Fight For My Way Shooting Location: Apartment (Namil Villa), Busan

Suddenly (or not), Park Seo Joon is literally everywhere in Busan!! I am so happy for you, oppa!! :))) 


Namil bar is the filming location of all the rooftop scenes they have. It is also made into an outdoor musuem/ Fight For My Way themed park. 

I saw this map from the blog of  I Travel Through Kdramas so by following the blue route, it was very easy for us to reach the apartments. By easy I don't mean that we didn't feel tired, I mean that we didn't get lost. You'll be passing through alleys of houses and almost all are uphill so be prepared. 

I knew that we found the right place upon seeing this. This was where they were walking at when Kim Ji Won showed her aegyo. 

Truth be told, this apartment was the main driver for this Busan trip. Last February when I was searching for the Fight For My Way Shooting locations, I learned that most of the shooting locations of the drama are in Busan and since then, Busan has been on my list. 

It's my all-time favorite Kdrama so...

Choi Area (Kim Ji Won) left house 
Go Dong Man (Park Seo Joon) right house 

It has been more than a year since the drama was released but I believe, until now, a lot of fans have been going to this place because harabuji/the old man who lives there was like, "The guy on the right, girl on the left." 

The residents are nonchalant about the fans visiting and taking pictures of their houses so the next best thing you can do is be quiet and try not to be so intrusive while taking pictures since this is a residential area.


Above is the gate to Go Dong Man's house. Hahaha!

Also, one of the funniest scenes filmed in this staircase was when Ji Won was wearing dress and then Seo Joon told her to change because her beautiful legs can be seen. 🤣🤣🤣


 I lived in Haeundae while I was staying in Busan and it's very different from the area of Bomcheondong so I also found it fascinating; the houses here.

Location: Hansung Apartments
Address: 부산 남구 수영로49번나길 38 (#49-38 Beonna-gil, Suyeong-ro, Namgu, Busan)
Closest Subway Station: Green Line (Line 2), Jigegol, Exit 2

Places to visit in Busan, South Korea link: here.

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