Wingman's Thursday Quiz Night, UPTC

I've been to a lot of restaurants serving wings but I've no experience in quiz nights. So when I agreed, "Ah bahala na." I don't even like being asked trivia questions but I still said yes to the challenge and the food. lol.

I arrived at Wingman, 2nd Floor in UP Town Center then I saw...

The poster of the Bloggers Quiz Night displayed at the door.
 I knew that we had a poster but I didn't know they're going to post it there. 
Team Pabebe.

Walang makakapigil sa'min!!! Based on what happened during that night, walang makakapigil sa'min kumain! 
Squadron Meal consists of 30 wings (5 different flavors), Potato Platter (I don't know the exact name), pitcher of drinks (lemonade, draft beer or iced tea). 
Classic Buffalo and Lemon Pepper

We got the classic buffalo in medium.

This is the one I liked best because it's flavorful yet the spiciness is just right for me. It's like I didn't have to taste the other variants because this is all I need. haha. 

By the way, Wingman has fifteen flavors of chicken and you can look here for the list and prices.
Prairie Fire
Garlic Parmesan and Moroccan Chermoula.

Moroccan Chermoula tastes exotic because of its North African Spices while Prairie Fire though I expected a spicy flavored wings because of the word fire has a creamy sauce. 
Aside from the good food, what made this night more fun and interesting is the Quiz Night.

While eating we were asked several trivia questions, the winners get a prize.

This is actually the reason why I was having second thoughts on saying yes to this event but it turned out okay and super fun. It wasn't stressful nor very competitive, it was more of like a friendly and a good vibes quiz game made better because it's played while having delicious wings and beer. hehe. 

Quiz nights are a great way of challenging how broad your knowledge is. Mine wasn't 'cause most of the questions I was able to answer fell under the geography/tourism category. I need to become a wider reader... e bat ba kasi mas interested talaga ko sa lakwatsa. haha!
Pang-IG shot.

Looking at this picture makes me want to go back there and yes, I will do that one of these days. Hehe.

 My top two flavors are Classic Buffalo and Garlic Parmesan.
Platter of onion rings, french fries, shoestring fries and twister fries.

No need for rice (for me to say that there's no need for rice is something unusual!) because the wings are matchy matchy with everything carbo that are on this platter.
Fried Snickers

First, I like how they plated it and placed the vanilla ice cream in a ramekin because it gets messy once it has melted. Second, I don't see how the combination of snickers, whipped cream, chocolate sauce, and vanilla ice cream can go wrong. Hehe. Sweet way to end the night. 
This was a sure hit for the pabebe girls! 

Thank you, Wingman UPTC and Aldous of aldousatetheworld for a fun and filling night! 

Kami ang pabebe girls at wala kaming pake... jk. 

Byeeee! :))

Other Wingman Branches:

The Collective, Makati
Butterfly Garden, Newport City
Casa Real Acacia Estates Town Center, Taguig City

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*Credits to Wingman's Facebook page for the last two pictures. Thanks, Matt lee!

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