Mid-February Notes (2/12)

By Tin Gallemaso - 10:56:00 AM


In my previous mid-month note, I mentioned that we were having the time of our lives in Antipolo when that gets published. Uploaded it ASAP 'cause I'll be linking the blogpost for this month so here it is:

These photos are taken in Luljetta Hanging Gardens, Antipolo.

Google sent me this. I know that this is getting views but this much views???? Kilig me. Sobra. ❤️

I'll continue blogging for as long as I can, that's for sure. No matter how random and stupid my thoughts are, there's always a space for those here and I try my best to give useful information in some of my entries naman. Di lang puro ganito. 😆

 Writing is therapeutic to me. This process clears my mind siguro? Ewan. Basta, we do whatever makes us happy, diba? We do anything that makes surviving (and living) more fun. Here's mine. HAHAHA! 

You do you. 

I like this series of mid-month notes 'cause I compile my favorite photos throughout the month in a draft and then as the 15th of the month approaches, I leave whichever photos I think are worth posting about. 

These were gifts from my financial advisor. Nakakaiyak na nakakatuwa at the same time. I mean, continuous pa rin naman 'to pero iba talaga. I won't go into details anymore. Pretty sure all of us have an idea how life has drastically changed in the past several months. 

Naol mature na with mature investments pa. hahaha! That's the kind of person I want to become, bb! 😆❤️ Bakit kasi ikaw ang picture na napili dyan sa post na 'yan ehhh. 😆

This is one of those I posted in FB's My Day 'cause they used photos of Seo Joon and what's in the post is both hilarious and heartbreaking. If you know what I mean. HAHAHA! At the beginning of every year, we usually would establish goals but the reality is that those getting derailed have loomed in our faces since this pandemic started that New Year didn't made much difference.

From thriving, most of us are in a survival mode now. Hang in there. Let's hang on in this survival mode 'cause we'll thrive again. Our time will come again. 🥰🤗
 Universe, pahingi ng multiple-income streams. HAHAHAHAHA. 

 I haven't been logging in my portal but this is my nth dividend issuance this year from one of the dividend-issuing stocks that I hold. An example of a passive income. Actually, this blog is also a source of passive income to me as well. Even if this is a hobby and a form of therapy, I'm not doing this for free and it may actually be the best thing about this. 😆

I was thinking that it's time that I post more about finance stuff so we can gain knowledge together. I mean, just so I'd be intentional about learning and re-learning about it is I'd make it a point to post something about finance. Ewan. Not sure how this will go but I'm thinking about it. Less gala na rin naman ako so all I'll be left with mostly are my travel backlogs, product reviews, and my life updates. You wouldn't want too much of that especially the last part, would you? 

Artista ka, ghorl?! May ina-update sa buhay. HAHAHA! 

We're all for open-aired areas these days and here's another one that we found by accident. This is overlooking Metro Manila and the night we were here, there weren't a lot of people inside but feeling the mountain breeze of Antipolo and looking at the view were so so so so so relaxing. 

 We think that we'll be going here for lots of times because they have the best tasting instant ramyeon I've had here in the Philippines. My best would still be that meal the day I visited Nami Island in South Korea but this is easily the second after that. Pero hindi ako mahilig sa instant noodles kaya kaunti lang din naman ang options ko. 😅

This was in one of my FB's "On this Day" that's why I saw the post again.
Chasing only those that make my soul feel good.

Four years later, ganyan pa rin naman ako. Buti naman, self. Choosing battles. Choosing people. Keeping only those I know are deserving to fight for and to be treasured in this life. 

Still firm on not giving energy and attention to the unworthy tayo, Tintin2021. 😛❤️

I saw a photo from a morning atop Mt. Tapulao so I was craving for a hike and we finally went to one. Naol craving satisfied. Thankful para sa (mga) tao na nags-satisfy ng cravings ko especially sa ganitong bagay. Labyu. 😘

Wala kaming tulog nito pero keri lang. Naligo lang para fresh ng slight tapos diretso na sa byaheng Norte. 😍 Missed those kind of days. This was a pricey daytrip tbh but it's a lot cheaper if you're going there using a motorbike. Naka-kotse kasi kami at sa NLEX kami dumaan kaya madaming binayaran.

Hair achieved with Curls by Zenutrients Leave-in Conditioner. 


I tweeted this and days after, I went out for a samgyup foodtrip. Hahaha! I haven't had samgyup in a restaurant for more than a year that's why I got so "kilig." My last was in Seoul during my Winter 2020 and I've had some samgyup sessions but they're at home so they don't count. Iba pa rin kapag chargrilled!!!!!!!!!!!!! ❤️

Will not take for granted SAFE restaurant dining ever again. I still cook food at home, been cooking more than ever, but for cuisines that I can't recreate and samgyup experience then I'd dine out once in a while. 

I hope you're safe and well. 🥰
Hang in there, buddy! 🤗

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