Boracay: Cujo's Keyhole in Boracay New Coast

We saw this on our way to Puka Beach since the Hop on, Hop Off buses enter New Coast area where this Keyhole is located. 

Cujo's Keyhole in Boracay New Coast

Boracay New Coast 

You'd alight the bus in Bellevue Boracay and hire a multicab that will take you to and from the Key Hole. If you didn't avail the Hop on, Hop off bus then multicabs from any point of Boracay can take you here. This is quite far from the long beach though so the price would roughly be around P 300.00/per way but you can always haggle especially if it's back and forth. P 300.00/way is what we paid when we went to Movenpick from our hotel in Station 2. 

Our fare was P 50.00/person/way from Bellevue. There's no entrance fee to get to this rock formation. Transportation is the only expense. 

Cujo's Keyhole in Boracay New Coast

We were from Lambros Point and Diniwid Beach before going here - another place from our "bato-bato sa Boracay" itinerary haha
Cujo's Keyhole in Boracay New Coast

If you like to go to Boracay but escape the crowd of Long Beach, there are several hotels in New Coast where you can check-
in. There's also a beach in this area. I'm just not sure if it's a private beach or open to anyone. 

Cujo's Keyhole in Boracay New Coast

We also saw photos taken from a mountain summit near this area but it's now closed to tourists. 

I forgot to take a photo of Cujo's Keyhole from a far. It also looks beautiful from that perspective. 

That place, across the water, is where the hotels of Boracay New Coast are and that is the beach.

I never heard of this place the first time I was in Boracay but this is a hot photo spot these days. There's a queue in the good angle of the Keyhole but it didn't really matter. Antay kung antay. Pak naman. HAHA. Afternoon is the best time to go here unless you intentionally want an "against the light" photo.

Cujo's Keyhole in Boracay New Coast

On the right side of the photo above is where the Keyhole is. This photo is taken near Bellevue. It looks close. It probably is a walking distance for some... FOR SOME. 

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