It'll find you, if you let it. 💖💖💖

By Tin Gallemaso - 4:43:00 PM

Some of the food I made since March. 

It's always like travelling through food at home especially during this quarantine - we went to South Korea, Mexico, Italy, USA, Vietnam, Japan, Germany, France, Thailand etc. HAHAHA!

Parmesan and cheddar crusted chicken, roasted broccoli, hasselback potato, salt and pepper chicken chunks | Schnitzel, buttered broccoli, creamy spinach and mushroom pasta | Churros with matcha ice cream | Asian garlic noodles, roasted baby potatoes, roasted italian herb chicken

  • I love learning about cuisines of different countries (Mark Wiens!) and I like trying/recreating the interesting ones or those I've eaten in my travels.
  • I don't usually refer to food as delicious/not delicious, I call them either as MASAYA or HINDI MASAYA. 'Cause food are supposed to make us happy, diba? Kaya ang arte ko mag luto. lol
  • I rarely cook for people I don't know/I'm not close with. We're in the food industry but aside from some desserts that I make for others, I don't have a lot of input on the recipes that we use. Well, except for newer food items such as Japchae etc. 

Cheesy Yangnyeom Chicken | Tuna and Spam Kimbap | Kimchi Rice topped with sunny side up egg | Doenjang Chigae | Kimchi Pancake | Gamja-tang | Rabokki

My friends have always been telling me to sell food but I never listened and would tell them that I'll cook for them instead but we're in quarantine so I can't meet everyone and do movie nights. I finally gave in once lang - cooked rabokki added some desserts (cream puffs to be exact) and then had the food packs delivered to them via grab/lalamove. Mesherep naman daw. Parang 'yung nagluto?! Char. HAHAHAHA! Got orders for kimchi soup, kimbap, tteokbokki, pesto, lasagna etc. pero hindi ko naman na inulit 'to. I will state the reason why later. 🙃

Tofu chips, lechon kawali, roasted vegetables | Yangnyeom Dubu, Korean-style corndogs | Yangnyeom and dakganjeong chicken, cheesy baby potatoes | Cheesy potatoes with baked chicken. 


Broccoli and Shrimp in oyster sauce | BBQ tofu (while mahilig naman ako sa tofu hahaha!) | Soft tacos | Wagyu Pares | Garlic, Spinach, Mushroom | Asian Garlic Noodles | Bacon Penne Carbonara | Lasagna

Garlic Parmesan and and garlic sauce | Inasal chicken sa oven nyahaha | Louisina style shrimp | resto style garlic parmesan chicken wings | tacos night again


And then one day, a friend told me again to sell the cream puffs. Kahit 'yun lang daw muna kung ayaw ng iba. Sold some but not really as something that we'd be serious about 'cause I even named it after my dog but the reception was surprisingly good and we've been getting lots of orders even if I only posted about it in FB's My Day.

I'm not laughing in anyway because I'm online selling. It was something that served as an inside joke with one of my group of friends 'cause I always buy something for them especially when I'm travelling but I never thought of doing it as a business - mga pabili lang.

My friends have been very supportive in whatever I think of doing and they were really excited for me when I gave in to the call. This opportunity to make other people "happy" because of food has been knocking on my door for as long as I can remember but I was never open to the idea of it.

Pero 'yung reason ko kasi ay feeling ko, wala akong naluto ever na magkapareho ng lasa kasi tantsa lang lagi 'yung measurements kaya hindi ko sila kayang i-mass produce or i-produce parati na pareho ng lasa. Saka usually ina-adjust ko 'yung lasa sa mga taong kakain. Hello, memorize ko food allergies and mga ayaw na food or ingredients ng closest people sa'kin. 😂😂😂

So far, ayun, hindi ka na makakaulit ganern. Once in a lifetime matitikman ganern. 😅

 Bakit kasi hindi ako pinanganak na systematic? Bakit kasi sabi ng recipe e dalawang cloves of garlic lang pero ginagawa kong isang bulb? HAHAHA! Whatever happened to mise en place? Unlike dito sa baking na precise dapat lahat so mas may confidence kasi may sukat...

To this super kulit person who has been soooooo persistent in making me sell food especially his favorite banana loaf. Small wins ka? Napilit ako? Char! HAHAHA! 

It'll find you, if you let it. 💖💖💖

ᜉᜓ ᜑᜓ ᜈ᜔

Lucky to have opportunities that don't leave me until I'm ready to take action. Pero 'yun nga, when you're not holding onto something, you're free to hold onto anything.

I'm holding onto this for now and who knows 'cause I think I am meant to hold onto this kind of life forever. Ito 'yung PLAN B ng buhay ko na hindi ko masyadong inasikaso since I got too occupied with travelling and working to save money for travel funds because I had a lot of places to visit in mind (PLAN A). Okay, let's go PLANS CDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ etc! Enough na muna sa life revolving around the possibility of going places, Tintin! Hehe! Proper adulting it is.

 May this path lead me to owning my restaurant and cafe someday. Gusto mo 'yung from level 1 naging level 100 agad? :))))  Why not, diba? Claim lang ng claim. Hihihi! Saka, alam ko nagawan ko na 'to ng business plan four years ago. Hanapin ko na lang at dasalan. nyahahaha! 

May I not take for granted the opportunities that will come my way. I understand that some will only knock once kaya may I make the most out of this life. 💗 Pero ito pa rin, "My heart is at ease knowing that what is meant for me will never miss me, and that which misses me was never meant for me." Sana lang mag-improve 'yung discernment ko when it comes to future choices.

 Why not give in when people have also been helping me with promotions and with the pubmats? Thankful for the support pero slowly lang tayo. Not doing it full-forced yet because there are more rooms for improvement especially packaging-wise but will eventually get there.

cream puffs in Quezon City
Kaya ayan, this girl is selling cream puffs na every Sunday!

Grateful for people who believe in me more than I do. So kilig. 😍😍

Si Denden ay isang aso. Siya supposedly 'yung white dog sa video sa taas. :)))

Nagulat ako nung na-tag ako rito kasi hindi ko naman sinabi gumawa but hihihi kilig ngaaaaa!


Ang daming sumasagot sa akin ng, "Taray ni Den! May online business na." HAHAHAHAHA!

Well. 💁💁

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