that fated day comes... :) Hehehe!! 

"Trust him or her. He is a very good person."

우리 꽁이 커플 화이팅!! 

I haven't been watching WGM since they left. :(

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