Busan, South Korea: Jang Mountain's Stream of Rocks

Busan National Geopark

I knew that I am going to live in the vicinity of Jang Mountains so I was looking forward to climbing it but never did I imagine that I am climbing it on my first day in Haeundae, Busan. :)))

First and Second day in Busan link: here.

From home, we asked which way was to the park and we were told to just follow the stream for it leads to Jangsan Falls. 

And so that's what we did until we reached this lake/park... we still had enough time so we had the chance to explore this park until we reached the road that leads to the trailhead. 

Above is Jangsan Falls.

Swimming is not allowed.

And then we reached the park where you have two options, one is to walk up the steep incline in front and the other is to take the stairs on the right.

We took the incline...

I never had the chance to go back to this area to find out what is in the end but we found the stream of rocks. We had to descent before sundown because we didn't have flashlights with us that time. 

In one of the websites I saw, it said that Jangsan has an unusual high percentage of rocks fields/block stream from a volcanic activity some 70 million years ago. 

By the way, I went back to this mountain twice after this. One was a solo hike, then when I went back to the dorm, they asked me where I went so a few days after that, we went back for a group hike. But yea, I never got to see this stream of rocks again though. 

Busan, South Korea: Jang Mountain and Jwadong Traditional Market (Group Hike)

A friend of mine returned for a solo hike but she didn't see both the Observatory and Stream of Rocks, rather she ended up in the field of Autumn Silver Grass. Maybe if we had spent an entire day in Jangsan rather than afternoons (4-5 hours), we would've seen the entirety of it. hahah

 Stream of rocks it is. I'm not too brave to pose there so above is the only picture I took with the big rocks. Haha!

I was able to climb Jangsan twice after this but those were just in the same area/viewing deck but I'll be posting that in the future.

If you have a day to spare in Busan and you like to hike, I suggest that you do that in Jangsan because you'll be able to see almost all of Busan from there - Songjeong Beach, Haeundae Beach, and Gwanggali Beach from the top. Also, there are several hiking trails and hiking attractions that you can see in the mountain range. <3

Almost all hiking places in Busan has this thing where you can blow stuff off of you. HAHAHA! Di ko ma-explain but the air is used to clean your shoes and shirts of pests and dirt after the hike.

Location: Jangsan/ Jangsan Mountain
Nearest Subway Line: Jangsan Station, exit 10

*I was told that there's also a trailhead near Haeundae. I think I walked in that area once but I'm not really sure where it is.

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