Gangneung, South Korea: Anmok Beach and Coffee Street

My first time in Gangneung was during Pyeongchang Olympics in 2018. HAHA. But yea, it was only the stadiums that I got to visit back then. 

Lost in Pyeongchang link: here.
Above is my experience getting lost in Pyeongchang and yet finding an ice and trout festival. 

We were only here for a while since this is just a side trip to the Gangneung Ice Stadium 'cause we were scheduled to watch a concert that night. 

Those are the coffee shops with large windows facing the Anmok Sea so you can get a table with a view. <3

To get here, you can ride a bus at Dong Seoul Bus Station in Seoul. 

At the background is Anmok Beach though Gangneung has a more famous beach called Jumunjin Beach 'cause it was the shooting location of a scene in the Kdrama, "Goblin."

This has a scarf inside, a gift from Korean Tourism Organization for winter travelers. I just didn't have a proper winter clothes but it was freezing!!! 

Strong waves of the winter sea. 

But as someone who has no winter in her country, walang makakapigil sa'kin -11!!! HAHAHAHA! Though I am preparing warmer clothes for my Winter 2020 already. 

Additional information:

A coffee festival is held here every October. I think that's one of the best times to visit the area because it's autumn and you can definitely see a lot of autumn foliage.

There's an ample parking space there as well if you have your own car or rental car.

To get here:

From Seoul: 

You can ride a bus to Gangneung from Dong Seoul Bus Terminal

Anmok Bus Stop.

Green Bus No. 202-1 (bound for Gyeongpo-Anmok), 302 (bound for Anmok-Hyanghori)

If you're going here, I suggest that you stay for at least two days since there's a lot more to Gangneung than this coffee street... although I haven't toured around as well. lol

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