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EOS Lip Balm Review - Get Rid of Those Lip Lines

 I created a page for this 'cause like my travel posts, this will be a series. HAHAHAHA. Natatawa na lang ako. :))))

As I have mentioned in a post, I will be swatching my lipsticks and will post the pictures here. Haha!  Bakit gumawa ka pa ng page? I relied on blogs when I was searching for swatches so I'm doing it too. Naks! haha! All for the love of lipsticks, I am posting a picture of my fez online - no inhibitions. NAKS ULIT! 

These are the lipsticks that I'll be swatching. I have tinted lip balms but I am not including them in this series. 

As you may notice, I also don't own expensive lipsticks. I got the Colourpop lippies when I was in USA for $5 or $6 each. The rest are priced between 250php to 500php. 

Click on the lipstick name and a new web page will pop-up if I've posted about it already/ 

Bootie - Cami - Trust Me - Love Life

Lyin' King - Bad Habit - Bumble

Clay Crush - Nude Nuance

Pure Garnet (gave this to someone)  - Peachy Brown (gave this to someone)

Spiced Cider (gave this to someone) - Spice

Etude House's Tomato Ketchup, Maybelline's Mat 2, Maybelline's Cherry on Top, Revlon's Fire and Ice, Human Heart Nature's Coral Kiss

Tony Moly Tint Cherry, The Face Shop Tint Lovely, Human Heart Nature Petal.
These are all my lipsticks when swatched on my arm. 
Below - my lips are really pale.
Above - the left and the middle picture, I was wearing Etude House's Sugar Tint Balm.

Made this collage to show you how pale my lips are. There are days when they look even paler than this. Haha! but there's something I do at night kasi to make my lips pale in the morning. Sinasadya ko minsan. Wahaha.

 It's actually not uncommon that during those days when my lips are really pale that people ask me if I'm anemic. But I'm not, I had a general check-up last March and I am completely fine. Nagpaliwanag talaga :))

Ang nakakaloka pa dyan. Meron akong isang overnight tapos meron kaming kasama na noon ko lang nakilala. Nung umaga, sinabihan niya ko, "Ganyan pala talaga kulay ng labi mo? Nagtataka ko kagabi bakit matutulog ka na lang nag lagay ka pa ng sobrang nude lipstick." HAHAHA! K! 


Anyhow, the pictures below are how L'oreal Paris' Color Riche Lipstick in Spice looks on me.
L'oreal in Spice Shade
Pure Garnet and this one are the darkest shades I have now.

 I used to own Nyx's Copenhagen but I emptied it and haven't bought one again... di pa nga kasi pwede. haha
Color Riche in Spice
What I look like if I see a lipstick which shade I like... pero nooooooooo. Bawal. Andwe!! hahaha! 

So... how many lipsticks does a girl need, mga beshy? 'yan din dilemma ko talaga lalo pag may sale tapos may magandang kulay. Hahaha. Sabi nga, "Life is short so buy that lipstick!" Well, life is short so buy whatever you want, go wherever you wanna go, do whatever you wanna do!

As long as walang ina-agrabyado at nasa budget, why not? Bili lang kung may gusto kang kulay! hehehe. 

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