Staycation at Marriot Hotel, Newport City Complex, Pasay

Ang hassle nung name na watermarks pero tinatamad na ko baguhin. I put the watermarks before I finally decided to make the URL xtintina. haha.

This is one of the hotels in Newport City Complex across Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 3. I read somewhere that they recently won an award but I forgot what was it. Congrats, Marriott Hotel! Well-deserved! Here's to more staycations for me. Charrrrrr. :)))

Below are pictures from Marriott Hotel that I took once upon a time...
There's a way/bridge from the hotel to RWM.

Seeing this sign reminded me a lot of Genting Highlands in Malaysia which actually isn't surprising since they're both Resort's World.

It was more kilig though for me since I was there for an overnight stay and not just to sight see. 
Stayed at room 543.

As if seeing my already big pores isn't enough, there's a magnifying mirror there. lol.
It was during typhoon Lando and Metro Manila was under signal number two that we were there. Since the weather was cold I was wearing my BB jacket most of the time. Walang sawa sa BB jacket kasi wala namang choice at super comfy naman niya gamitin. 
One of the best feeling is seeing your name flashed in the television once you enter the room. But it was my roommate's name that was typed there so unfortunately, I did not feel the best feeling. Hahaha!
Our beds huhuhu I want to go back plssss.
Only a glass wall divides the bathroom and the entire room but no need to panic since there are curtain blinds which control buttons are found beside the door.

Another thing that I liked about Marriott's bathroom aside from the bath tub was there were two types of shower heads: one was the hand held shower wand and the other was the rain shower head.... if you're getting the picture. Haha.
Toothbrushes and lotion bottle.
Aroma therapy shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. 

I love the smell of these but I wasn't able to use any since I brought my own shampoo and conditioner. Hindi na keri pag hindi ako nag cream silk, it's that phase when it's a bad hair day everyday for me. Need to have my hair rebonded na!!
Went to Resort's World for a cup of matcha from UCC. Will be blogging them next time because I need to visit again for their matcha products.
Good morning, Marriott Hotel!!

I slept well despite the difficulty of falling sleep at first. It was a challenge since I wasn't used to using very soft pillows, good thing I had like four of them that I piled up. 
The pool area overlooking the metro skyline.

Now that I am thinking of it, I don't remember hearing sounds of airplanes while there even if it's near Terminal 3.
Pool Bar and Gym area.

Their Quan Spa also has steam bath, jacuzzi and sauna facilities that can be accessed by all guests as well. 
Kakain na lang... nakadress pa ganyan.
Kuya and I... 

May mai-caption lang. The pool was only 5 feet deep but I like the water quality. Wished they had a deeper pool.
These are for sale.
The 15th Grand Wine Experience. Stella Artois is the only one I can recognize in this picture.

I have no pictures of all the buffet selections which is a fail because there are definitely a lot of choices.

From these cheeses to Japanese food to Filipino food. As in almost everything that I could think of eating for breakfast was there. Sobrang excited ko ata kaya hindi na ko nakapag-picture.
I ate a lot which is a no-brainer but one thing that I really liked is that Matcha Gelato is included in the breakfast buffet. Although I am having matcha every morning, I still got excited when I found out that gelatos were buffet inclusive.

Those bottles on the right were fruit juices - I especially like the four seasons and apple flavors.
Morning swim and morning emo.
'Yung stolen shot na mukhang, "Whatever! Mag staycation ako ng mag staycation." Haha. Wow burgithhhhhh.
Told you it was BB and me almost all the time.
 'Yan lang BB ko eh, 'yung jacket. hehe.

Overall, I had a very pleasant stay at Marriott Hotel in Pasay. We encountered no problem with our room and with the staff since they were attentive, helpful, and courteous.

Oh, you can't operate the elevator unless you swipe your room card because it uses a key-card system for added security function. It is a system that we were unfamiliar with at first that going back to our floor was a problem because we couldn't swipe our room card right or there was a problem with our floor's button that it doesn't get pushed. Hahaha!

More of this plez... para masanay. :))



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