BPI Easy Saver (BPI Family Savings Bank)

By Tin Gallemaso - 12:23:00 AM

I created this post in 2013 but I am posting an update now, November 2019.

Currently, I am not maintaining my Easy Savers anymore and have switched to the regular debit account but still with BPI Family. I am exploring more about Mutual Funds and UITF and so I've opened another account that has no charges when withdrawing money.


Savings Account (Debit) - New Minimum Opening Requirement, Monthly ADB, Amount to earn interest = P 1,000.00
Interest Rate - 0.0005%

However, if you're stilling looking for the account with no maintaining balance. Continue reading below:

I used the money from my accidental picky coin bank to open a new savings account, after a lot of researching about which type of account would fit my banking needs best, I chose BPI Easy Saver.

Bakit kailangan magbukas ng Savings Account? link: here.
Activate Online Fund Transfer to Anyone (BPI Mobile App) link: here.

My reasons why:
1. You can create an account with only P 200.00

3. With P 1000.00 in your account, your money would already start earning interest. 
I researched the difference of BPI Family and BPI Islands and found out that Family Savings gives bigger interest of 0.500% Per Annum compared to the latter with 0.250% Per Annum. I know that the interest rate is so small but it's better than just hiding your money in some place where it won't earn interest at all, right? And luckily for me, a branch is just walking distance from our home; saves me fare and time. 

4. Can also be used as Debit Card using BPI's E.P.S (Express Payment System) in more than 13,000 participating establishments.

1. P 50.00 for the Expressteller Card
Easy Saver's Card is just like the regular ET card.
2. There's a fee of P 5.00 for every ATM withdrawal (maybe 11.00 if using different bank's ATM) and P 100.00 for over-the-counter withdrawals.

EDIT: 3. ALL customer- initiated debits are subject to P 5.00 service charge.

4. Be aware of 05SI charge at the end of the month. 
05SI is the accumulated cost of withdrawing from a non-BPI Family ATM and it's P 15.00/transaction. Now disregarding what I have written above, a withdrawal using another bank ATM would cost you P 20.00.


P 200.00

P 50.00

It's not the all about the money you've earned but the money you've saved. ;) 
Kamusta naman 'yang motto ko. Hahaha. Motto credits to whoever said that first. 

To those who prefer the convenience of cashless transactions/spendings/payments that's why you're searching for a suitable savings account. Here's another bank product you can compare this S.A. with: Eastwest Bank Basic Savings Account

How do you manage your bank accounts? Want to know the differences among Debit Card, Prepaid Card and Credit Card? Click: here.

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