Pa(w)ssion Projects 123...

By Tin Gallemaso - 1:57:00 PM

Will be creating one lengthy and picture-filled post for each pa(w)ssion project hahaha. I've yet to compile photos so I'm uploading a summary first since I have nothing to do today. Kaya tawag ko na lang pa(w)ssion projects kasi wala lang para mukhang special saka kasi may paw si Denden. πŸΎπŸ˜‚

Sino 'to?! 
I almost forgot that before the pandemic, I go out wearing lipstick and earrings ALL THE TIME. Come March this year and I never got to wear all those anymore. That's why when I took the selfies above parang ako, "Ay, ito nga pala ako." πŸ˜‚ Baka nagtatampo na mga earrings at lipsticks ko but this is trying to teach me one thing - huwag na mag hoard. HAHAHAHA. Taught lang ewan kung susundin. πŸ˜‚

I posted this in my Facebook's My Day several days ago and someone replied that the caption sounds like my "rebelde" days. πŸ˜‚ Hoy, kalmado pa ako nyannnnn. πŸ˜‚ Normal ko lang 'yan. HAHAHA! But 'yun nga, since I was almost always barefaced since March as in madalas mukhang sabog, hi tintin2018.

Pa(w)ssion Project #1: CGM/ Self-Love


CGM Anniversary Update ❤️

This month is my anniversary as a CGM member but as I was expecting, my hair is not as curly/wavy as before since I've been putting it in a bun frequently. Will be uploading a collage soon - 12 collages para one per month. 


Pa(w)ssion Project #2: xtintina.cooks

Xtintina.cooks (cooking and writing)

A quiet little space where food and words collide as I share stories and "travel" through homecooked meals.

Dear Tintin2017,
kung alam mo lang ang alam mo ngayon, sana di ka na na-mroblema nyan. Mas maarte ka ngayon. πŸ˜‚

My other instagram is almost two months now and I enjoy making food and taking photos. Nakakaaliw! As in! 😍 I'm noticing patterns of my cooking - details I never paid attention to before. Though, I'm not sure if I'd be able to recreate them na kalasa talaga since I don't follow recipes and just eyeball the measurements. Somehow, alam naman ng puso ko 'yung recipes kaya okay lang. Tiwala lang, ganon. 

Pa(w)ssion Project #3: Denden's Baking Room

The reason why this is a PAWssion project is because Denden is a dog. HAHAHA! This is by far my favorite "product" of ECQ. Our online business - something so random but currently doing very well. ❤️ Two months into operation (we started last weekend of August) and we've been getting good reviews and more clients that we don't know personally.

Nakakaaliw kasi this is something that we took a lot of time developing: from the recipes, packaging, taste, and all tapos naa-appreciate ng iba. 

This is Denden T. Gasin

My 28 months "spoiled" aspin.
Born June 12, 2018, IndepenDENce Day kaya DEN. πŸ˜‚

Denden is a neutered dog. Pina-home service ko pa 'yan kay Doc Vet. Haha! Two times natanggihan ng aampon dahil sobrang ingay at kulit pero hindi ko na nahanapan ng bagong owner since inaasikaso ko na that time 'yung longterm stay ko sa Busan, SK kaya pina-neuter ko na lang agad at iniwan na lang sa bahay. 

Andami kong backlog na travel posts pero for some reason, di ko sila matignan kaya obviously e hindi ko pa ma-post. πŸ˜‚ Uhmm, one thing, sana ma-realize ng mga tao na hindi kailangan mang-down ng iba para may itaas ng iba? Hahaha. You shine on your own. Lampake sa iba. Wala ka naman kailangan siraan para may mapatunayan? πŸ˜‚πŸ€¦πŸ»‍♀️


Uncertain. Alone. Cratered by imperfections.
Beautiful. Bright. In control. 

Ang naging concentration ko the past several years ay travel so mga ibang bagay, ginagawa ko lang to pass the time. Ito na atang quarantine 'yung mas natuto kong "to live in the NOW" At first, was thinking na baka it's because I'm feeling the anxiety for the future more these days kaya napipilitan akong maging ganyan pero hindi rin eh... somehow, 'yung simplicity ng buhay made me appreciate simplicity more? Besh, hirap ipaliwanag. Hahahaha. Basta, ayon, thankful for all these. 

Jang Mountain
Haeundae, Busan, South Korea

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