Tong-Yang, Eton Centris (Quezon Avenue)


Didn't want to make another post but I've visited this restaurant again recently so I'll be posting the updated food photos and pricelist. Scroll until the jump break for the old post... not that you'll need it anyway. 

Tong Yang Centris Station Price

Tong-Yang Centris Station, Quezon Avenue 

Shabu Shabu and Grill
Weekdays - P 738.00
Weekends - P 788.00

Subject to 5% Service Charge

Looking at the pictures from my post a decade ago hahaha. Eng bilis ng panahon. Wala ng salmon sashimi ngayon. Nakalimutan ko na meron pala before. But yeah, I don't think a lot has changed for this restaurant these past few years. It's still a favorite though we rarely eat at an eat-all-you-can restaurant now. 

P 495.00/person for a weekday lunch with unlimited drinks. 
Second visit link here at P 585.00/person for a weekday dinner.

I didn't eat breakfast so I was ready to pig-out. Meron ako nung feel ng pupunta ng buffet, kain kung kain!

Hence, all the food that I consumed.
The sushi choices weren't a lot but enough for some Japanese food cravings. I didn't have high expectations with their sushi anyway so the selections were fine.

 As you can see, there's also Kimchi on my plate and that other orange food which is definitely a Korean cuisine too.

These are not this meal's highlight anyway... the next food pictures are.

These are only some of those we got.
You know what I loved the most?
Varieties of seafoods!
 Shrimps, cream dory slices and squids were those we grilled most of the times.

But there were other choices aside from these three, di ko na lang maalala kung ano.

The cow intestines were also good. Woo, isaw!
Pumu-putok putok lang habang niluluto, tsk

I still remember my first visit in Quezon Ave's branch, I think I got a plate full of cow intestines that night and it wasn't the best feeling after. AHAHAHA. Eat these in moderation.
Chicken and sinigang soup.
And you can literally just get and shabu-shabufy everything that's in TY. haha. Loved the Sinigang soup!
Sliced pork.
You can have them slice the pork according to how you want the pork to be. I didn't though, I just got whatever is available.
Hihi. Sarap!

I also liked their dips like this I have here. Mine was vinegar with a lot of garlic bits and I think I changed it for three times because the grease solidifies in the dip. 
Next set. New grilling pan.
See 'yung squid na medyo mapula? Upper left side ng grill?
Masarap 'yung timpla nun!

Most of the times, the problem with eat-all-you-can yakiniku buffets are the tastes of meat to be grilled; although they look different, the tastes are the same. Here in TY, malalasahan mo na iba-iba talaga 'yung mga lasa ng lahat ng choices.
Desserts time!
Big Scoop Mocha and Chocolate Ice Cream
Mais con yelo con pinipig. 

The old Tong Yang branch in Quezon Avenue wasn't smokeless. When we got out of the restaurant after dinner, we all smelled like food. So yay! Centris branch is smokeless! And super okay 'yung service, attentive and a waiter even grilled our food for us as we began our eating and went back after a while to grill again. 

Tong-Yang now tops my list!

Hehe. Sabi ko na, magd-DIET eh. :))

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  1. sa megamall branch nla 2 kinds ng soup dn b sa shabu shabu? tia!

  2. Sorry pero hindi pa kasi ako nakaka-kain sa Megamall, pero kung smokeless din sila, siguro 2 kinds din ng soup 'yung sa shabu-shabu dun. :)

  3. P 585.00 din po siguro. Mga ganyang price range. :)

  4. Ask ko lang po if how much yung price if weekday then dinner? Thanks :)))))

  5. do they have rooms for a group like for example birthdays

  6. for dinner start from what time and up to???? weekdays. may discount po ba pag group or package?

  7. Hello po, unlimited po ba ang buffet? Like romantic baboy or any samgyupsal? Tia.

  8. how much po ang dinner nyo pag friday night with unlimited drinks and service charge? at pag 12 person may free po ba? hindi po kasi kami makakontact sa landline nyo thanks