Staycation at EDSA Shangri-la Hotel, Manila

A sossy hotel stay in the eyes of a not-so-sossy/ first-timer girl lady. I'm not a girl, not yet a woman. hehehe

I've always had this question in mind why people would pay a lot checking in at 4-5 star hotels when they can spend an equal amount to go farther and just look for an affordable place to stay in their chosen destination. I know that this doesn't apply to those who have tons of cash but for us who are blessed to have the opportunity to budget and to decide which activity/product is more worth it. How is it that an overnight at EDSA Shangri-la be a better option than to go up to Baguio for 3D/2N?? Loljk. Hindi nga lang 3D/2N, pwede na yata mag 5D/4N. 

Hmmm... This is not the first time that I've slept in a five star hotel but this my first time to do a "legit staycation" in one and while I was reflecting for the answer during my overnight stay in EDSA Shangri-la, the only response I thought of was, "WHY NOT?" 

Here's a post about my brief yet very worth it and relaxing stay at Shangri-la, Manila and why you should try staycations too.

Our room was in the 7th floor of the garden tower.
Our TV with cable.
We had a bath tub. I should've brought bath bombs with me had I known that our room has a bath tub. Napaghahalataan na wala akong ka alam-alam sa facilities ng mga hotel na sosyal. HAHAHAHAHA
Toothbrushes with toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, bath gel etc.  They also have a magnifying mirror and a speaker connected to the TV inside the bathroom. 
Bed and side table for the night. 
Welcome note for guests.
Table na hindi nagamit at upuan na ginamit lang for props habang nagp-picture taking. 
Garden View from our room at night. 
If ever life gives me another opportunity to stay there, gusto ko naman ng city view. hehe. 
Picture me ng naka-robe. 

When we were in Badian Resort, Cebu, I really loved their bathroom so when I got in the bath tub..

"Picturan mo nga ko!!"

Then the next day while having breakfast, we overheard someone who said,

"Yung katabi nga namin na room, nag picture pa sa banyo."

HAHAHAHAHAHA. Hindi ako 'yon. 
Mirror selfie before going to bed.
My phone's leather case that I bought in Central Market, Malaysia. 
My friend for that night was this.

I was too lazy to go out since I still have to change clothes but I'm not too rich to touch the available snacks and drinks in our room's mini bar. As in 'yung maliit na pack ng oreo, P 200.00 na. Oh wells, nasa 5-star hotel ka, Tin. Wala ng nakakagulat. Buti na lang may chuckie ako to keep me company.

This is what the morning looks like viewed at the corridor of Shangri-la. HAHAHA. Parang may pagka-morning 'tong picture na 'to e noh. 
I wasn't only excited to have breakfast but also to take a picture of the pool area when there are no people swimming yet. This was taken at around 6:30 AM. 
Who would think that this place is located in the middle of a bustling city? EDSA 'yan eh but it was very quiet there. Walang busina and other noises coming from the "outside world."
Stay connected because everywhere in Shangri-la has a wi-fi connection. 

Paki-bili na nga po 'yung pata at taba sa legs ko para may pera ako na gagamitin kasi gusto ko ulit mag-overnight sa hotel. 
The pool is really inviting. 

Come on, Tin. Burn your fats. 

Wait lang, pool. Kakain lang ako para mas maraming ibu-burn. 

Charot. :)) 
Breakfast buffet is included in the room rate and and and... there are just so many choices that it is almost impossible to taste everything.
Because I'm too shy to post all the pictures of the food I ate, this is my round 2. :)) 
After eating, it was swimming time kasi nga sabi ng pool, burn my fats. WAHAHA.

Signed up, told the Kuya our room number and we were given towels to use in return. 
Just one of my many underwater pictures. BET NG POOL, NG TUBIG, NG MUKHA KO!!! Love your own po. :)))
Because everywhere is a picture opportunity. This was taken from the children's side of the pool area.

Ito ang akala mong itsura mo sa picture...
Tas biglang babagsak 'yung water at akala mo, maayos ka pa rin nakapag-selfie. Pero hindi, hindi, hindi.  

PAGBIGYAN AKO SA NEXT PICTURES PLS. It's not everyday that you'll be forced to look at my pictures. :))
"I'm so cute pose"
"Mukha ko na lang, wag na katawan tignan mo pose"
"Medyo makati 'yung cheeks ko pose"
"Kailangan makita 'yung pangalan ng hotel pose"
"May imaginary patungan ng arms pose"
"Pagod na pagod kaya pahinga muna pose"
"Bakit di pa rin ako tumatangkad pose"
"Yes? Hello! Nasa ilalim ako ng tubig pose"
"Makati 'yung tenga ko pose"

HAHAHA. K. Natatawa rin ako sa sarili ko pero ipagdadamot ko pa ba 'yung tawa na 'yun sa'yo? Pagtawanan mo na rin ako. Ganyan ka naman eh. :)))
We forgot to bring our robes with us so we sat here for a while to dry ourselves a little.

 Surprisingly (or not dapat!), towels in Shangri-la absorb water so well. Ang bilis ko natuyo. Hahaha. One of the things I found fascinating is how fast the towels absorb water yet they don't feel soaked. 'Cause our towels at home, kahit matagal ko ng ganyanin sa buhok ko, tutulo at tutulo pa rin ang tubig pag inalis ko. Wala pala sa buhok ko 'yung problema, nasa tuwalya. 
I'll miss you, Room 7++.
Just so you know that I can come back for you anytime if you'd miss me too. 
Selfie while trying to make sense of what's happening in my life. Joke lang. 

Nagri-ritwal ako na makabalik. HAHAHA.
Side view.
Pati room namin, suma-side view.

Mas gwapo ata 'yung view na 'to pag naka-side view eh.
See you again soon.
I'll miss my side of the bed. :(
Last picture of the pool area before leaving the room to check-out.
Another mirror selfie while waiting for the elevator.
We were given a cup of fresh orange juice while in line but it wasn't needed na since checking out was fast especially if you're like us who didn't consume anything nor did anything that would cause us to pay more other than the room. hahaha.

I forgot to take a picture of the corridors and walkways of this building because it seemed to me that they are having a renovation kasi puro tarpaulin sa paligid.


My thinking had always been, "The farther, the better." Past tense na. Take note: HAD.  :) Experiences change us so my opinion about staycations have changed as well - sometimes it's not how far you go but how you enjoyed your stay and how "recharged" you are after your get-away. Pwede rin naman pala na pumunta ka na lang somewhere near and experience something new. Afterall, it's not all the time that you'd have an appetite to sight see at new places and have the energy and time for an out-of-town. 

For us who are living in Metro Manila, there are several hotels to choose from and since Manila pa rin naman, ano pang isa-sightseeing mo, diba? Sa hotel ka lang mags-stay kaya aside from maximizing your payment since you're in the hotel most of the time, you'll also feel pampered by the way employees treat you. Here in Shangri-la, when they say that they take pride in treating their customers well, in their hotel facilities etc., they mean it. Tipong makakalimutan mo na nage-exist pala ang problema at inconvenience sa mundo. Hospitality from a caring family at its finest.

 Saving up for an overnight of comfort and luxury is all worth it so here's to more staycations! I wonder which hotel will this life take me next. :)))

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