South Korea Sojourn: Day 1-2: Beginning

I told myself that I'll be blogging more while staying here in Haeundae, South Korea... I don't know. Just to have a journal of my thoughts in the next several days since I'll be staying here for a whole month.

My Cebu Pacific flight from NAIA Terminal 3 was on time so I was able to catch the last limousine bus from Incheon International Airport to East Busan. The ride took five hours and we were in the East Busan station at 4:30 in the morning; I was asleep the whole travel time so I didn't know where it passed.

This signage above was taken in the rest stop though I didn't go down since I couldn't understand the driver's instructions. lol. Anyway, the bus was comfortable; it's still a good thing that I was able to ride it than wait until 5:00 AM for the first KTX (Bullet Train).


The bus station was connected to a train/subway station so getting to where I am staying was easy as well. It took an hour but I only had to transfer once so it was a bit comfortable as well. Nakakapagod syempre, kasi walang maayos na tulog but bearable. Always naman kasi I love long comfortable bus rides.

I slept the whole morning and while I was getting ready to go out of the hostel to grab some lunch, one of my dorm roommates whom I met for the first time that morning told me that she's thinking of climbing the mountain that was near our place. And I was like, "I want to go too!" 

Little did I know that after having our brunch, we were already heading to the mountains. HAHAHA! The jump off point was just like a 10-20 minutes walk from where I currently live. 

I am not sure what those trees are but they look like maple trees and they're starting to change colors. <3 This is the exact season/scene that I want too see, I'm glad some trees are changing colors already even if it's just the first half of September. 

We couldn't reach the top since we were out of time but I'll make sure that I will return here before I leave... we just stopped at this part that looks like or that is a stream of big rocks before heading back down. 

From where I currently live, Haeundae Beach is just around 10 minutes walk so we went there last night at around midnight. You'd notice the containers there and they were setting those up for BIFF 2018/ Busan International Film Festival. I am not sure how it goes but it's going to happen on the first week of October. 

This place so reminded me of San Francisco, California because it's by the beach and fog envelopes the city on most times these days.

During those times when you can't help it but be alone on this chosen life of yours, you ask yourself if it's worth it or what it is that you're actually doing... 

The people I met here in Busan have way different travel style from the people I met in Thailand. It's probably because we're all smitten by South Korea's charm that most of them have stayed/ have been staying for more than a month now so most of them have become friends already even if they were solo travelers initially. My visa allows me to stay for 30 days which I plan on maximizing, but their passport allows them to stay for 90 days. Kk. Hindi ko naman din afford mag 90 days. lol.

However, just like how the USA felt like home, I don't try to reach for my camera as often I should and would when I'm out of the country. Haha! I'm trying thooooo, mas maganda pa rin ang marami kesa kulang.

Some people would share things like, "you can't get your money back, but not your time" tho sometimes, I can help it but question if this is worth it.. I mean, para saan, diba?

After all the questioning, I see this map by the road and then again think to myself that everything may be worth it because of all these beautiful places... because no matter how uncomfortable things, situations, some people can get... I chose this and this is where I wanted to be in for the longest time... diba, be grateful na lang. <3

And I may not have notice it but I'm pretty sure that I'm getting stronger each day... hopefully, questions will have answers after this Sojourn. :))) Kaya I need to do this blogging again quite often.

Places to visit in Busan, South Korea link: here.

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