BPI Easy Saver (BPI Family Savings Bank)

I created this post in 2013 but I am posting an update now, November 2019.

Currently, I am not maintaining my Easy Savers anymore and have switched to the regular debit account but still with BPI Family. I am exploring more about Mutual Funds and UITF and so I've opened another account that has no charges when withdrawing money.


Savings Account (Debit) - New Minimum Opening Requirement, Monthly ADB, Amount to earn interest = P 1,000.00
Interest Rate - 0.0005%

However, if you're stilling looking for the account with no maintaining balance. Continue reading below:

I used the money from my accidental picky coin bank to open a new savings account, after a lot of researching about which type of account would fit my banking needs best, I chose BPI Easy Saver.

Bakit kailangan magbukas ng Savings Account? link: here.
Activate Online Fund Transfer to Anyone (BPI Mobile App) link: here.

My reasons why:
1. You can create an account with only P 200.00

3. With P 1000.00 in your account, your money would already start earning interest. 
I researched the difference of BPI Family and BPI Islands and found out that Family Savings gives bigger interest of 0.500% Per Annum compared to the latter with 0.250% Per Annum. I know that the interest rate is so small but it's better than just hiding your money in some place where it won't earn interest at all, right? And luckily for me, a branch is just walking distance from our home; saves me fare and time. 

4. Can also be used as Debit Card using BPI's E.P.S (Express Payment System) in more than 13,000 participating establishments.

1. P 50.00 for the Expressteller Card
Easy Saver's Card is just like the regular ET card.
2. There's a fee of P 5.00 for every ATM withdrawal (maybe 11.00 if using different bank's ATM) and P 100.00 for over-the-counter withdrawals.

EDIT: 3. ALL customer- initiated debits are subject to P 5.00 service charge.

4. Be aware of 05SI charge at the end of the month. 
05SI is the accumulated cost of withdrawing from a non-BPI Family ATM and it's P 15.00/transaction. Now disregarding what I have written above, a withdrawal using another bank ATM would cost you P 20.00.


P 200.00

P 50.00

It's not the all about the money you've earned but the money you've saved. ;) 
Kamusta naman 'yang motto ko. Hahaha. Motto credits to whoever said that first. 

To those who prefer the convenience of cashless transactions/spendings/payments that's why you're searching for a suitable savings account. Here's another bank product you can compare this S.A. with: Eastwest Bank Basic Savings Account

How do you manage your bank accounts? Want to know the differences among Debit Card, Prepaid Card and Credit Card? Click: here.

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  1. hindi ko po naintindihan ung interest that can be earned. kung halimbawa po ba na for the whole year ang laman ng card daily is 10,000 will it just be multiplied to ,005 to get the interest? (0.5% divide to 100= 0.005, 0.005*10,000= 50pesos-un ang maearn for 1 year) kc meron din po akong easy saver and gusto ko malaman pano ung interest nya kung hanggang .005 lang xa talaga kahit gano kalaki ung amount na nakasave.. hope you can help me.. thanks..

  2. Hello! Oo, kung sa isang year e P 10,000 ang laman, mage-earn 'yan ng 50.00 at the end of the year but meron pang less na 20% 'yan ah, for that tax na nakalimutan ko kung anong tawag. 'Yung interest nung Easy Savers ay .005 lang talaga, mag-iiba lang 'yung mae-earn depende kung magkano 'yung laman ng account mo. :) NP! Sana may natulong. hehe

  3. any age ba valid yan? o pang teens lang? am in my early 20s n kasi

  4. Opo. Pwede naman po sa kahit anong age.

  5. Thanks for sharing your experience with this card. I enjoyed reading it. :)

  6. Thank you. :)

    By online and mobile transactions, do you mean their online banking like checking of balance and transferring of funds? Or you're gonna use your atm to purchase something online?

    If it's the first one, online transactions are free of charge. Nothing gets deducted from my savings whenever I check my balance. But sorry, I'm not really sure if all transactions are free. Try asking someone else. :)

  7. The first one: balance checks and fund transfers. Great! Glad to know that they don't charge for this. Thanks. c")

  8. hello there. how to check balance sa bpi family atm via globe or smart kaya? thanks very much :)

  9. Hello! Nakapag-register ka na ba? Kung hindi, dapat i-register mo muna. Para sa Globe 'to.


    JAI ay 'yung number sa baba ng ATM mo, katabi ng pangalan.

    Pag nagreply na, ia-activate mo pa ung enrollment sa ATM mismo. Then magse-send sila sa'yo ng PIN.

