Mid-June Notes (6/12)

By Tin Gallemaso - 3:04:00 AM

Despite all the bad and unfortunate things that may have happened to our lives, let's give ourselves a pat on the back for we all made it to midyear! 😂 In the middle of a pandemic, that's a feat, isn't it? I still haven't blogged about our "mountain hiking" last February but above is a photo of a portion of Sierra Madre mountain range. How I miss going on a drive in this area.

This is one of my On This Day in Facebook. It  has been five years since that day but this is still undoubtedly the most beautiful place that I've visited on Earth yet. Well, that's relative but you get the idea. Still hoping for a Utah and Colorado road trips someday. 

Pour Homme

 I am not trying to come up with my own line of scents (at least for now) but I made an oil perfume/aftershave/whatever this is called. One day, I accidentally spilled some sandalwood essential oil on me. Things happened, smells sniffed and yeah, I made this an aftershave for someone 'cause he fell in love with me HAHAHAHA with sandalwood scent. 😂

The base notes are Sandalwood and Cedarwood. We just changed the top and middle notes. Panlalake 'yung isa tapos pambabae 'yung isa. 

Pour Femme

While I would totally just buy a body mist, I guess trying out new stuff isn't so bad after all. Mine is more of like an aromatherapy oil concoction. Nature scents calm me down so I made one for myself too. Would usually put this at the back of my ear and it serves both as a scent and as a moisturizer barrier for the face mask's ear loop 'cause that irritates me sometimes.

Oilbularyo hahahaha

"She is like the waves, always drifting in and out of the life of those who love her."

Some days ago, I was reminded by someone that we used to talk/chat frequently and that person would always ask me when I am coming back home so we can meet during my free day. I jokingly asked, "Teka, sinasabi mo ba 'yan kasi miss mo ko?" and that question was answered with a laugh. As our conversation continued, it occurred to me that I may have unknowingly committed mistakes/ things that would make someone feel bad so I apologized. Daily life was more hectic and things have gotten out of hand that I stopped responding nor found time for us to meet.

This was something that I'll shrug off before 'cause I was "too busy to bother." Also, I've always thought that it was okay to drift in and out of someone else's life 'cause he/she is preoccupied with her/his life.


Now, I am kind of thinking that those actions were not respectful of somebody else's time. Or maybe I'm just overthinking this matter. 😬

The importance of making time "for the things that matter" but I seemed to forget that relationships matter too. It also doesn't help that I'm dense when it comes to stuff like this.😅 A friend of mine even pointed out that we kind of matured in the past year 'cause we're more considerate and more cautious of our actions these days. HAHAHAHA. Kasalanan ko bang may pagkamanhid ako? At uhm, lampake? 😂 I've touched on this when I posted about my birthday last year "Haaaaaaay. 'Yung mga ganyang tao na ginawang hobby magpakalayo sa mga importanteng araw na ice-celebrate sila, pasalamat na lang na minamahal, inaalala, hinahanap, at nami-miss pa ng iba." HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Sarreh na, sarreh. I'm about to celebrate my birthday again and I'm not confident enough to say that I've grown and matured the past year like I was hoping to. HAHAHA! Pero 'yon nga, no matter phase we're in now, we're still whole.

Denden's Third Barkday
He has always celebrated his birthday since it's also the Independence Day of Philippines. Just look at thise brown eyes. HAHAHA. Kala mo talaga.

We watched Hunter x Hunter, tomadachi. HAHAHA. I mean, definitely a late bloomer otaku 'cause some of my friends have been in this since 5th grade. It's just interesting to now be a part of this community/world, you know. I just saw this on a new light, the whole anime stuff, and I'm loving it so far. Funny thing about this is Denden's white and I've been calling him Killua sometimes. I love giving people and things and more nicknames so... haha. He never responded to Killua 'cause he has a lot more nicknames to remember. lol. 

Anyhoo, one night while cooking dinner, I was called and we picked up the newest member of T. Gasin family. 

According to her record, her previous owners call her Yuna but would I allow this opportunity of naming a dog Killua pass me by? Never. HAHAHA! I was about to name her Killua which totally suited her 'cause she has a white coat but I settled with Lua. Idk. To make it sound a bit more girly perhaps. Lua. 

I made her an Instagram account and searched if any other dog or if anyone else is called Lua and I saw several. I was surprised so I searched its meaning and found out that Lua means moon in Portuguese. Initially didn't know that Lua means something. What a sweet coincidence 'cause I am a selenophile.

My bb's Instagram account: perky.lua

My original bb who just celebrated his 10th debut anniversary via online fan meeting. Congrats, love! Here's to more fan meeting, dramas, movies, songs, and filming locations with you. HAHAHA!

Hello, my 5 months old bebi ghorl. 💖
She's a pomeranian and you'll definitely be seeing more of her. 

Ewan ko kung big deal 'to at kung bakit ko nga ba sinasabi 'to. Kaso wala lang, naisip ko lang that with some people whom I have relationships (hindi lang romantic) with might have been disappointed with me sometimes 'cause I was often away and negligent.

Don't you just love our growth? I mean, for us to realize our shortcomings and that we're trying to change for the better person that we are becoming is are small accomplishments already. Uyyy, pampalubag-loob. HAHAHAHAHA. Pero ikaw ba naman kasi sagutin ng, "Okay lang. Sanay naman ako." Sarreh na ulit talaga. Buti na lang nga at sanay sila. 🤦🏻‍♀️

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