Hope and Love Amidst Covid-19

By Tin Gallemaso - 4:04:00 PM

Composing this while praying that this pandemic stops as soon as possible. 2020 has been very difficult and it's giving us one crisis after another. Hindi ka pa nakaka-recover then may bago na naman mangyayari.


Sharing Japan photos from last year...

COVID-19 has retaught us the importance of having a financial safety net. I've always thought that I've done a great job in managing my finances 'cause everything was balanced. Yes, I have achieved countless "travel goals" but I also have been contributing to several funds such as UITF, MF, and insurance. But yeah, after nito, di ko na alam kung saan ako pupulutin. HAHAHA! Time to make better choices and re-evaluate previous choices especially those about money. 

Glad I started this year's travels early (been to Iloilo and South Korea) and no plans for May onwards 'cause travelling would sure be difficult. We weren't able to refund a portion of our Manila - Tokyo airfare but that's we've already accepted that we're not flying back to Japan anytime soon anyway. Life doesn't always happen the way we plan but we must accept reality and move on.

Whatever will be, will be. 

If this ends and the world goes back to normal, may I always remember that I am not missing out on anything that are experienced by other people. Of course, the dream of travelling the world would still be there but for the next years, I'd take things slow. I'm still grateful for the past seven years that I spent exploring but I am opening myself up to experience something greater and grander...

Despite the anxiety and fear that COVID-19 has been giving me (and almost everyone), I've been using the lock down period to think about things that I haven't really been thinking about. I've spent the past years travelling places but I never sat down to think about the things that matter more in this lifetime. What are those things? I'm still not courageous enough to bring and talk about those stuff in the open but I am praying that I will get there.

Let's come out of this pandemic alive and treat the rest of our life as a blessing and miracle. 

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