    Para ma-check: BAL(space)PIN(space)ACCOUNT KEY send to 2274 ulit. :)

  10. Hello po. Nabasa ko lang po yung convo ninyo. Ibig po ba sabihin the more na maraming laman ang account mas mataas ang possibility ng mas malaking interest? Or 0.5% does not vary kahit na gaano kalaki laman ng account? Magulo po ba yung tanong? Hehe. Parang ibig sabihin nun wag ka na magwithdraw para madami savings hehe :)

  11. Oo. Wag na magwi-withdraw para mas madaming savings. Hehehe.

    Kung nagbibigay pa 'tong Easy Savers ng interest, syempre mas malaking laman, mas malaking interest. Imu-multiply lang 'yung .005 kung magkano ang laman ng account mo at supposedly idadagdag un sa savings mo at the end of the month. Kaso for three months, wala ng interest na nadagdag sa'kin eh. :)

  12. Yup, wala na. May ganito ka rin bang account? Nawawala kasi sa isip ko pero try ko itanong kung bakit wala pag makabalik ako sa bank. :)

  13. Hi! Autodebit po na gagamitin pangbayad ng bills? Hindi ko po sure eh. Paki-confirm na lang po sa BPI.

    Kung autodebit na gagamitin bilang debit card sa mga stores, opo, pwede at may charge na 5.00. :)

  14. very nice thread :)
    thanks dito sis :D

  15. Hello! Thank you. Glad you appreciated this post. :D

  16. Wow ah. Binabayaran ba yung blogger? Pasalamat ka ba nga lang na merong nagtyaga. Kahit anong gulo ng post, you don't have the right. Nakikibasa ka lang.

  17. Paki-check na lang po sa website ng BPI. :)


    Right part, 'yung "Enroll Now".

  18. thanks for this atleast alam ko na kung anung klaseng account type ang fit sa akin heheh,...

  19. Akala ko eto na ang akin, kaso naput off ako sa charges :P May idea ka po ba kung same yung fees para sa Express Teller Savings?

  20. Hi Cassie! Kaya nga eh, medyo nakakagulat 'yung dami ng charges ng account na 'to pero pwede na ring isipin na motivation 'yung mababawasan ka para hindi na mag withdraw. :)

    Para sa regular na savings, wala ng 5.00 dun for every withdrawal and EPS. Wala na rin sigurong 05SI na charge at the end of the month. Naka-direkta na lang na more or less P 11.00 na service charge kung sa ibang ATM ka magwi-withdraw. And last, may monthly charge/service fee ang regular savings if you fall below the ADB. :)

  21. hi, i have something to clarify po, coz ung sakin is express teller and for every withdrawal and balance inquiry i think is may 5 peso charge. un ung iniiwasan ko kasi. sa easy saver ba wala na ung 5 pesos na charge? thanks.

  22. Talaga po? Akala ko pag regular na Expressteller (color blue?) ay wala ng charges na ganyan. Sa Easy Savers kasi. lahat ng debit sa card pati mag check ng balance, meron charges eh. Mas malaki pa nga ata sa regular na SA.

  23. yearly pba ang pagpapatong nila ng interests?
    or quarterly?

  24. Hello po, are you still using BPI Easy Saver? Clarify ko lang pati ba pag check ng balance may fee? or pag withdraw and other debit transactions lang ang fee? same as you kasi since nag dormant yung SA ayun naubos lang sa charges nila yung SA ko hehe

  25. Hi Alex! Sinusubukan pa rin naman i-maintain. Hindi ko lang ma-sure talaga kung may bayad 'yung pag-check ng balance sa ATM kasi online lang ako magcheck at free naman dun. Pero sa debit, 5.00 lagi. Magastos sa charges kaya for savings lang talaga 'tong Easy Savers.

  26. Hi! I just opened my easy savers as well. Yes, merong charge ang balance inquiry, 1.50 pesos :) so ang mairrecommend ko is mag mobile banking kayo. Enroll kyo sa mobile banking para kahit sa phone mcheck nyo balance. Wala naman charge pg gnon. :) my charge ang bal inquiry pg sa atm lang and other transactions.

  27. hello .. mag open sana ako bpi easy saver kaso pgdting dun hnahnpan ako tin id, mdmi n ko dala id nun peru un hnahnap and the fact na unemplyed ako. hmpp

  28. Ganun ba? Nag-iba na pala sila ng requirements, dati kasi kahit anong ID lang eh. Sayang naman.

  29. Hi! what do you mean sa
    "I was taken aback by the various charges of this saving acct. that I have discovered in the two months that I had it. "
    Ano yung various charges? hehe thank you!