Product Review: Zenutrients Leave-In Conditioner and CGM Update

Curls by Zenutrients Leave-in Conditioner Review 
CGM Update with products currently on rotation. 

Almost six months since I posted about the products I use, I'm posting this. Hehe. These are mostly from my 12.12 sale purchases. 


These days, I no longer pay that much attention to good and bad hair days. 😅 I have a routine that works for me and every wash day is a surprise anyway. Parang naging wash and wear na ulit buhok ko. Buti naman! 😍 I've heard enough people who told me that my hair looks good as an assurance that it's improving. Pwede na 'yan. 😂 All thanks to my bb 'cause I spent my rebond money on him which is the reason why I stumbled upon CGM. HAHAHA! 

NOTE: Some of the terms below will be unfamiliar to those who are not practicing CGM. 😁

This is still what I apply as leave-in when I'm staying at home. I love the smell (kinda sweet but not too vanilla-ey) and it's cheaper. 

I've always hoped for a leave-in conditioner and I'm so happy when Zenutrients launched this last year. 😍 

This smells fresh and clean which I like a lot. It doesn't feel heavy in the hair and it forms a slight cast when applied so it's perfect to use when going out. I no longer think about what my hair looks like especially when it's windy outside.

I haven't tried using gel as a styler since CGM so I never had an experience of "scrunching the crunch" but this is the closest that I can get to that. 

Zenutrients is thicker than HHN but I don't dilute it with water unlike the latter.

Some ladies in the group rinse only a percent of their S2C conditioner and some don't rinse at all. I don't like doing that 'cause it feels sticky especially in the humid weather we have here in PH. I rinse all the conditioner after S2C then I apply leave-in after wet plopping. 

I've only used this thrice as of writing 'cause I'm emptying my other low poo, HHN Mandarin. I still prefer the latter because using the Mandarin variant in the shower is invigorating/aromatherapy to me. Repurchase of this will depend whether or not my hairfall lessens as I empty the container and if the smell grows on me since I'm still leaning to HHN for my low poo. 

I haven't noticed the lesser hairfall nor the strengthening of my hair strands yet. This smells minty. It's watery so perfect for co-wash. My scalp doesn't itch when using this and I feel a mild cooling sensation so I know it's there. 😂 The co-wash that I've been using before is Johnson and Johnson's Shiny Drops Conditioner. I will repurchase this because 1 liter size when on sale is sold for around 680 (?) so this will be cheaper than JJ. Though, of course, I'm hoping that it will stay true to its claim that I'll have lesser hairfall. 

I LOVE THE SCENT. I like this more than gugo, tbh. If they sell this in a 1 Liter container then I'd definitely get this for my Co-Wash instead of gugo even if that promises stronger hair. This is thicker so I dilute this with water when I use it. It also has a minty/cooling sensation when applied in the scalp. 

I have nothing to say about these Suave conditioners aside from they are my CGM holy grails, my must-haves, my forever. Haha. I only purchase those protein-free variants and I usually have two kinds with me. Cherry Blossom has and will always be a staple and the other one is whatever scent is available in the store during my restock. 😂

As I've said above, hair during wash day is always a surprise. ❤️ Will never look back to salon hair treatments. Hehehe. 

 Zenutrients Leave-In Conditioner:

 Zenutrients Leave-In Conditioner when tried outdoor.

My hair when wet. 

Will blog about this no-sleep hike one of these days. Hahahahaha. Kakamiss. Shet. 

This was my concern before. Paano kaya buhok ko kapag nag-hiking? Okay naman pala or yeah, it's cause mas maayos na rin 'yung buhok ko these days.  Also, Zenutrients has a slight cast so I believe that helped in making my hair more manageable during the trek. 

Fully dried while on a windy mountain top. Naninibago pa rin ako minsan kapag nakikita ko ganyan hair ko. HAHA!

My new roommate loves to sleep on my hair. I use satin hair caps when he sleeps in my room to make myself laway-proof 'cause he plays with my hair and by play I mean bites it. 😢🤦🏻‍♀️ hahaha! It's uncomfortable for me to sleep with a hair cap but I think a lot of CGM ladies wear something like this to protect their curls while sleeping. 

Clingy bb. 😍

Gondo naman ng diaper mo. 😂
One of his favorite place on Earth is beside my face. 😂 Kaya kailangan talaga laway proof! Kakaloka! Hahahaha

Maskne has calm down eventually. 
I still get some whiteheads and acne these days but not as much as before, even the acne marks are starting to fade. Huhuhu. Buti na lang! I also have new sunscreen and lip balm that I'm using, I might post those here too. 

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