Walang Huling Sayaw

By Tin Gallemaso - 6:41:00 PM

I've learned that true friendship will continue to grow, even over the longest distance.

I was supposed to publish this last year when we met again in September but I never got to finish so this has been stuck for several months in my drafts. While I was composing my previous blog post with my USA 2019 travel buddy (Hi, Mamsh!), I was reminded of this kaya tinapos at post ko pa rin.

I saw this video in my harddrive. I don't even remember if I had uploaded this on Facebook before but I uploaded it on my YouTube account anyway just so I can leave it here. The contents are Lake Tahoe, Reno, and San Francisco.

We (Em and I) discovered bright red lipsticks together in the States. Brent would patiently wait whenever we had to retouch before going down the car. Kasi naman, hiking tas kailangan pulang pula 'yung lipstick!? HAHAHA. Pero I'm so glad we did all the retouching even if I rarely wear reds these days 'cause the color look good in photos naman. Kumalma na kami sa lipstick choices namin these days pala so good job sa'min.

Grabe hindi naman halata na ang pagkain lang namin nito ay four days old adobo, tuna sandwich, chocolate cookie from Walmart at ang pinakamasarap na corned beef fried rice na niluto sa rice cooker. Mawawala kasi kami sa budget kapag lagi kami kakain sa restaurants kaya nagbaon na lang kami. Which brings me back the reason why I wanted to post this - 'cause life has been very generous to us that our paths crossed again and this time, we had more food. Wala ng four days old Adobo! Meron na kaming inihaw na liempo at puto. HAHAHAHA! 

Pero kasi naman... kain ka ng tuna sandwich tapos inom ng bottled water dyan sa harap ng Lake Tahoe? Ano pa bang hihingin ko? Wala na talaga. 'Yan na isa sa pinakamasarap na sandwich sa buong mundo. HAHA!

We're lucky that Brent was understanding during our jeje and red lipstick phase. Sobrang daming peace sign non, beshies! We were always called brave souls. Uhm, brave souls na mukhang peace sign yow po ba?? HAHAHAHA! Also, we appreciate his love for driving he because took us to a lot of places na super layo (hindi lang dito, almost all our free days may interstate byahe kaming tatlo). Imagine nag-drive lang siya almost the whole day, napagod ka na sa lakad kasi namamasyal ka tapos nagdrive ka pa. Las Vegas to Lake Tahoe was around 9 hours of driving at hindi lang 'yung tipong layo ng Manila - Ilocos kasi ang layo talaga. Oh well. HAHAHA. 

The photos were taken on different days but I didn't have a lot of clothes when I was in the states kaya isang jacket lang suot ko sa buong limang araw ata 'yon haha! Actually, we bought the plaid long sleeves a few days before San Francisco but I got hit by a huge wave in San Francisco Bay that's why I had to change clothes... balik na naman sa jacket na gamit na gamit. 

We're glad we took lots and lots and lots of photos. Iba pa rin 'yung may binabalikan eh. <3 

Another thing why I was reminded of San Fo 'cause the other day, people were posting the song "Huling Sayaw" in Facebook because of a break-up. That was "our" song during this trip - kaya everytime we hear that, we are immediately reminded of this adventure. Lucky for us, walang Huling Sayaw. Finding love in friendship when everyone was finding love in relationship is one of the best decisions we made during our shared lives in the States. 

Adventure continues...

(Na-COVID 'yung Japan 2020 lol)

Appreciation for everyone who always remember that this girl is addicted to matcha. HAHAHA! Didn't even had to ask what my order was since it has always been matcha by default. 

We were able to spend a day together when I went back to Vegas last year. This time though, he's already married so we went touring around with his wife. So happy for him 'cause we were talking about that in 2016. Na sana dumating 'yung time na if ever all of us three get married sometime in the future, we'll still be able to travel and see new places together with our family. Saka, I was talking to him when we were buying our plane tickets to California but I wasn't even sure if I'll be able to go back to Las Vegas that time so kahit isang day lang 'to, sobrang saya pa rin. Tignan nga, sulit na sulit. 

Umbrella Rocks, Pangasinan 2019

Distance teaches us to appreciate the days that we are able to spend together. A reminder that every moment together is special and should be cherished. 

May I never forget how it felt to live these different lives that I've lived. Grateful for all the gift of adventures, for heartbreaks, for confusions, and for the ability to say no that's why we were able to form a bond as tight as this. A kind of friendship that distance and time have made stronger. ❤❤❤

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