Sibyullee: Flavors of Seoul, Ground Floor, Ayala Malls the 30th

Aside from their ala carte menu items, Sibyullee has now started offering eat-all-you can meats and side dishes. 

You'd have 10 meat options, steamed egg and side dishes. 

The interior of Sibyullee looks very classy and modern.
It doesn't feel cramped and is well-ventilated. We used the table with smoke suction tube and I didn't smell like Korean BBQ after eating like what usually happens in most places.

mashed sweet potato! <3

Hahaha! I actually prefer unseasoned meats for my K-BBQ so it all goes down to how delicious the ssamjang and the sidedishes are.  And guess what? Theirs is one of the best kimchi I've tried... and it's actually the best out of the K-BBQ places I've eaten at here in the Philippines. It wasn't too spicy and tasted refreshing eaten with all the fatty goodness of the meat.

So above are all you're getting as side dishes if you avail their eat-all-you can promo.

I love Korean food so much. I used to prefer eat-all-you can places until I noticed that the side dishes are not good enough for me and so recently, I have only been dining at ala carte Korean restaurants but OMG, sibyullee changed my mind again because I liked their raddish and cabbage kimchi a lot! 

I appreciate that the meats are not too fatty. 
That feeling of having a lot of food and yet it you didn't feel bloated - that is Sibyullee. 

P 499.00 - weekday lunch
P 599.99 - weekday dinner | weekend lunch and dinner

Sibyullee, Flavors of Seoul

Ground Floor, Ayala Malls the 30th,
Ugong, Pasig

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