Philippines: Boljoon Church, Cebu


I noticed that my previous post for Boljoon Church in Cebu have been in this blog's Top Searches for the past couple weeks so I'm posting these photos here too. I have no idea why a lot of people are searching about the church these days but it's all thanks to them did I realize that I haven't posted most of out-of-town trips here yet. 

I don't know either why I didn't put details in my other post. HAHA! That time, we only passed by the church and probably stayed for even less than 30 minutes. Huhuhu. Hindi ko na maalala. Baka wala rin kasi akong nalaman at tinamad ako mag search. 😆

For this post, we spent a long time in the vicinity of Boljoon Church 'cause we waited for sunset at the baywalk/park in front of the church. Wala pa ring historical details pero mas maraming photos. Pwede na! 😅

This church was built in 1690's and currently the only church in Cebu that's listed as a National Cultural Treasure.

Walking distance from the church is this Cuartel. This structure was never finished but is evidently well-preserved. 

Ang hirap na magtanong ng, "Where to Next?" 

banyo, kwarto, kusina, sala ganern. HAHA

Jumpshot yern?

Huwag ako ang tanungin mo.
Hindi ko rin alam. 
Nag lakad-lakad lang ako doon. 

This area is along Bohol Strait. 

Waited for the sunset in this place. One of the many things that are missed. 💖 Quiet afternoon by a body of water while feeling the breeze and listening to the waves. 

Although, yeah, I've had the chance to walk for a short time along the Baywalk of Manila Bay last month. Pwede na rin. hehehe! 

I'm seriously missing life "out there."

I miss travelling but I won't deny that I'm getting used to the life in social distancing/ quarantine although it can get too boring some days. But nakakaalis naman hehe not as frequent as before. Hello. Itong trip na 'to was magkasunod na month akong Bohol (January), Bohol-Cebu (February). Kakaloka. Di ko na nga rin alam paano ko nagagawa 'yon dati. 

You know what I realized, my life was the uncomfortable "out there." AHAHAHA.

That's why I felt lost when COVID pandemic/ECQ started last year is because I was a stranger when I was forced to stay here. HAHAHA. Posible pala 'yon, pakiramdam na hindi ka belong sa isang lugar na akala mo sanay na sanay ka. Kakaalis mo, hindi mo napansin na hindi lang physical distance 'yung nagkaroon. Kakaalis mo, hindi mo na alam 'yung pakiramdam na manatili. Drama yern? HAHAHAHAHA!

So ito, halos isang taon na ang lumipas, magkakilala na kami ulit. 
Sanay na kami sa isa't isa ulit.

Again, this post doesn't have a lot of useful information either but at least, the photos are more updated than the first post, diba? 😆 

By the way, it's nice to wait for the sunset in this area 'cause nearby are turo-turo/BBQ places where you can eat your dinner. I remember doing "streetfood" tour that night. Ang sarap ng longganisa Cebu, ng isaw, ng chicharong bulaklak, at ng isol. 🤤🤤🤤

PS. This was one of places shown in the movie, "Patay na si Hesus."

Dahil dyan, sabay-sabay tayong ma-LSS. 


Whenever posts from way way way back ends up as one of the week's Top Searches in this blog, I can't help it but click on the link just so I'd remember 'cause more often that not, I don't recall most of what I wrote here especially those stuff I posted when my emotions were at their highs and/or lows. 😆

Looking at the photos travel photos was fun. It brought back memories of our easier and simpler days. 

Grateful to have experienced all of those in this lifetime. hehehe! 

Everything, in time. 💖

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