Mid-September Notes (9/12)

By Tin Gallemaso - 3:27:00 PM

Lua's Instagram

This is turning out to be Lua's mid-month notes and not mine. HAHAHA! Doesn't matter as long as I am able to post per month. NYAHAHAHA! SEPTEMBER NA AGAD?! Grabehan lang talaga. 

Anyway, she was sent this pet tag with her name on it from PawStatic.Ph

These dehydrated chicken breast strips were also sent to her from MogoDoggo. 

You can find their store on Shopee and avail 5% off your order if you use the code MOGOCHUNG when checking out. 

T. Gasin was a name I made for fun but we had it registered at Philippine Canine Club Inc. just to make it official. HAHAHA

And... you, guys better welcome me to this world. :))))) I started playing a video game!!! OMG. HAHAHA! I started playing Animal Crossing New Horizon just because. :)))) 

Tsukki is a volleyball player in the anime Haikyu while Lua, is well, my dog whom I named after Killua also an anime character. This were the things that I used to ignore but for some reason, they are the ones keeping me sane during the lockdown/quarantine that we have until now. 

 I love my bath and body works and I was given these bottles. I don't know how or which note was it but these, especially the winter candy apple, really smelled like winter. It smells like rose, orange, maple, and apple. It's actually a fruity scent which is the reason why I won't pick these two up if ever  was doing the shopping but yeah glad I was given these. Spritzing these on gives me a nostalgic feeling as if I was smelling a snow laden mountain again. 

We had another ECQ and MECQ followed soon after. We went to a mall and dining was prohibited but a Happy Lemon Kiosk was open. I was thinking of getting myself an oreo drink 'cause I love Happy Lemon's version of that. I mean, I did home cafes for my other Instagram account but buying from a legit milk tea place is still better. HAHAHA! Anyway, when we were ordering, there was a sign that there's a free matcha smoothie per order of the milk tea with cheese cake. I always bring my vaccination card whenever I leave home so it was an easy decision. Matcha yern eh!!

Thanks for this promo, Happy Lemon! Until my next B1T1 purchase. HAHAHA!

It's Autumn in the Northern Hemisphere. Haaaaay. Hopefully, I'd get to experience autumn again. 

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