EastWest Bank's Basic Savings Account

By Tin Gallemaso - 5:11:00 PM

 The link of EastWest Bank's Website: here

Earn big savings from small beginnings! 

Bakit kailangan magbukas ng Savings Account? link: here.

I opened another account just after four months of opening my Easy Saver Account in BPI Family Bank. I have my reason for doing so (read after the break) and I've been wanting to open this account since two weeks ago but I only found the time to go to the bank this afternoon.

The reasons why this S.A. is worth considering:

1. Low initial deposit and maintaining balance
With only P 100.00, you can have your own Savings Account. 

2. With P 500.00 in your account, your money would already start earning interest. 
That's 0.25% in EastWest.

3. It comes with a VISA/Bancnet Debit Card.
I'm sure that you've seen a Visa logo whenever you went to malls or dined at restaurants. This Debit Card can give you the convenience of swiping the card at any VISA accepted POS terminals. No need to withdraw in ATMs.

EDIT: 4. You can use this card to pay your online purchases thru Paypal and to verify your account there too. (Thanks, Jeramy.)


1. P 1
00.00 minimum initial deposit.

2. P 100.00 over-the-counter transaction fees.

EDIT: 3. No charges in P.O.S transactions and Eastwest Bank ATM withdrawals.

I will edit this part again in the future. I am still unaware of other possible charges of this account (i.e How much is the service charge going to be if you'd withdraw from another bank's ATM.) You may comment if you know though.

Initial Deposit

I am now an official EastWest Banker too!

Eastwest Bank Prepaid Card vs. BDO Cash Card: Click here.

I wanted to subscribe to something but even if my Credit Card is supposed to be accepted, mine wouldn't connect even after I tried three times.

Applying for another credit card isn't an option. First, based on the requirements of credit cards I'm not eligible. Until now I am still wondering why I received a pre-approved JCB Lucky Cat Credit Card. Second, I don't want to pay an annual membership fee.

I was left with either a Prepaid Card or a Debit Card as my choices. 
I need one under Bancnet, Visa or Mastercard.

I first had my eye on a Mastercard Prepaid because it would be easy to reload my card using my account in BPI but then that would cost me a renewal fee of P 500.00 every two years. I want something that I will not have to renew and I actually have a BDO Cash Card (I initially wanted a Mastercard cash card but when I asked the person or whatever we should call the bank person, she told me that there's no such thing as a Mastercard Cash Card. Yeah, right when it's in BDO's website.) which serves as my Prepaid Card. But this doesn't mean that I'm closing my door to this Prepaid Card because this would come in a lot handy when travelling abroad. I'm not saying that Debit Cards are unsafe but it's no doubt that prepaid cards are safer since you'd only reload what you need for the day. For more information click here. (Maga-out-of-the-country kase talaga ko. Claim lang ng claim!! :D) 

So there, upon continuous searching, I found EastWest Basic Savings account. It has matched my savings account requirements perfectly.

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