Mid-April Notes (4/12)

By Tin Gallemaso - 3:35:00 PM

LUH. April na? Hindi pa ko ready.

So composing this kind of post every month isn't as easy as I thought it would be. Pero that's life naman, we all go through this phase, yet again, when we feel that nothing significant is occurring in our day to day life so there's nothing to share. 

And again, and again, and again, sabi nga nila to be healthy during this time is already something to be thankful for. 

 It's just that we were on another ECQ for COVIDversary/ COVID season two/ whatever this is called that a lot things feel like they're getting out of hand... for the second time... for the worse. Huwag naman sana, noh? 

ANYHOW, photo above is from a mall here in QC.
Inabutan kami ng closing at 7 PM. HAHAHA! I just remembered those times when we were deliberately choosing the last full show whenever we watch movies 'cause we wanted to leave the mall as it closes. Parang ganito 'yung feeling. Saka 'yung tipong, uuwi ka ng 12 midnight e normal na tapos ngayon balik sa 7 PM. Kk. Nasabi ko lang.

Natuwa lang ako rito.
This was sent to me out of nowhere but I appreciate the thought that's why I'm posting it here as well. 

Ikaw din,
Gabi-gabi ka sanang magpatawad.

This was taken last year during the first few days of ECQ. Kinda miss my straight hair because it's the real wash and wear hair but I'm never going back. Namiss ko lang kasi madalas na naman ako mag tali ng buhok these days, init kase tapos minsan kapag tinatanggal ko na 'yung hair tie e mukha ako lalong bruha.HAHA.

 Saka wala lang, kumalma na mga maskne kahit may tumutubo pa rin minsan at nagf-fade na rin ang mga scars. Gulat lang ako nakita ko 'yan kasi okay naman pala a year ago. Ano inaarte ko dati kung mas malala ngayon!? 

Reposting this from my food diary/ homecooking and homecafe Instagram account: xtintina.cooks

Airfrying corn cob gives it a texture and taste almost similar to chargrilling. 🌽

Sweet potato with coco sugar and butter. 🍠🧈

Pajeon/ Spring Onion pancake. 💚

It was a tradition for us to go to Intramuros during Good Friday. We always eat grilled corn, "non-essential" lugaw, and all other streetfood that can be purchased along the street between Manila Cathedral and San Agustin Church. I pray that we're nearing the end of this pandemic despite the rising number of cases. 🙏

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. - John 3:16

I probably won't have a restaurant post next mid-month note since we're still on MECQ but here's another yogurt ice cream/froyo. A continuation of last month's yogurt drink. HAHA!

BLK 513 is a yogurt which has activated charcoal. You get to choose several toppings (?) and sauces. I always go for strawberries when fresh strawberry is an option. Also, to have them put a matcha sauce on top isn't even a question worth asking. lol. 

Here is the "Feel the Rhythm of Korea - Incheon" with the cast of 2 Days, 1 Night. 


I just love sharing my favorite South Korean Variety show. HAHA. I feel like I'm able to travel again through them. I miss the happiness of being able to go on trips but despite everything that's happening or the lack of anything happening, there's happiness from where I currently am. 

This part brings me back to something I posted last May when I was trying to make sense of everything. 

My May I's 2020

May I continue to find joy in simplicity and find hope whenever giving up crosses my mind.

May I be able to lean into the grace that will always remind me that things will get better... that everything will come together as how they're supposed to be even if they seem bleak. 

May I continue to be able to look for my little miracles. That despite waking up on what looks like an ordinary day - I'd be reminded that life is here. That life is happening now.

May I be okay with not having instant and correct answers, times when I can't figure things out, moments when I don't know what to say, and feelings that I don't know how to express.

I am still a work and progress. As of this writing, hindi man ako totally the same, ito rin ang iba sa May I's ko kahit April pa lang ngayon. hehehe. 

Carlsbad Flower Farm
California, USA

Will post this soon since it's Spring time in the Northern Hemisphere. 

Ano ba naman 'yan, Tintin...

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