Au-GUST-o ko Ikaw. HAHA

Posting for the sake of posting because this is a monthly tradition of my blog.

Anyhow, August na! Ang bilis natapos lang nung July.
Wala pa kong sasabihin, August na agad.

I've moved on from my US Trip though like all other places I've gone to, it will always be remembered through my stories. HAHA!! And I'll try to blog everything until my flight back to Manila so good luck talaga sa'kin. Choosing photos and putting watermarks on them are a pain in the butt especially since I have more than 4,000 photos from my entire trip!

 Goal is to finish them until October (or sooner pa nga kung pwede) and post the newer ones too since I have The Yard, Xavierville and 7 Flavors in my backlog.

Now, hoping for more adventures, better prioritization and time-management and budgeting skills.


I don't really know what to say now but I just wish that we live a life wherein we can reach our full potential ganyan. haha!! Let's make the most of what's left of our 2016 dahil Ber months na naman after this. Ang bilis lang sobra!

God bless us and our plans.

Wag akong tamad.
Wag akong magastos. 


Hoping for abundance in all aspects of our lives. :D

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