Mid-November Notes

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One group in my circle of friends have decided to do a sanity check twice a month so we're doing video calls for it. We figured doing that helps lessen the fatigue that this "new normal" brings.
Diba? Do what's best for us. 🥰

Mid-October Notes

Here's mine for mid-November:

Rediscovering. Reevaluating. Rekindling.

Six years ago, I witnessed my most beautiful sunrise atop the summit of Mt. Pulag. I've seen several summits, sea of clouds, and sunrises since that day but whenever this pops up on my Facebook's "On This Day," I still feel kilig. Still my favorite. Still something I thank the universe for. 🌤️

One year of embracing natural hair after more than a decade of salon treatments. No looking back na. Why? 'cause having it rebonded for several years, I didn't have to spend time taking care of my hair. But then, CGM happened. ❤️

Apparently, there's a name for the hairstyle that I now want - beach waves. I tried it the other day, I mean, doing a center part. Hopefully the hairstyle I'll wear a year from now? It's still a question since even if my hair is definitely gonna get longer eventually, I don't know if it's going to cooperate. Naloka lang ako sa pag-cut ng line ni Denise kay Seo Joon. Huy, ganern. Pila, pila din! Kaqiqil eh. Tas ang ganda pa ng hair niya don sa video? Oh edi sige, hair na lang i-peg ko. 

Nagawan na rin naman ako oh. HAHAHAHAHA! 

Saka umamin na ko sa bago kong love at nakita na niya. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA! Gusto ko 'yung kilig na kilig ako pagkakita ko na na-view niya 'yung story kung saan ko siya sinabihan ng I love you in French. Je T'aime. There's a reason for everything, noh? Ito na ba 'yung reason bakit ako nag-aral ng French before? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA. 

Basta... huwag mag papa-tempt sa malanding gunting, Tintin! 😆

I know that this blog has been always CGM, CGM, CGM for a lot of my previous posts but please understand that this is a long time coming. Lagpas isang dekada at ngayon natutuhan ng tanggapin kaya my heart is happy.  

I've had the privilege to be a wanderer for the past five-seven years but this me now - growing and trying to be grounded. Hindi ko pa/na kilala masyado 'to. Ako na ganito. I've forgotten what it's like to not look forward on any trip and to not schedule my life around my flights. 'Yung when people ask me where I'll be in the next weeks or months, hindi ibang lugar ang isasagot ko kundi "bahay" or dito lang sa Quezon City.

I used to say that I'm grateful because no matter how many times I leave, there's home that I can return to. Now that I'm always home, I'm grateful because I am able to "grow roots" and yet know that when things become more stable, I'll be able to fly again. Hindi nga lang as frequent as before pero pwede na. Hehe. Still a gypsy by heart and forever a lover of roads but establishing something stable in one place definitely doesn't sound bad either. I'm welcoming this "new life, new me" with open arms.

Kahit nakakainis minsan.
Kahit wala na kong maisip kundi maglayas minsan. 😆

Sana mas stable.
Sana mas strong. 
Sana mas kayanin.

I'm actually enjoying this Denden's Baking Room phase of my life. I'm not the type to ask a lot of favors, questions, and suggestions from other people (even friends, tbh) but I am learning to be comfortable in doing so. Ano ba naman kasi alam ko dyan sa colors na bagay sa box at liners? Pati na sa mga logo. 😆 Diba? Kung mas magaling siya, edi ipagawa mo sa kanya... 😂

Snippets of Denden Development 

Didn't ask permission to post these but Hello, our Christmas sticker/logo designer! Ito na ah. You've made it here. 🤗
Thanks sa pa-Santa na mahilig sa cookies.

Si Denden na maraming supporters pero marami rin nambu-bully kasi 'yan mukhang 'yan e nagka-Baking Room pa? HAHAHAHAHA! Grabe sila. Di naman kasalanan ni Den. 

Saka, sana magustuhan niya???
E wala po siyang pakialam kasi mas gusto niya lang tumahol at manghingi ng sobrang tinapay. 

I think this is something that dog owners/lovers would understand. 'Yung feel mong naiintindihan ka ng pet mo? HAHAHAHA. Malamang hindi alam ni Den na may nakapangalan na sa kanya. Maski na 'yung mga taong lagi siyang kinakausap ngayon, for sure, hindi niya gets 'yon. Eversince DDBR started, I noticed more and more people talking to Den as if he understands. Sorry na po kung nagmu-mukha kayong weird because of me but I swear, this is a pet owners thing. Not weird at all. HAHAHA! 

 Pumikit lang ata kami tas unang nakita si Den nung nagi-isip ng pangalan. Though, tbh, we never expected to receive this much love when we started kaya joke time lang dapat the name. 😆

My friends, relatives, and you know that Denden's a dog.
I never referred to myself as a "furmom" until this kasi tinatawag nilang anak ko si Denden? Omg. Hindi po ba pwedeng Ate lang??? Hahahaha. Fur Ate. Lamoyon? Gutom farate. HAHAHA NYE. 🤦🏻‍♀️

Den's Sticker for the Yuletide Season.
Aba, aba. Sa susunod, New Year's and Valentine's Day naman. Hahahaha. Holidate ba 'to? 😆

Thank you for this! I appreciate you. 

(Hindi po kasi ako sinisingil kapag may pinapagawa ako e andami ko utos kaya nakalagay dito as a thank you. Hahaha!)


New York

"Of all the roads she traveled, the journey back to herself was the most magnificent."

But that shouldn't matter 'cause all those "versions of me" are the reasons why the "current me" exists. I know that a lot of my posts sounds "too personal" but I'm writing these for me and my future self. Besh, selfies lang meron ako, photos nila Denden at ng pagkain to remind me of this phase kaya nire-record ko na lang 'yung emotions and thoughts. I don't really feel it that much but I'd like to think that this phase is a pivotal point of my journey... on a road that will lead me to my core. Kaya kailangan paulit-ulit ako kasi kailangan ko talaga ulit-ulitin na lahat ng 'to ay essential for me. Nakakapagod kasi minsan. Ibang klaseng pagod but somehow whenever I write parang gumagaan feeling ko. 

Always grateful for the gifts of relationships, life, adventures, and introspection.

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