Mid-August Notes (8/12)

By Tin Gallemaso - 2:02:00 PM

Girl, ano na? Hahahaha

Kamusta naman 'tong once a month posting schedule. Kung hindi pa ko nakapag-commit sa Mid-month notes, malamang wala nga rin 'to. 😂

Exactly a year ago, we started selling cream puffs to some friends. Our small online business/quaranthing has been thriving since then that it has become something a lot of people crave for. What a blessing to have a continuous stream of side income in this time of uncertainties. 

Facebook: Denden's Baking Room

The last time I had samgyeopsal at a restaurant was in February and my discovery from that restaurant was their kimchi is one of the best out of all I've tried here. I have been buying our kimchi from them since then and it has been countless sampgyupsal sesh as well. Anyway, enough about that. What I wanna share is my latest discovery which is the tock soda for when you're too lazy to drink liquor but want some alcohol in your system. Hahahaha. This is just like flavored carbonated drink with 5% alcohol. Will wait for it to be on 50% off again in 7-11 so I can restock.😂😂😂😂😂😂

We always eat fried rice of different origins LOL these days. Fried rice has been special for me since 2016 'cause it was my comfort food back in the States for days when I have no budget. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Char. 'Cause cooking rice for one felt like a waste before, I'd cook rice good for four-five servings then put the rest in the refrigerator so I can fry them for my next meals. Also would never forget those Panda Express meals that I eat for two days and especially our most delish corned beef fried rice dinner and breakfast in San Francisco. Oh, those were the days... 😂

As soon as I got this plate, I kinda regretted not ordering a pasta dish in Banapple. 😂 I thought I was craving for rice but yeah... It's been a while, Banapple. This used to be one of the special restaurants for me. 


My other dog (Den) might have felt so relieved upon Lua's arrival 'cause he's no longer forced to pose for photos since Lua is the one with Instagram account anyway. 

We love supporting local businesses. Isn't this personalized dog treat so cool? This is from Macy's Dog Treats and you can see them in Shopee or Instagram. 

Lua eats this with her puppuccino for when we do home cafés. 

Handmade collars by moi. This is an old hobby. I saw some being sold in IG and since I knew how to make bracelets like these, I just purchased paracords and made my own. I'mma try making leashes too some other time. Hahahaa. Wow, daming time? 😂

Last but definitely not the least, the newest product of Fuwa Fuwa Gold: Raisin Loaf

This can be purchased in S & R membership shopping. My mom loves raisins so she likes this too! She said that it's already good on its own but I liked this better paired with Nutella. Kinda like those chocolate coated raisins only made more filling 'cause it's bread. 

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