Mid-July (7/12)

By Tin Gallemaso - 2:11:00 PM

This has got to be the shortest mid-month note that I have posted here. I looked at my archive and realized that I only posted once last month. HAHAHAHAHA. NYARE, SIS? 🤣 I need to post about several stuff so I can link them on the mid-month note for August so it'll be longer. Huwag kasi ako tamad? 🤣🤣🤣

There's a 10% off on the total bill for vaccinated diners at Genki Sushi! 🤣

 This is my go to restaurant for salmon sashimi so we immediately went because I haven't had a good raw salmon in more than a year. Cravings satisfied! Will definitely be back. 

So here's my bb girl and her journey as one of the "quarantine dog babies" on the Instagram dog community. Lol. hahaha. Those with heart stickers are her photos that made it to the top of hashtag Pomeranian Philippines. Nanay yern? HAHAHAHAHA. I've owned a dog for as long as I can remember. I can't even imagine a life without one. Lua is different than my other dogs because she was born not only on a different generation but also on a different "dog ownership" culture. Will post about this more once I upload our "mall trip" one of these days. 

Ano nga 'yon? Kaya nag-alaga ng aso para may bantay sa bahay tapos ngayon, hindi na makaalis kasi walang magbabantay sa aso. Kaya... sinasama na lang aso pag umaalis. Problem solved! 🤣

Follow her on IG: perky.lua

I'm fully-vaccinated! Oo, kailangan talaga naka-posing kasi may laban ng braso 2021. 😛

Had my second dose last July 13. This is not the end of the pandemic but at least I feel that I'm kind of a step closer to normalcy? I still follow the safety protocols but my mind is feeling a bit more at ease since my first dose. 

For QC residents, aside from Barangay Assistance where you can submit (vaccine requisition forms), you can also book through the website of ezconsult. Ours were coursed through the barangay assistance. We've submitted names a month before we were given schedule. Fortunately, the vaccination site was very close to our house so most of our neighbors got vaccinated too. We were all given Pfizer vaccine and I had very minimal side effect. The only thing I felt was a slight pain on my arm for both doses. 

Thank you, Barangay Tandang Sora and QC LGU! 😊

Kailangan ata kasi documented 'yung hair tuwing vaccine day? Charuuuu! BAGUIO NA TAYO! BEACH NA TAYOOOOO! 

Lua believes in "Faith it 'til 'you make it."  Pupunta ka rin ba sa Coney Island, bb? 🤣

I'm celebrating my birthday today. The video is a kalimba greeting I received from a friend. 
Unlike last year though, I don't really feel like writing a lot for this year. I'm just grateful I'm here safe and healthy. 

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